Saturday, August 8, 2015

Set Sail

Justin surprised me with a proposal to take a ferry, visit our favorite town, have a nice dinner and go back home late. Not that it was something unusual for us, we have little trips to places we love quite frequently, but it was in the middle of the work week, in the evening, and that made it unusual. So my outfit also had to be unusual - maybe not for some women who are 100% confident in their bodies (do such women even exist?), but for me. I'm braver when I'm with him. I knew this dress would be out of my comfort zone - I wore it before, what can I say, the looks from men I get when I wear it, are much more favorable than the looks from women. I understand. I also used to be so freakishly self-conscious about my shape, even when really, there was absolutely nothing to freak out about, that I know exactly what's going on in those women's heads. Don't worry, ladies. I don't consider myself so perfectly perfect that I can wear dresses like this one. But the difference between your and my outlook on such dresses and my shape is that I'm not looking for anyone's approval. Not anymore. I know who I am, I know what I want, I know that if I never do things that make me just a little bit uncomfortable, I will never grow. I'm not saying I never worry about what others think of me. It's probably nearly impossible to never ever think such thoughts. But I don't let those thoughts stop me. If I like something, if it seems like fun, if I want to try it and see how it feels - then I'm game, with or without approval. 

I was not the only one who set her sails that evening...

I couldn't decide which of my long line cardigans to wear with the dress and grabbed both, my old white waterfall cardigan and my new cocoon one, thinking that photos would tell me which is best. I must admit I still can't decide - I like them both. I love the way my old cardigan falls upfront and how it works with the narrow skirt. And I also love how the cocoon cardigan frames the dress. What's your vote?

Typically, I would wear shape-wear with body-conscious dresses, but in Summer, I can't even think of it, even though it was not a hot day. Wearing shape-wear, though uncomfortable, gives you a slightly better shape and therefore, more confidence to wear such clothing. But I think, in the end,  only one thing truly matters, and it is... do you really accept yourself the way you are now, or not. And to me, nothing matters as much as my capability to accept and move on - to accept myself, a particular situation in life, or my own body. It all boils down to acceptance to me. I think we all master acceptance in some ways, while feeling wobbly in others. I think it's all just fine, it's only human. Sometimes we make big leaps, but mostly we move gradually, one step at a time. And I do make a choice to accept more every day, little by little, step by step. Wearing a dress like this one, even though it still makes me quite self-conscious, is also at the same time strangely therapeutic and liberating. 

Whatever you're struggling with in life, make an attempt to accept it, set your sail and set yourself free.

Dress - ASOS Curve
Cardigans & jewelry - LB, Chico's
Shoes - Born
Hat - Old Navy



  1. Both quite attractive, but the first had more of a summer lightness. I too am blessed with curves. When I see a self confident woman, I feel bolder.

  2. A lady of wisdom is what matters most. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is the biggest fault finders in women's bodies. I have found when others try to deflate our sail, it's often because they wish they had the confidence to sail free themselves. Your confidence shines through my dear.

  3. Dear Natalia, YEAH ! you look amazing. I love stripes. YES you need no approval from other women.
    Have a nice day my dear.
    Xoxo Tina

  4. wow!
    you look just gorgeous! love the navy theme! and very much your wise words. and i know about - i had my whole life more bosom and belly then one "should have" to wear skintight dresses. i did it anyway. now its different - my body became much more off balance proportion wise than i like it. i need that little tricks that some garments provide to not feel so top heavy that i almost fall over...... but that are just my own standards. i don´t seek for approval from strangers.
    the evening program sound wonderful! and all that sailboats!
    hug to you my beautiful friend!!! xxxxxx

  5. You look great in the dress. And confidence is always the best accessory.

  6. Natalia, you look stunning in your stripes , no wonder you received admiring glances. Acceptance of ourselves is one of the hardest lessons to learn. Sounds like a wonderful evening out.

  7. Cocoon gets my vote but it's a photo finish between the two. The necklace is the perfect choice with the dress and I love the fun starfish ring. Yes, acceptance of ourselves is key. I love how Glenda has phrased it above - a lady of wisdom is what matters most. Couldn't agree more.

  8. Natalia, this stripe dress was perfect for your trip on boat. I love the ring and necklace. The hat is crown of your outfit. Beautiful pictures. That was great idea from Justin to surprise you with so nice and romantic trip. You look so happy and confident. o)

  9. dear lady, your dress looks amazing and I like both cardigans, but I have a weakness for your cocoon cardi!, lovely stripes and lovely hat too!
    And I feel encouraged to wear some self-conscious clothes which I avoid usually, even if I like them. It's challenging ourselves that we acquire new skills!
    Besos & Valor

  10. The women looking are all thinking about how amazing you look. I think both cardigans look great with the dress though I think I favour the cocoon cardigan. That might be because it's the one I'm more likely to wear myself. I've tried waterfall cardigans and while I love the look of them I don't love them on me.

    I love the photo of you leaning against the green railing. I love the colours and your smile and your pose and how wonderful you look in this dress. It sounds like a lovely evening outing. I will make sure my next husband likes to do that sort of thing. ;-)

  11. Love this body con stepe, You did not need to shape wear! It looks fantastic and I love the layered card- when in doubt bring too, also love the photos of the boats on the water, and that gorgeous necklace.
    How Romantic is Justin!
    XX, Elle