Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Foot Ferry Romance

Thank goodness it's still nice and sunny here in Seattle, and I haven't packed my summer clothes up for winter storage just yet. On the contrary, I suddenly wanted to wear something I haven't worn all summer like this little linen jacket and crinkle top (both are thrifted) with my last summer purchase - cotton pants (one of my very first outfits shown in this blog here). By the way, I realized that I only wore these pants a couple of times before, I wonder why that is. Fun print, comfy fit and cute look, what else do you need in your trousers? Go figure.

Indian totem pole near the foot ferry terminal in Port Orchard, WA

Originally we planned another date, Justin and I - but circumstances kept us in town last Sunday, and Monday (Labor Day and the last day of the long weekend) was not enough to go as far as we planned. So we came up with this date quite spontaneously. I just recently learned that there is such a thing as a "foot ferry" here in Washington State. I was familiar with this type of ferry from my childhood - my grandparents lived in a village located on a bank of the gorgeous rocky Angara River, and the only way to come for a visit to their village was by waterway - either by a small motorboat (which my uncle had) or by a little ferry. It always seemed so special to me as a child. So imagine how excited I was when I discovered that we can take a foot ferry from Port Orchard, a small town on the Kitsap Peninsula, for only 2 bucks per person. Foot ferries were common in this area since the early 1900s, and we even used to have one which stopped right in front of the cottage we live now (the service stopped, unfortunately). The foot ferry we took from Port Orchard is one of only a very few left in the State (schedule here). This boat was made in 1990 in this old fashioned style with wood trimming and all. Honestly, I though it was older - back from 1950-60s. It was lovely!

Since we were planning to take this cute foot ferry from Port Orchard to Bremerton (another small town on Kitsap Peninsula which is actually a large navy base), I decided to check on what was happening in Bremerton and discovered the annual Blackberry Festival, about which Joni wrote her latest post - be sure to check it out! We actually happened to be there on the same day - imagine that! So many events take place in the greater Seattle area, and we picked the same one on the same day (it was a three day festival). No, we did not meet there, although that would be awesome!

And below is a ferry from Seattle - it's not even the biggest one in Washington (the biggest one holds 202 cars and many more passengers). It is probably the very ferry Joni and her husband took.

After a few minutes ferry ride, we saw the festival tents right on the waterfront walk. Even though the forecast was for mild 74 F, it felt much warmer and more humid, and I had to take my linen jacket off. We strolled to see what the vendors were selling, and were amazed with the variety of food vendors (we used to work festivals in a few other states, and food vendors were on a more modest, mostly traditional American side - here in Washington State, it seems that food from all around the globe is presented on street fairs, and the same goes for mall food courts). Though it might have changed since we left Midwest, who knows.

The Art Gate in the Bremerton Ferry terminal, I thought, was pretty cool. The mountains, the water, the reflections, the boats... all very recognizable indeed, I though the artist captured our surroundings really well in this piece. For those of us who did not have a chance to see the whole artwork (since you arrive to the terminal when the gate is wide open), they hung a little print to see the whole installation (photo below).

Other than browsing craft booths and enjoying live music, you could take a tour of a military ship (we didn't) and just enjoy the surroundings while having a slice of blackberry pie (Justin and I shared one) with ice-cream, or even a glass of blackberry wine!

I did find a few things that interested me - this beautiful malachite pendant in the photo below for one (and you can see the texture of my little black top here too). The "frame" is pewter, and the necklace is brass (I did not know brass comes in such color). I was told by the vendor that if it was silver, she'd have to charge $100 for it. I only paid $35 and am happy with the way it worked out. She even gave me a choice of free little crystal earrings with my purchase (I picked turquoise color for Anya). I also bought a couple of little packets of dried lavender for our linen closet, a small bottle of lavender oil (which is great for so many things - like sleep, relaxation, helping with cuts and many more, I wanted to get it for a while now). I also purchased some strings of semi-precious stones very cheaply, I thought - $6 each. They will be a great addition to Fall styles.

And finally, a few details of my outfit. Love these cute little pockets on the linen jacket, such a romantic detail. I don't believe I showed you these earrings before - they are from Chico's, very fun and lightweight, and I wore them with quite a few outfits this Summer.

I thought I'd join Anne the Spy Girl for 52 Pick-me-up: Sunflower since my jacket is yellow, and then I realized that the pattern of my pants actually reminds of sunflower seeds, how cool is that!

