Saturday, November 1, 2014

Moments of Early Fall 2014


1st (upper) row: 1. Olive Overalls. 2. Reorganized. 3. Everyday Wonder
2nd row from the top: 1. Between. 2. In Love. 3. Dress, Play, Explore
3rd row from the top: 1. One, Two, Three (the third outfit) 2. Steampunk...ish. 3. One Dark Ooky Night
4th (lower) row: 1&2. October Babies.  3. You're Gonna Hear Her Roar

I picked a few (not all) of the outfits I showed on the blog from mid-September through the end of October. I enjoy seeing a bunch of my outfit photos together because I can see how my preferences evolve. For instance, I can see here that lately I embrace what I used to love in my 20s - simple shapes, layers and elegance as in timelessness, but on a new level which only the last year of style exploration and me-exploration allowed me to get to. Bright colors, bold patterns, and such details as embroidery add a whimsical, rich and unique, individual feel to the outfits which I assemble from what's available on sale in a few shops that I like and occasional thrifting trips to Goodwill and such. And I have to say that I am surprised, but given that I don't design or make my own clothes, and don't have finances to buy designer labels, it's all pretty much inexpensive mass market stuff, available to anyone, but I have yet to meet a woman who dresses like me. 


  1. So many gorgeous looks here, Natalia. I can't pick a favoutite, but as always, I am most drawn to colour, and I think the brights (orange, red and purple) really light you up. You have wonderful style, my dear! xxx

  2. Great outfits! My favorites are #3 & #11. Love the mustard pants and green skirt. Молодец, Наташа, отличный у тебя вкус!

  3. maybe it´s not expensive designer fashion - but you´r collection here is exactly that: a well curated collection, designed (by choosing the right pieces) from you to fit&flatter your personality and body! it´s no accident that i put personality first because i think it´s most important to dress how we feel. to please others by presenting a well wrapped body is secondary imo. not that you failed in that part :-) you are a master in dressing your beautiful outer form!
    ok.- that was the fashion pro part ;-)
    personally i love your use of colors&patterns most! and despite i have a different natural coloring (winter) i draw a lot of inspirations from your outfits.......