Saturday, November 15, 2014


words can hurt
they can put
a cold spell
on a heart
the heart to death
let me forget those words

words can heal
they can reach 
the tiniest spot
in your heart
put their roots
deep down inside
grow like a child
grows in a mother's womb

words can explode in you like a bomb
they can be gentle
they can be strong
they can become 
the last words one ever hears
with his heart, not his ears

listen to silence
look inwards 
for words that heal
that give love
like a mother gives her child a meal

quiet words, 
plain, not fancy at all
as simple as seeds 
but when they reach soil, not a wall
they grow into beautiful things

that's where it begins
kind simple words that fall 
into a longing soul
like dry seeds fall
into longing soil

photos by Justin Donie

Russian platok (shawl) - gift from my parents


  1. wonderful poem - natasha!
    the power of words. sometimes it frightens me. leaves me wordless.
    beautiful photos made by justin, i´m not sure if the warm shine comes from the sun or from you :-)
    is this a new platok?

  2. Soooooooooooooo beautiful, both the poem and you.
    I was missing you.
    Are you ok?
    tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. You look beautiful and I see another awesome platok!:) Earrings are great too.

    I like the poem. Words are very powerful.

  4. Natalia,
    that is an elegant and moving piece of poetry!!! I truly loved it.
    I also adore the warmth of the outfit and they way it connected to the prose.
    I love the burnt orange color of the coat, and the lovely shawl from your family.
    xx, Elle

  5. What a lovely poem!...and great photos to match.


  6. Your command of the English language is incredible, better than most native speakers!
    Love these photos, those wonderfully Autumnal hues are so good on you,. xxx

  7. Beautiful poetry and I love the meaning behind your words. The only think more powerful than words is love. Love is felt through gestures and action and words. You are a gorgeous human being, inside and out Natalia!

  8. What a wonderful achievement, to write such a moving and truthful poem in a different language. You are such a star, Natalia! I love these photos too, the warmth and light and colour and sense of serenity just sum you up, my lovely friend. xxx

  9. Natalalia, you are very talented to write such an inspiring poem, touching words indeed. Accompanied by some wonderful Autumn images. Well done , my dear, look forward to many more of your poems.

  10. you look absolutely gorgeous in your pretty warm color coat and your matching shawl, such an inspiring outfit and alzó inspiring post!!

  11. What a lovely poem, Natalia, with powerful words artfully arranged! You look radiant in those warm colours and I love the platok. I would be more likely to drape it over a chair to look at every day than to wear it. I have shawls and blankets draped everywhere. Tablecloths too, though not on tables. What a lovely gift from your parents. They knew just what would be perfectly you.

  12. I don't know if you read these comments on old posts, but I LOVE your poem. Recently I read (paraphrased now) "Watch what you say. You can always be forgiven for your words but you can never take them back." Your warm outer beauty reflects your warm and wonderful inner beauty. Thank you for sharing.