Linen Jacket - J Jill via Goodwill
Top (rayon/polyester/linen mix) - thrift shop
Pants - Chico's clearance (last summer)
Sandals - Born via NRack
Earrings - Chico's clearance
Ring - boutique find (old)
Purse - TJ MAXX (old)


  1. Oooh! I LOVE those earrings! How very bohemian.

    Looks like a fun day. And even better that it was sunny for the festival.

    Shame you didn't run into Joni.


  2. This just blows me away! And that very well could be the ferry we were on. I remember standing on the deck looking down on that foot ferry. Russ and I were both thinking we'd never seen anything like that in our area before. And you were probably on it! I'm going to have to take that someplace next time. You know, I've lived here all my life and have never been to Port Orchard. I'm really wanting to go.
    Have you ever hiked down to Snoqualamie Falls? I'm wanting to do that next Sunday I think. Haven't been down there in years and years. I hope we will run in to each other one of these days. If you guys like car shows. The antique/muscle car type, West Seattle is having one Sept. 14th. You can come to our neighborhood and we can have lunch!
    Gorgeous necklace by the way. I love natural stones like that.

  3. Oh, yummy trousers! I've been looking for this kind of print on a pair of slinky crops for a while. Excellent on you. Such a cute transitional season outfit, flattering, smart ... everything!
    Snoqualamie? Not so much of a hiker, but they used to have a great Sunday champagne brunch there. Lovely view of the hikers .... my idea of participation is lifting my glass and whispering "you go!"

  4. What a lovely day out, and a delightful outfit too! You're right, the print on the trousers is great, and the black and white looks so good with the yellow/gold tones of the jacket, bag and shoes.
    And how funny that you and Joni both visited the same place - you two need to meet up! I like the idea of a foot ferry, and being near water and boats always makes me happy. Love the necklace, what a beauty, and your earrings are fabulous. xxx

  5. I love reading your blog. Each time I do, I feel as if I have visited your area. I have a musician friend who relocated to Seattle for love. It does seem to carry a romantic vibe. Also a fellow blogger, Cara of Cara's Cliche recently moved to Seattle. It looks simply beautiful.

    The earrings are mouth watering delicious. Wow, what stunners.

    Isn't that strange how we have items in out closet that we like, but we don't wear often as others. Recently I've decided to give more of my clothing play time.

  6. seems to be boat season! :-)
    what a wonderful day! i want to eat blackberry pie now! the pendant you found is beautiful, love malachite.
    you look comfy yet chic in your outfit. the yellow jacket is just cute! and yay for bold earings!
    you know i live at a river - elbe - and we have in every little town here a little foot ferry - so this is a very common thing. if you want to go by car to the other side you have to drive a big detour - only one bridge around here and little but steep mountains.....
    thank you for taking us with you!

  7. I'm loving the new jewellery and those pants! Gorgeous from head to toe - as usual.
    How funny to go to the same festival as Joni , such a shame you didn't bump into one another but its lovely to read two accounts of the day.
    Gorgeous photos and a darling little new old boat! xxxxx

  8. What a beautiful day! I can feel the air and hear all the sounds. I like the way you spontaneously decided upon this little getaway. You look lovely in your outfit and the mention of pie has me thinking I might have to find some today! XXOO!

  9. such a fabulous outing!, lovely that you went to the same fair than Joni!
    Love your pants, graphic prints are very appealing, and you look gorgeous wearing them with that pretty yellow linen jacket. And also love your earrings!, and that new pendant!

  10. Yes, the pattern on your pants DOES look like sunflower seeds! Thanks for the lovely recap of your outing. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. And thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!

  11. Oh my goodness! Seattle is so beautiful! you and Justin looked like you had a wonderful day out (it's so good to have a date! me and the mr need one asap!) such a gorgeous setting for such a gorgeous couple! I adore your outfit, the sunny yellow linen jacket and monochrome pants area great combination and I always adore your jewellry! x x x

  12. Glad to see we are both savoring the sunshine:). What a gorgeous spontaneous day out and to think it's just a quick ferry ride, I want to go on one! I think you look happy and gorgeous as always, but I'm not quite ready for pants just yet:)

  13. What great photos for this exhibit and thank so much for sharing . I loved them, but make of all that unique boat. Love the cool,pants , the wonderful linen jacket , and beaded earrings from Chicos. I Alls love your new malachite necklace, that is a favorite stone of mine!
    I am glad the weather has been nice, stay well!
    XX, Elle

  14. Beautiful earrings and beautiful you, dear Natalia. I wish I could visit you one day.
    Tons of love

  15. Really looks like a fun day and I love your earrings!