Thursday, August 27, 2015

What the Bleep They Were Thinking?

Breaking news!
A Russian-speaking, English-writing, American-based blogger also known as In The Writer's Closet was spotted earlier this afternoon at the back entrance of a Goodwill store in the suburbs of Seattle. What was she doing at the back entrance of Goodwill? Special report! Exclusively for our readers! Stay tuned!

The blogger a.k.a. ITWC seemed to deliver 5, no, 6 bags full of stuff to a friendly Goodwill employee and to his question whether or not she needed a slip, she answered positively yes! What was in those bags? Were they large, small or medium sized? Special report! Exclusively for our readers! Stay tuned!

In the bags of various sizes, everywhere from extra small to extra large, which seemed to have originated from a variety of stores and delivery services, the blogger a.k.a. ITWC donated her clothes in a wide range of colors, fabrics and sizes, everything from white slacks and blazers perfect for an office environment to a magenta maxi skirt, the envy of any bohemian, making this the most exciting action spotted in the neighborhood. Will she bring more bags of clothes? Will she ever clean her closet completely from the clothes she doesn't wear? Special report! Exclusively for our readers! Stay tuned!

Our reporter had a rare opportunity to interview the blogger a.k.a. ITWC and ask her whether she is going to bring more bags full of clothes she does not wear to the same location any time soon. Her answers were brief but encouraging. "Why yes, I sure intend to clean up my closet some more and donate more of the stuff I have no use for any longer. Hope it will find a good home!" Will she ever donate the beautiful dress she was wearing this afternoon? Special report! Exclusively for our readers! Stay tuned!

Apparently, this dress has a great chance to end up in one of the future donation bags of various sizes, as our reporter found out. "It is made of a very fine gauzy type of synthetic material that flows beautifully," the blogger a.k.a. ITWC said to out reporter. "But it is also super sheer, so to make the dress wearable, the designers added a thick polyester inner dress which, in its turn, made it impossible to wear the dress in the hot summer," explained she and added, "What the bleep they were thinking?" Will she ever find out what the bleep they were thinking, or will it remain a mystery? Special report! Exclusively for our readers! Stay tuned!

"While I love the dress visually, the fabric it is made of drives me crazy," the blogger a.k.a. ITWC continued after a short break filled with words which, for the readers of our respectable publication, we can only roughly sum up as bleep bleep bleepity bleep. She admitted that she used to be very picky about her clothes quality earlier in her life, but then got carried away experimenting and trying new things, as all artists do at certain times in their creative journeys. But now she is getting determined to buy clothes that not only suit her as an idea, but also suit her as actual clothes, because originally, as she shared with our reporter, she realized that that's what clothes mainly were meant to be - suitable for wearing, i.e., summer clothes suitable for summer, and winter clothes suitable for winter. The blogger a.k.a. ITWC added at the end that in her modest opinion, some fashion designers might have forgotten this initial definition of clothes, being carried away, as all artists are at certain stages in their journey. Now that's what we call a true and honest revelation, dear readers! 

Special report, exclusively for our readers! Stay tuned for more revealing news in the near future!

Dress (also shown here), hat, bracelets (old) - Lane Bryant
Cocoon cardigan and earrings (old) - Chico's
Shoes - Tsubo via Nordstrom Rack
Purse (old) - Urban Expressions via TJ MAXX

* * *


  1. hahahahaa!
    oh my! you are the best! but in defense of designers is must say that one never comes near dresses in that price range - its all made by textile engineers who only look at the numbers of costs and prize......
    had a good laugh about the idea that clothes should work while wearing them - ha! if we would really follow that 90% of all clothes on this planet should wander into the donation bag. which would made a mountain range of unusable clothes......
    i better stop here - before i find myself wrapped in a jacket closed at the back ;-P

  2. You should definitely wear more often.. hats!! Looks awesome on you!
    Love this beautiful "earth"-colors on you very much, perfact match to your skin and hair color!
    Right now fell in love with your earrings <3 <3 <3

    have a good time dear friend and enjoy the summer
    Dana :-)

  3. Oh this was a fun way of writing about your experience. Hmm-you have me thinking. Love the hat!

  4. Oh bleepity bleep bleep and bleep that.

    Good on you for cleaning out part of your closet! I still haven't done this. I do take in bits and pieces, but never 5 full bags! Mind you I could have taken in 3 full bags of just shoes and boots. I'm waiting to take them to the consignment store where I can then turn around and buy more bleeping stuff with the proceeds! LOL

    Such a shame that they often don't think when making dresses for summer. I especially love the back of this one.


  5. I love your "revealing" news!
    How dare they make such a pretty dress in an unsuitable fabric.
    That hat!! You look adooooorable!
    Love you. Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Oh I hate it when pretty clothes are made of terrible material!! Such waste. The cut and colour of the dress are so perfect for you... But I wouldn't wear sheer fabric, either, or anything synthetic.

  7. Oh Natalia so funy. You look great. I always think Polyester is horrible :(
    Have a nice Weekend, kisses Tina

  8. Makes me bleeping well go into rage when the wrong material is used. Few designers understand the need for functionality and fun to be of equal bleeping importance!

  9. Shame about the dress, it does look so good on you but of no use if it is uncomfortable to wear. I read this recently and it is so true, " Be comfortable and love what you are wearing. If your clothes don't make you feel fabulous put on ones that do".
    Enjoy your clear out, I always find it quite rewarding and makes room for something new and special. xx

  10. I love the dress! Please report back to ITWC that she has impeccable taste and that her generous gifts will be appreciated. I agree with this blogger, and I share the very same experience with ITWC. As a creative soul, there is that drive to be fanciful, putting practicality on the back burner.. So those at the end point of this process, we the consumers, must be vigilant that in fact, what we wear is suitable to be worn!
    MDC has also a new category of such items in her closet, and they are skirts that are perfect until the wearer bends down ...In fact she has developed a new technique ( the lateral shimmy) of getting to the sidewalk , going down- down- down, with out bending. She uses this aforementiond technique until the fall comes when, with a huge sigh of relief, she dons very thick tights.
    How MDC loves staying tuned into ITWC!
    MDC politely requests use the expression of ITWC that ends with "bleepity bleep" for a future post.
    XX, Elle