Saturday, November 22, 2014


As soon as I saw this dress at the Lands' End web site, I was taken. It is the type of garment I would wear in pretty much any given period of my life - while studying at university in my teens and early 20s, later while working at a museum, a publishing house, and an advertising agency, and later still while staying at home raising my little one and taking care of my own small business (writing articles for a newspaper and poetry just for myself when the little one was asleep), and later yet while working as a community leader, storyteller and educator, and finally now when I spend my days writing, exploring and learning ... at any given point, if only I had a chance to find this dress, it would suit my taste and my personality. It has a vintage vibe about it which I adore (hello 1960s, my old time favorite). And I think it has this rare quality which I always treasure - a quiet beauty which stands out.

The dress is really well made and very versatile, you can accessorize it to your own liking, dress it up and down as they say, for a day at the office (or just writing at home, it is so comfortable), for a trip to IKEA or a fancy night out. It's a great foundation piece for layering - I see it with a turtleneck sweater for the upcoming winter months, or with a flirty pussybow blouse (I am yet to find one), with a cardigan or a chunky sweater, under a wool coat or, when the days are warmer, on its own, paired with flats or high heels, it is such a great piece, I think I'm going to live in it. 

You probably remember my glass jewelry which looks like a set, even though it is actually a couple of modern pieces from Chico's (last year) and vintage clip-on earrings which I found in a basket of $5 bijuterie pieces at an antique mall in South Tacoma. Like the dress, these accessories proved to be very versatile and able to elevate so many different outfits, from a simple classic turtleneck to an evening dress. It's really surprising to me though because when I was buying these pieces, I had no idea how to style them, I just fell for their beauty. But it's quite typical for me. I often go for what really strikes me, without planning what I am going to do with it. I noticed that whatever we love, find its place in our life. We don't have to know why we are drawn to a particular thing. We don't have to force it. It will fit naturally, because it belongs with us, and some part of us already knows it. Just follow your nose.

 Finally, the black ruana which I bought on clearance sale for about $35 I think (full price was over $100) two or three years ago. It is one of those poncho/wrap/kimono style of garments which are so trendy right now, but I think they are truly timeless, very easy to wear, cozy for a mild Autumn day and go with many things, from jeans to pencil skirts or dresses... again, versatile! 

Dress - Lands' End (current, also available in green'navy, in regular and plus sizes)
Tee, ruana, necklace and bracelet - Chico's (from past years)
Boots - Born
Vintage clip-on earrings

Fresh pixi cut by lovely Erica (and copper is my old time favorite when it comes to hair color)

Photos, as always, by Justin

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  1. That is a great dress, I love the earthy brown shade and the Sixties vibe! Yes, dressed up or down, its going to be a wardrobe staple.
    That blingy jewellery is gorgeous and I love the wool wrap. xxx

  2. Such a cute dress! The color is perfect for Fall. Пончо тоже очень тебе идет!

  3. I love this whole outfit and definitely that dress. I am always attracted that style though as I have mentioned ad nauseam getting dresses that fit my torso length is tricky. I love black and brown-it is one of my favourite combinations. You look smashing!

  4. Very pretty and universal useful dress! Like the necklace, bracelet and the earrings, fits well.
    I know Land's End too, there I bought my shoes, the once, what I not hate... (but I rare have money tho buy things)
    Have a great new week :-)

  5. trés chic my dear!
    you and the maple tree in the back have the same taste in coloring :-)
    this kind of dresses are exactly like you describe - i love them too. i had made them in mini&maxi - always black, they were a staple for years till they fell apart - and last year i made one in charcoal wool. midi. and you are so right too about the things finding us and we love them and they fit right in with our other stuff without trying! be it clothes or furniture or jewelry.
    i imagine the dress pockets stuffed with crayons and little talismans......
    have a wonderful week!!!! xxxxxxxx

  6. This is a dress that says "I'm a writer and an artist"... don't ask why, that's the vibe I get from it. Maybe I've seen pictures of artists in similar styles / colours, who knows. I also have tendency to grab all sorts of pieces (usually jewellery, sometimes bags) just because I 'fell in love' with them, and then have no clue what to do with them. But, sometimes years later, they may prove useful, completing an outfit.

  7. Great dress, and it seems made for you and your life (lives?) Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look wonderful and at ease. xox

  8. Beautiful necklace and I love the style and colors in the dress. THe cape is beautiful on you as well
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  9. I agree with you. This dress is a wardrobe staple, my favorite pieces! I love the black ruana too. I like items that can be styled in different was, dressy or not. Have a wonderful week!

    Jasmine x

  10. I have a few dresses like this in my closet, ones you love so very much right off the hanger. The details you've added with the fantastic jewelry and wrap are what will make it feel fresh every time. You look beautiful!

  11. You're quite right, that is a very versatile dress, and one you will wear a lot, I think. Warm, stylish, comfortable, versatile - I could be describing either you or the dress, Natalia! Love the green jewellery, and the gorgeous cape too, you look cosy without sacrificing any of your wonderful creative flair. xxx

  12. Excellent ... just like you. Timeless, chic and you can take her anywhere, dress up or down! Very cute, this iteration. Good taste, personalized style and lots of charm ... you have it all! That necklace is a treasure, isn't it?

  13. That is indeed an standout dress, and I agree so versatile as you have shown us.
    I adore the jewelry, and am surprised it is new, the earrings match so beautifully.
    Lastly, I LOVE your cape, it totally transforms the outfit!
    Beautifully done!
    xx, Elle

  14. I can surely see why this dress had to be yours, both the colour and shape are perfect on you. The perfect dress for any situation. Your cape is quite a stunner.

  15. Brown and black suit you well. I like the directions of the stripes. Thanks for linking with 52 Pick-me-up!

  16. This necklace is soooooooooo fabulous! I absolutely love it. The dress is very nice too but I just can't stop looking at the necklace... I keep scrolling up to the necklace photo:D