Monday, August 10, 2015

Blue, White, Red & Polka Dot

I showed this dress a couple of times before (in a Winter mixed patterns outfit here, and with pearls last Summer here), but this time I wanted to play with the classical combination of blue, white and red. You know what's funny? Even though this color combination is popular and beloved by many, I have done it... for the first time! They say there is a first time for everything.

I wanted more red to be present in this outfit, but honestly, I just don't own many red accessories. Yes, there is a gap in my closet. Sometimes it feels like I've got it all, and then some, but there come the times when I know I want to create something specific, and... I just don't have the right pieces. Does it sound familiar to you? A little frustrating at first, but I was determined to be creative (for sure there are many red pieces waiting for me in stores - I am in no hurry to find just the right ones). So the red lipstick, nails, ring and belt did the job. I thought the vintage inspired earrings and necklace which feels like a collection of grandma's brooches would add to the retro feel of the dress (which was thrifted for only $10, in great condition, with pockets and all!). 

I feel very feminine wearing it. Polka dot is just so playful and festive, isn't it?  And again, a place where we were heading that day inspired the outfit. What place you ask me? An antique mall! Got a couple of wonderful new friends there. I'll try to incorporate one of them into an outfit soon - started working on it. :)

Dress - thrifted (via consignment store)
Jewelry - LB, Chico's, no name
Shoes - Josef Seibel



  1. do you know what? i like the outfit even more for NOT being to matchy-matchy :-)
    the tan color of bag and shoes let it look more "effortless" and natural.
    i nice fleamarket visit would be fun in our upcoming holidays - thanks for the reminder!!!
    drück dich! (hugs) xxxxxx

    1. I thought that you'd appreciate, Beatochka. I agree - it is less predictable this way.

  2. I know the feeling: you have something really nice, but it needs shoes/jackets/bag etc and nothing in your closet works... Or, as often in my case, I have just the right pair of shoes/whatever, but it's in my other home... But this dress looks lovely, and no doubt sooner or later you will find more accessories to match it, and will create more looks with it.

  3. So ladylike! I looove the necklace.
    Sometimes not having things laid on inspires creativity and you end up with something even more creative as here. Lovely shoes! Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. It is hard to imagine that we don't have everything we need already in our closets but I also sometimes find myself in the same situation. I have an idea of what I want and then I don't have it.

    I was just gifted a polkadot dress in navy so it was fun seeing your version here.


  5. Yes Natalia, I have always the thought that I have no piece in my closet. that works with the outfit in my head.
    An other day are so many things that works with in my closet, that I can't decide :)
    you look georgous in polka dots. I love polka dots, too. It look like vintage.
    Have a nice day, xoxo Tina

  6. I do love red, white and blue together, it always reminds me of the British Airways stewardesses of the 1970s - a great thing!
    Like Beate, I like the outfit all the more for not being too matchy. xxx

  7. Wow! Such a lady you are Natalia. This is beautiful and elegant dress. You know that I love retro and the necklace is amazing. I think it is quite enough of the red color on your outfit. This lipstick is is very nice on you. o)

  8. It's a really lovely dress, and the way you have styled it is perfect - there is just enough red in your belt, lipstick and nails to make the point without labouring it! Such a classically elegant look, Natalia, you wear it beautifully! xxx}

  9. I love polka dots and this is a beaut of a polka dot dress. And like the others have said sometimes less matchy is more! I'm finding that I have holes in my wardrobe and I'm slowing filling them, organically rather than rushing to buy something for the sake of it and then not really having any connection with the item. So you're right to wait. I love your necklace, that's so unusual.

  10. My older daughter is the polka dot queen. She would love this outfit. I am trying to move out of my pastels and black-I know opposites, and just go with more primary colors. This is wonderful.

  11. A lovely dress , love its polka dots and the classic shape. I agree you have just the right amount of red for contrast . Not sure if your jewellery is a necklace or a brooch collection, either way its wonderful . Look forward to seeing your new friends.

  12. I love your polka dots, very classic but you've also given in your artsy style.
    I wore lots of red white and blue in the 70's and because of that I'm very attracted to it now. However, I have none of those colors in my closet. I bend toward the warmer tones.
    Yes, it is a great lipstick color on you!

  13. lovely and elegant dress with a twist!
    Even if you're not wearing a lot of red, those little details in red are great , and love your sandals and cute little bag, and such a nice accessorizing!
    Fabulous necklace!

  14. I am a huge fan of polka dots and red, white and blue combo. This looks fab on you and I really love the added tan accessories!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  15. How lovely to be in polka dots with you, dear Natalia

  16. I love the way you are wearing the brooches and when you called them grandma brooches I smiled because my own grandmother had a dress almost identical to yours (smaller polka dots) and the only jewelry she wore besides her wedding ring and watch was brooches. The brooches were special occasion so I often associate them with Christmas or a birthday and her navy and white polka dot dress was one of her good dresses, though she did wear a skirt and blouse every day. You look lovely and thank you for taking my mind back to my much beloved grandma. xoxoxoxo

  17. Natalia,
    I adore this dress with the red belt, an i love it it all of its incarnations ! I wish I were with you, antique malls are my fav!
    Have fun! Turn some heads!
    xx, Elle

  18. You look beautiful and the jewelry is awesome. The red ring is playing great with your nails.