Friday, September 19, 2014

Olive Overalls

Keeping it short and sweet this time!
These are my first ever overalls. 
Love them!
They are soft, comfy, go with many different tops - I loved to dress them up a bit with my dark floral silk blouse which I found at a consignment shop last Spring (apparently, it's this Autunm/Winter trend - great tips on thrifting for trends in Sally's post HERE).

I had doubts about overalls. I thought I might feel self-conscious wearing them... nope, not even close - I feel sexy, energetic and all over tip top! :) 

Thank you for your kind wishes while we were sick, dear friends! You made me feel warm and cozy on the inside, and sure it helped me to recover fast! 
Now everything seems to be back to normal.
Anna is back to school.
I am back to yoga.
And Justin and I are back to our Friday lunch date - it's Indian today. Thank goodness these overalls are roomy and stretchy!

Have you ever owned overalls? Would you give them another go?

Overalls - Ashley Stewart web-site (I recommend to size up if you want a bit of room to breathe)
Floral blouse - thrifted
Glasses, purse, Italian glass ring - old
Chico's earrings
Ecco's sandals

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  1. You look beautiful in this shade of green...olive. As I type this to you, I am also wearing overalls. I'm venturing out to my son's high school football game. My son is in marching band.

    I'm glad you and your family are feeling better. Having the flu isn't fun. My husband and I also have Friday lunch dates. Today I had a Asian chicken salad. Light and refreshing.

    1. Yay to Friday lunch dates! And to overalls!! :) Have fun at your son's performance!

    2. And I remember that your overalls were really inspiring to me!!

  2. happy to hear that´s back to normal at natalia´s!
    and do you look fab in your overalls!!!!! like someone who can master EVERYTHING!
    i had a black denim overall in my 20´s. wore them a lot between painting studio and nightclub. but since i wear only skirts/dresses or "utility trousers" - for hikes, skiing etc.- overalls are reserved for gardening and renovation or shoveling coals.... but i pondering the idea to sew me a "overalls skirt".

    mmmhh - indian dinner! can you send me the leftovers thru the wire???
    have a wonderful evening with your man!

  3. Pretty and casual!
    I have an overall in the deepest corner of my closet since any years, but not wear it... when I see your photos, I get like it. Quick go searching...
    Have a great weekend, hope you feeling better :-)

  4. You look great in olive. It's really your color. But what really stands out to me in this post is the beautiful fabric in that blouse. It's just perfect on you.
    I love over-all shorts and I remember a time when over-alls were very popular in different decades of my life. They don't fit me well but I have tried them on several times.

  5. I'm glad you guys are feeling better, just in time for a little more summer weather:). You own whatever you wear my dear, I really love that about you, overalls are no different. I like the shoes you paired them with, it makes the outfit. I have a pair of jean short ones but every time I put them on I pull them off, I did to donate them.

  6. It's great you don't feel sick anymore and you look great:) You have the little purse I love and it's matching your outfit very nicely:) I never had overalls but I would wear. I would go for some baggy ones and I'd prolly pair them with a pair of sandals and cotton top.
    Yummy, I like indian food:) xxx

  7. I haven't worn dungarees since I was about 16! They aren't for me (you know I have issues with trousers anyway...) but on you, they look fabulous, and I love that you are experimenting, Natalia! Olive green is a great colour on you.
    I also love hearing that you and Anna are feeling better, and I do hope you and Justin enjoyed your Friday lunchtime Indian meal! xxxx

  8. Fabolous Style :) I love your flowered blouse!
    sunny greetings from Munich

  9. Adorable! You look sexy and elegant as well :)) I've never had this kind of overall, only overall shorts. it was a long time ago, in my very first year in the states -- somebody "donated" it to me :)) You've got very lovely earrings too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. These colours are great on you! You look very chic and confident in overalls and I like how you've styled them. I hope you did not spill any curry on them though! ;-) I used to have a Friday lunch date with my ex. It was one of the nice parts of our marriage, though clearly not enough to hold it together. I'm glad you are all feeling better now and I hope you are getting some nice sunshine like we did today.

    I have never found any overalls that fit me, since I am longer than average in the rise and torso, being taller than average. It is the same with any one piece outfit and often also a problem with dresses that have a clear waistline. I might be able to wear men's overalls. Perhaps I should try some on-lol.
    I hope your weekend is a lovely one!

  11. I've never worn overalls but now seeing you I feel like giving them a try because you look simply gorgeous! And I like your earrings, so pretty!

  12. Right on Natalia! Sometimes we've just got to step out of our comfort and try new styles! I'm glad you've discovered overalls are YOU! You look so confident and fabulous my dear! I haven't worn overalls since I was a teen, and I'm just not certain I want to go back awkward in the ladies room. Having said that, I just might try a pair on the next time I'm in a thrift store. You've inspired me to give it a go! Happy you're all feeling better. And yoga and Indian food? Two of my very favourite things!

    1. Thank you sooo much, Sue, for your very kind comment! It definitely is fun and feels good to stretch a bit. :)

  13. How cute you look! Overalls are the one item that Dan freaks out at completely. They're so ubiquitous here and not worn for fun but farm work. He hates the sloppy cover-all look we see in these parts, but I bet he'd like your trim and polished approach here. He unbent a bit for an urban, black silk iteration worn over a chiffon blouse I showed him in a picture. Picky, picky, picky.
    You're adorable.