Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cold Spell

It's been so cold and windy that I hear branches knocking the windows all day long, and when I leave the basement door opened while doing laundry downstairs, it seems the house cools down in seconds. I managed to catch cold, and we are expecting the dearest visitors on earth to come tomorrow. I still can't believe that it's actually going to happen so soon and run like mad all day trying to clean up our usual mess not to present them with an unrealistic picture of our home, but to show them the care and respect they deserve. Last weekend was nice and mild though, a bit damp by water, so my "wearable blanket" helped to stay cozy. Do you wear blankets? I do.

I wrote all about this particular one in this post, but the white coated jeans are brand new. I was inspired by fresh and striking outfits Angie created with a pair of white jeans and decided to give them a go this season.

There are still a bunch of things to be done before we rush to the airport tomorrow morning, and I'm going to help Justin to sort these things out now. I'll catch up with everyone at some later time this week. I will leave you with a few shots of Seattle waterfront, right where you can catch a ferry to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton, a town on the Key Peninsula (which we visited for the Blackberry Festival a while ago). Skyscrapers, 200+ cars trying to get a ferry ride, clouds over the Puget Sound, Olympic mountains and the Ferris Wheel which is a relatively new addition to the downtown landscape...

I know Justin says it's only a football, but I see an enormous eye looking over the city...

Ruana - thrifted
White skinnies - Lane Bryant (new)
Blazer - Lane Bryant (last year)
Turtleneck - Chico's
Boots - Born
Purse - Lane Bryant (old)



  1. poor chick! i hope the cold will leave you soon and you will be better to have fun with your precious visitors! i raise a cup of herbal tea to your health! :-)
    you look smashing in your blanket! only looking at the color makes me warm inside! and you and angie are the queens of white jeans this season, your outfit around them with the deep berry colors is trés chic in its equestrian vibe.........
    and yes - thats an eye of cause. only americans can see a football there ;-)
    luckily our weather is not to cold this days, we stuck warm and cosy under a cloud blanket minus wind....
    hugses!!! xxxxx

  2. I don't envy you your cold weather but I seriously covert that gorgeous wrap, its a beauty.
    Your photos are gorgeous, the cloud formation is captivating and my heart gets fluttery when I see tall buildings like those, I love a city skyline.
    Have fun with your friends. xxx

  3. You wear a blanket like a pro. They are so in right now. I don't think I would look anywhere near as regal as you do. I'd probably look more like a homeless person.

    Have fun with your friends!


  4. Ha, just laughing at Suzanne's comment!
    You look gorgeous wrapped up in your blanket/scarf - like Suzanne, I'm not sure I would look as chic wearing one as you do! Sorry to hear you have been unwell, but it sounds as though there is going to be much fun to be had when your visitors arrive. Who's coming, friends or family? How exciting!
    Seattle looks beautiful, it's a city I'd really like to visit. xxx

  5. Beautiful pictures! Наташа, ты выглядишь замечательно как всегда. Тебе желаю отлично провести время с гостями!

  6. Oh my goodness, your awesome blanket/shawl has reminded me I lent mine to my daughter (must get it back otherwise it will get lost in her mess!) you look absolutely sensational, your outfit is just divine, I have a white skirt I want to wear this winter and haven't figured how to yet, I must try it with my shawl! I hope you are feeling better too, colds are awful especially when you have guests coming and so much organising to do, good luck with everything! x x x

  7. I love the autumnal colors in that rich and furry shawl, especially when contrasted with the stark white, and the shiny patent merlot-- divine! You are an artist: it is clear from your writing and your wardrobe choice, all composed with exquiste balance and grace.
    and, btw, I agree, it looks like an eye to me too, A kindly one.
    xx, elle