Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mama & Papa Play Dress Up

These photos were taken on one of the first few days after my parents' arrival. I offered my Mom to try on a few of my dresses and skirts. She zeroed in on this one - you can tell that she feels good wearing it, even though she ideally would need at least one size smaller.

Then I thought "Justin has a few sweaters which are too snug for him", and he barely even wore them, so I offered my Dad to try them on too. 

Then I got all inspired and made them pose for the camera, and I really loved the result of our improvised lighthearted photo session.

Then it made me think about one similar little photo session 9 years back, when my parents first came to visit me in America. I remember convincing Mom to have a little makeup on (she rarely does it), and we all had such a great fun - them modeling their new clothes, and me taking photos of the handsome and happy couple.

 So here you have it - two photo sessions, 9 years apart, good times, fun memories and a little reminder that we all like to look and feel good, especially when someone takes pictures of us with a loving eye.



  1. Pretty and handsome you mom and dad. They do look happy! Maybe they are happy and also enjoy your good mood about seeing them dressed so well ( we know how that can cheer someone!
    Love this post, seeing them 9 years apart!
    Love your dress on your mom!
    Happy week, sweetie!
    xx, Elle

  2. Natasha, you look like your Mom :)) Your parents look lovely in these outfits. I'm so happy for you -- I miss my parents terribly. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. wonderful post!
    this must be such happy times for you and your parents!
    love!!! xxxxxx

  4. Photographed with love, such great shots dear Natalia. Enjoy this special time.

  5. Great shots, you can see the love you all have for each other. And no doubt your daughter will cherish these photos in years to come, too.

  6. Aww, your parents both look fantastic and they've barely aged in 9 years - what is their secret? xxx

  7. These are so undeniably sweet! I think these times are to be treasured. You and your mom look so much alike. They are a gorgeous couple!

  8. Two lovely people, two fantastic sets of photos! How wonderful to have your parents with you again. xxx

  9. Hi Natalia,

    Glad to be back, i'm up to it now -
    Cute to have your dear parents trying your clothes,
    Did it take a lot persuading...my mother would not be on my blog for ages, but gave in, i had the right arguments i guess.

    See you soon


  10. This post is so sweet and has made me smile and get all teary at the same time. It could be hormones. Your mum and dad look so lovely in all ways and I can see how you look like both of them. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!

  11. You really do look like your Mom. What a fun, sweet idea.


  12. How lovely to have your mum and dad with you and nice to see your photos from their last visit. Enjoy your time together xx

  13. Photo sessions are great and sweet idea!

    Your parents look so lovely in the photos. Thank you for sharing these memories!

  14. Aren´t they just fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so jealousssssssssssssss