Friday, September 12, 2014

Few Little Things

A few little things that make me extra happy these days.

The light jacket weather - sunny, dry and a little breezy...
The jasper bracelet, a gift from an old friend with words: "little pieces of Russia..."
The hand-made summer purse with a botanical print...

My old Aviator glasses and intricate Russian pendants... 
(If you look close, you can see that the upper one depicts a couple holding flowers.) 

A well-fitted yellow jean jacket (I wore it HERE, HERE and HERE last Autumn)...

A vibrant skirt found in a consignment store and a pair of burlap shoes (which made me research the difference between Oxford shoes and brogues again)...

 A dream vest... 
which is 
tempting to wear every single day... can see why...

Blue sky and the ripe berries of a mountain-ash tree, both a well known remedy and a symbol of a slender young girl in Russian folk tradition.

What few little things make you happy? Do tell!

Linen/Crochet Vest - Chico's sale
Jean jacket - Christopher and Banks (last year)
Skirt - thrifted
Cami - Lane Bryant
Burlap shoes - Toms via Nordstrom Rack
Linen Purse - hand-made, found in a boutique years ago
Jewelry - gifts or crafted and brought from Russia
Glasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom, old (one of a few extravagant purchases in my life ;)

I am sharing with Sheila's Shoe Shine
Please come over and join this wonderfulness, one of a kind party on the web!!

And thank you sooooo much for your kindest words on my last post! :)


  1. The few little things that make me happy at the moment, sunshine at 6pm, grape hyacinths in the garden, birds nesting, and grass growing!
    What a lot of lovely things you have. I love the Russian souvenirs...little pieces of lovely, and true! You always have the best shoes. I love that vest, and your yellow jacket:-)
    You were so right. Your adventure man and Bushy are made from the same cloth! We are blessed:-) xo JJ

    1. Oh, forgot to say, your aviator glasses are something special alright! Xo

    2. Thank you, thank you, Jack! Oh your little things are so sweet and so Spring-y! One of best!! xxx

  2. A perfect outfit for a cool day! Love the layers! The skirt is simply gorgeous!

  3. As always, you are a colorful delight. The little purse is so precious. I love small cross body bags. And yes, the vest is so pretty and unique.

    What makes me happy now are long, lavender infused Epson salt baths. It really helps with sore muscles after a workout.

  4. Lovely warm, soft colours and textures in this outfit, Natalia, as beautiful as those rowan berries against the bright blue sky! And I adore the little pieces of Russia, both the necklaces and bracelet. You have some really gorgeous jewellery.
    Little things making me happy? I woke up naturally (no need for an alarm today), then spent a lazy morning drinking tea and reading my book, without anyone bothering me or asking me to do anything, and it was heavenly! xxx

  5. What a beautiful vest with the lacy details in the back! Now I'm going to have to look up the difference between oxfords and brogues. I know I like both but don't exactly know what makes them different. But having a new pair would make me happy!

    Hmmm, what little things make me happy right now? Well, those brief and far between moments when my 16 year old wants a hug and an "I love you." The ones he initiates first. ;) Oh, and always the first cup of coffee in the morning.

  6. i completely understand why this things make you happy!
    they would make me happy too! especially the wonderful jewelry and the "vogelbeerbaum" - mountain-ash. did not know that they grow in north-am too.
    you look so lovely and relaxed and a little bit adventurous in that khaki vest :-)
    little happy things......birds and flowers in the garden, picking apples out of the grass.......
    hugses!!!! xxxxx

  7. Smashing as always! The colours, details, layers, I love it all and you look so beautiful! These autumn tones really suit you. I love them but cannot wear them close to my face without looking a little ill. I will admire them on you instead. The light at this time of year is always so pretty and like you I enjoy the cooler though still dry and sunny weather, the changing leaves and berries on the Mountain Ash/Rowan tree and other trees. I love September. I think June and September have always been my favourite months in the year.

    Little things that make me happy: being with my son, bird song, the scent of the beach on the breeze, smiling and chatting happily with strangers when I go out and about, food, coffee, PAINTING!, gardening, writing...okay I guess I had better stop. It's not such a bad thing though that many things make me happy.


  8. I love all these autumn colours, and that vest is spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing your shoes at Shoe Shine!

  9. You look awesome again! I really like your style.That vest is great and I love the purse too. Rowan is also one of my favourite trees. When I was little my grandma was making cool rowan berries jams. I wish to find a rowan tree at my place so I could make me some jam too but so far I haven't seen one.
    I have a lot of little things but to choose just a few I'd say: - crocheting , -rain banging against the window, - growing plants, - looking after my purring friend, -visiting Poland, -dreaming about living in a little house in the middle of nowhere.
    I think we often don't appreciate these little things and tend not to notice that our lifes are made of little things. It's amazing how much easier is to notice a little thing that bothers us than a little thing that gives happiness:) xxx

  10. really a lovely autumnal look!

    I do have ancestors in Silesia as far as I remember, maybe that's why I look a bid like that :)

  11. You look beautiful light and so happy! I wanna see your pendants close up! I love the symbolism of blue skies and berries and that you shared some a Russian stuff with us. I'm still cherishing the heat and sunshine so for right now that is making me happy!

  12. I love the back of the vest!

    Do tell about that tree. We have one at the side of our house. I just assumed the berries are poisonous.

    And what about the difference between brogues and oxfords? I just thought one was the US word and the other the UK word.

    Making me happy? ticking off some items on my "to do list".