Friday, August 28, 2015

Take Them Into Fall

Speaking of clothes that do not have any chance to get into a donation bag, I think you will be pleased to know that these two beauties (you could see them in the posts Magic and Dream Dress & Dinner Theater) fall into my "definitely keeping" category. Both made from the same fabric (100% cotton), with a cotton voile full lining, they are radically different styles (1950s and 1970s), but both very much loved. They were gifts from the unique women's clothing company eShakti, and I wrote about them on a couple of occasions HERE and HERE. Today, I received an early bird special offer from eShakti which I am happy to share with you, my friends and readers. 


The coupon code is valid through August 31, 2015 and allows you to enjoy 15% off the new Fall arrivals which, as always with eShakti, you can customize in both style and size! Do check them out - I know that a couple of dresses stole my heart.

And while you're admiring the new arrivals, I thought I'd have some fun with the eShakti dresses that I own and see how I can take my beloved Spring/Summer dresses into my most favorite season - Fall. For slightly cooler evenings, of course, a little cardi or a trusted jean jacket would do the trick. But I wanted to take you beyond that and styled my two dresses in four different Autumn ways. 

For the outfit #1, I added a floppy hat in vivid red, a colorful Russian platok (read about Russian shawls in my earlier post Russian Platok) and a pair of my favorite vintage-inspired booties. Instead of a platok, you could wear a trendy kimono or poncho, and I also intend to do so. But I also adore ethnic shawls. Don't you think they have an amazing ability to add the same trendy boho vibe without being predictable? You can search your local thrift shops and flea markets for beautiful shawls which will cost you less than a new item from a chain store, while it will be made with traditional old techniques, be 100% silk or wool (like my platok), and you will enjoy their timeless beauty and quality for the rest of your life. I found two of my Russian shawls in an antique mall, of all places. I'm sure there are plenty to find online (eBay, Etsy etc.).

My booties are by Josef Seibel, about 3 years old, bought on a whim while traveling in the picturesque La Conner, Washington. 
They are all the things I love - rich espresso leather, very comfy soles and a cool vintage vibe!

For the outfit #2, I am wearing my short eShakti dress. I combined it with an embroidered denim coat (thrifted at Goodwill last year, $10), a scarf (another Goodwill find, about $5), a burgundy floppy hat and the same booties. I think it's a fun vintage country mix for a day on the farm or sipping wine in a village winery.

Now imagine we're getting to the colder part of Fall and feeling a bit chilled and uncertain - we need our cozies! For the outfit #3, I am wearing one of my oldest clothing items (probably 10 years old or so), a very warm, thick long cardigan made of 100% lamb's wool. It goes well with everything, from jeans and pants to maxi dresses, like this one. I can make it even cozier with a wool beanie, and visually more interesting by adding a brightly colored long scarf or, as I did here, wear a long fabric belt as a scarf! (The belt is from my short eShakti dress, so that's why is in matching fabric.) Very 1970s! I'm not wearing a hat here. Let's see if anyone notices why... ;)

And finally, the outfit #4. Burgundy is the choice again, but this time in the form of a luxurious, richly textured blazer (2 years old, by Lane Bryant). I only added my red floppy hat and burgundy glasses frames which proved to be not only useful, but a great accessory too. Oh! And another "accessory" that makes all the difference in the Fall - red lipstick! Mine is Lasting Finish by Katie (Rimmel, London) in Rosetto/Rouge a Levres 09 - it cost me probably about $6 at a pharmacy and lasts for about two years already (I use it quite often, but not daily).

So here is my mini guide to how to take your favorite summer dresses into Fall. Fun, isn't it? Now when I look at these pictures, I can't believe that only a couple of years ago, I did not know that this girl who loves colorful, whimsical style, exists! Honestly, I did not know her back then.

And what about you? Are you ready for a change of season? Do you have a favorite of these four Fall-inspired outfits?

PS - I don't get compensated for writing this post - it's purely my own idea and initiative. I was inspired to play with my dresses, and I hope to inspire you to take your favorite summer dresses into Fall too!

Both dresses - eShakti (gifts earlier this year)
Hats - Charlotte Russe
The rest of stuff is remixed many times from my closet.

* * *

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  1. What fun you're having playing dressup! The short dress with burgundy blazer is my favorite look. Yes, I am so ready for a change of season. It has Ben dreadfully hot in So Cal with temps over 100 degrees. I suspect we won't feel fall for awhile.

  2. Don't you look all adorable in that last photo? Love all the accessories. This is right up my ally as I'm sure you know.


  3. Wah, I`m not ready for fall. Today its 35 Grad Celcius and I sweat :)
    I like fall, the colorfull season. You look sooo great and the colours are wonderfull. The last picture... stunning. I love it.
    Wish you and your family a wonderfull weekend.
    Kisses Tina

  4. well played!!!!
    love all your ensembles! such a firework of warm colors and cosiness!
    we could be twins for fall - i do exactly the same with my cotton dresses when its get chilly. extra tip - you can wear a silk or charmeuse slip underneath for extra warmth and not sticking at the stockings.....
    but like tina i´m still in summer with 30°C - still sandals weather.
    big hugs and happy weekend!!!

  5. I have neither funds or interest to have true seasonal wardrobes so bridging between seasons is a must. These are terrific ways to regroup items. First, I do need to purge so I can find the good stuff in my closet.

    1. That's what I'm doing now, Sam - purging, merging and emerging! :) But first, you have to have something to purge. :)

  6. What gorgeous dresses, you look absolutely stunning. Isn't it fun to play around with stuff we already own rather than rush out and buy new? xxx

  7. Natalia, looking wonderful in both of these dresses , so glad this stylish , whimsical girl found her way out to share her creativity. I love the shorter dress with the burgundy blazer with your floppy hat. I love to have items that I can wear all year round just by adding warm leggings and a jacket or coat.

  8. natalia,
    I love these choices and I adore the styling- romantic, and boho, and sort of earth mother!
    The hat is so pretty to frame that face of yours. I love both looks. You always look effortlessly chic an like no one else.
    XX, Elle

  9. I just did a purge today and took a bag to the local charity shop. I know I can be more ruthless but some things are hard to let go off for different reasons! As Autumn begins to creep I'm thinking about merging, although I do want Summer to stay a little longer. It's been hit and miss for us in the UK this year. Fingers crossed for an Indian Summer in September! As always such beautiful prints and I'm with Suzanne, that last photo is wonderful.

  10. Hello Gorgeous Lady! What beautiful colours and patterns that suit you so well. and I can imagine coloured tights with those outfits too. I have some serious cosy long cardigan envy!
    I am doing some big purging, clothing and household goods. I suddenly want to be much lighter. I crave simplicity, though not minimalism.
    Sending you love and big hugs. xoxo

  11. Fantastic frocks, and beautiful styling, Natalia. That velvet jacket is a fabulous addition, and the rich, warm colours of these outfits are so gorgeous on you.
    I do the same thing in autumn - wear my favourite dresses with warm layers, it works wonderfully well. xxx

  12. such a fabulous post, and really inspiring!, love how you've styled your dresses, particularly love that burgundy jacket and cool glasses!. Awesome color combo!
    I think it's easy to stay wearing summer clothes when it's chilly, just adding some layering!. And you're rocking your dresses, that beautiful colorful print is amazing!
    And you look gorgeous wearing those autumnal shades!