Friday, September 26, 2014

When Your Friend Is the Director of Awesome

Mr, Postman brought me a parcel from Canada this week! It came from the beautiful Vancouver Island where Shawna lives - painter, writer, author of a warm, thoughtful, genuine blog The Director of Awesome, and a dear friend, even though we have not met yet. But I know that some day we will! We are only about 300 miles apart - 7 hours by car, including a couple hour trip by ferry.

And this is what came in the parcel! The beautiful, vibrant painting of flowers! In all my most favorite colors! I wanted to take a very nice photograph of it, so I had to wait till Justin was off work and the light outside was decent, so you too could enjoy the colors, details and texture. Shawna showed this painting on her blog in this post only about a month ago. I love Shawna's art, but there was something extra special about this particular painting... you know when something speaks to your heart - it's in the shapes, composition, choice of colors and the whole atmosphere or mood of it. I commented, and soon Shawna wrote that she'd like to send it to me! I thought it was the most awesome and generous gesture! It made me feel honored and loved. It also made our virtual friendship more real to me... So now these flowers which grew in Shawna's imagination are here, in my home, making me smile every time I look at them as I write or read in my usual spot in our living room. I put the painting up on the mantel for now - we'll see where it finds a home in the future. (And in case you have not noticed before, Shawna's portrait of me has been displayed on my blog - yes, right there on the right! She did a series of sketches of her blogging friends back in the Spring, I think.) 

All dressed up in honor of Shawna's painting, in warm autumnal reds, oranges and purples. The light was a bit too cool though, and my shirt looks rather blue on photos while it's actually a very nice purple hue. 

It was time for my regular visit to Erica yesterday - got it short and a bit edgy this time, and really love it this way. I think it might be the shortest cut I've ever had.

And a few details, as usual. You've seen pretty much all of them, except for this silver bull pendant I think. It is a gift from my newspaper coworker Olga for my 25th birthday or so. Both Olga and I share the same Zodiac sign. I love this tiny bull sculpture, it has character! 

And this is the end of my little story
 of unexpected good things 
that can happen to you
when your friend is
the Director of Awesome.

Painting by Shawna McComber

Skirt - thrifted
Shirt and linen vest - Chico's
Shoes - Dansko via Nordstrom Rack
Purse - B Makowsky via TJ MAX
and various accessories

Photos by Justin

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  1. It's gorgeous! And truly your colors too. Her home radiates to be such a creative cozy, real space even through her blog. I get a strong sense of who she is, creative in abundance for sure. How fun to receive a surprise in the mail. I love surprises like that. Shawna, did you hear that? LOL
    That is a super haircut! I thought I noticed a change. It really has a great shape and perfect layers.
    This is a great celebration of blogger friendship!

    1. To friendship! We just have to do it! Cheers!
      ps I think both Shawna and Erica were on fire when creating their masterpieces! :)

  2. How lovely! My two friends connecting! Friendship is so fascinating. That we can be such friends through typewritten words and images on a screen. I know that lovely painting will brighten any corner of your home. It brings some of Shawna's sunshine in :-) xo JJ

  3. What a kind and lovely gesture from Shawna. Her art is gorgeous and those colours are so very you. You've dressed to showcase the painting perfectly with that pretty skirt and burgundy shoes.
    The new hair looks fantastic and I love the little bull pendant. xxx

  4. how wonderful! i love shawna´s painted flowers, so lovely of her to send you some!
    fab new haircut my dear! and that rose skirt is great, with the purple together a very rich look - not in$$ - like in saturated...
    plums and wine and jewels.....

  5. That is a gorgeous painting - how amazingly generous of Shawna to send it to you! Welcome to the super-short hair club! Love your colours - those fab purple shoes are awesome. Thanks so much for linking up to Shoe Shine, Natalia!

  6. It's wonderful when kindred spirits connect through creativity and art. I'm happy that you received such a thoughtful gift. Shawna is a lovely, creative soul!! It's affirming that connections like these are made possible through technology. I was talking today to a new friend about that. You look great!! I always love your artistic colors and joie de vivre. XXOO

  7. What a beautiful painting. The flowers remind me of large poppies. Very vibrant colors.
    It looks like Fall has come to your corner of the world :). The blouse and vest look perfect with the skirt. Love the chain necklace with the little bull!

  8. What a fabulous parcel of love and a magic skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are both sooooooooooo lovely and I would also love to meet you both.
    See you tomorrow Sharing your style

  9. It is a beautiful painting! You look great and I love your clutch! The haircut is great too. xxxx

  10. You are just the sweetest! You wore my favourite skirt and purple! I don't know how I missed this post but BlogLovin' is not terribly reliable, I find. I am so happy that you like the painting and that it brings you happiness. I know that is why I create: to bring myself and hopefully others some little bit of joy.
    You look so lovely in these colours and with your new haircut. Strong, rich, warm colours really suit you, both your outside and your inside.
    Now, after this lovely post and the comments here I won't be able to fit int any of my hats.
    Love and hugses!

  11. What a gorgeous painting it is so you! I think your outfit to showcase it is beautiful as is the new hair! The detailing on the back of your vest is to die for good!

  12. How fab! : ) Surprise packages are the best! And so much better than bills! : (

    It would be wonderful if you two could manage a blogger meet-up.