Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Place to Listen to Silence

When I wrote about our discovery of beautiful waterfalls and an abandoned brewery near Olympia back in early March (I also wrote about that place in the later post Days Passed), I mentioned that the same day, February 28th, we also made another discovery. Today the Real Adventure Man and I are taking you to that other place. There are not too many places near a big city where you can literally hear the silence, and this is one of them. I am talking about the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge founded in 1974 to protect the Nisqually River estuary in South Puget Sound.

Back in February, we all were a little too tired to make another lengthy trip, and we had to watch our time too as the sun gets down early in winter, and the park closes at sunset. So I walked as far as I could and took as many photos as I could while my parents and Justin took a rest. In August, Justin and I went to the estuary again, took a 4 mile walk (half of which was on the beautifully constructed boardwalk across the estuary) and enjoyed watching many different kinds of birds and wildlife: frogs, seals, great blue herons, bald eagles, a variety of seagulls, Canada geese, ducks, and new to us harriers as they were diving into water. The place is a paradise for photographers, and Justin took many cool shots. 

Playing with the tapestry effect of my jumpsuit by adding my old tapestry backpack (Russia)
and a tapestry pouch - both featuring cats, by the way! 

View of Mt Rainier to the East.

The view of Tacoma Narrows (strait of Puget Sound) and Tacoma Narrows Bridge which connects the "mainland"
with Kitsap Peninsula.

If you live in the area or are visiting, do not miss this wonderful park. It only costs $3 per car (cash or check) which you leave in a special box outside of the nature center building, and enjoy the amazing surroundings which look different depending on the tide schedule and season. The park is located between Tacoma and Olympia near I-5, and stays open year-round, though a part of the boardwalk is closed during Fall months through January. We sure will be regular visitors. The weather was on the hot side that day, 80 F, but not too bad with refreshing breeze. I wore one of my jumpsuits (comfy for nature exploring), and since I keep my sun hat in the car at all times these days, it became a spontaneous addition to my outfit. Enjoy!

Great Blue Heron

The beautifully crafted boardwalk across the estuary is a mile long.

Historic barns remain from the old farmland that used to be here (early XX century).
While the barns are left untouched, over five miles of dikes which were built by farmers are now removed to restore 732 acres of the estuary.

Same barns in February (this photo and the next one are by me).

February estuary...

View of Olympic Mountains to the West (Olympic Peninsula across Puget Sound).

I also would like to remind you that the next WRITE AND LINK is coming live here on my blog on August 26th and will stay open till September 1st. The phrase for August stories is "...Because everyone knows...". Anyone is welcome to participate, and we always appreciate readers and comments!

Jumpsuit - ASOS Curve (also shown here)
Hat - Old Navy
Sandals - Clarks

* * *


  1. Great pictures, dear Natalia. I love the bag and the Jumpsuit :)
    Have a nice week. Xoxo Tina

  2. "bittersüsser nachtschatten"! very toxic yet beautiful plant!
    im very glad that you fund such a nature paradise near you home!! just wonderful!
    and you look so cute in your suit! clever to keep that hat in your car - it has such a versatile design - it looks great with all your clothes!
    and the real adventure man - handsome!!!
    thank you for the wonderful pictures!!!

  3. Looks like a lovely spot. I adore open spaces and nature.

    Great photos!


  4. I am in awe. My goodness, Natalia, these images are breathtaking. I understand what you mean by hearing the silence. Last summer my family went to the Grand Canyon, and there was a point when it felt like the entire world stood still. I remember sitting on a rock, looking over what nature had created in 5 million years. It is truly amazing what can be done or created when it's undisturbed. Magnificent.

    Our looks today capture a similar essence. A nostalgic, bohemian vibe, for sure.

  5. Natalia, this is wonderful place on the pictures. Beautiful nature. You are lucky to have such a nice place close to your home. Yours jumpsuit fits to this amazing place - floral pattern, earthy colors. Like you are not only visitor but part of this part of paradise. o)


  6. Your tapestry print jumpsuit blends wonderfully with the glorious surroundings, camouflage at its most sublime. xxx

  7. What a truly beautiful place, captured in these stunning shots. I would be revisiting frequently too. Your jumpsuit is lovely on you, elegant and practical , the perfect combination.

  8. love how your printed jumpsuit matches all those fabulous landscapes, it's a beautiful piece and you look comfy and cool!
    Loving your sandals (they're my kind of sandals too) as they look perfect for a nice walk!
    Great pictures!

  9. Such a beautiful place and the photos are magnificent! There is such a sense of peace and serenity and yet one knows that the place is so alive. Your jumpsuit is wonderful. I have not yet been able to find one that ticks all the boxes (and that includes fitting me properly) but I am always looking. You do suit them so well. And of course the colours are so pretty and so you. Much love and hugses! xoxo

  10. WOW!! Beautiful place and I'd definetely love to have a walk there. Seems so peaceful and so many different things to see. Great photos and you look awesome. I love your bags. Is this a malachite ring you are wearing? One of my fav stones:)

  11. We all need a place to escape to where we can rest our eyes, feel we have a horizon to gaze out to and to hear silence. To just BE in silence which seems to be a rare thing these days. The photos are beautiful - the frog emerging, the great blue heron especially. I hope you're feeling restored after your day there. The tapestry bag was a great choice for the outfit and I do love your sunhat!