Monday, July 3, 2017

On a Whim

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends and readers!
Last Saturday, on a whim, Justin and I went to a park that we love for its awe-inspiring views and small crowds. The park is sort of tucked away from the main traffic, and the public rocky beach isn't big enough to attract many visitors. So even during this busiest weekend of the year, we were able to enjoy the tranquility and solitude of this rare natural setting.

As you can see, I wasn't dressed especially outdoorsy, because as I said, the idea of this park came spontaneously. We were visiting a mall in Gig Harbor where I had this beautiful necklace waiting for me to be picked up. The necklace is by Talbots, which is well known for its high quality women's apparel. I have a few pieces of clothing from this brand, and one of my all-time favorite necklaces is from them as well (last seen HERE) and I have to say that I am always pleased with the exceptional quality they deliver. The necklace is quite elaborate, and it was originally around $90. While I'm sure it's worth it, I was hoping to get it on sale, so I waited for a few months. Finally, I received an attractive offer - additional 40% off already reduced price items, or 50% off two or more pieces. (The deal is still on, just so you know.) Anyway, this gorgeous necklace was sold out online, but I was able to reserve it in a nearby store, and bought it for a reasonable price of $27. I think it'll become a favorite for years to come.

I dressed in anticipation to compliment my new necklace, and in addition to the Victoria Beckham for Target version of a shirt dress, which is 100% cotton, wore my old pair of Converse Jack Purcell which are easy to match with almost any Spring/Summer outfit. It was quite a comfortable outfit to go to a park. I think I have finally come to my own Summer dressing formula, and it is really very simple:

 one piece 
(a dress or a jumpsuit) made of cotton or linen 
comfy shoes
hat / sunglasses
optional: one piece of statement jewelry
 (something lightweight, and only if it's not too hot outside)

Anything more than that feels too much to me.  

Oh, and one thing that you won't see on my photos, but to me it is absolutely essential and was the last piece of the puzzle - I will whisper to your ear, so pay attention ... 
b a n d e l e t t e s ... 'nuf said!

They say that a man's shirt looks best on a woman. Do you agree? There is definitely something sexy about it, and many designers play with this idea, and this season is no exception. I've seen so many dresses and skirts inspired by a classic men's shirt and decided to give this trend a go. The VB for Target dress is a very easy to wear, flattering contemporary piece which I think will dress up nicely (just add heels), but also can stay totally relaxed and casual (if I think I could easily wear it at home, it doesn't get any comfier). I also think it has the potential to be worn as a top over jeans or leggings (will test this idea in early Fall). It's an experiment for me, and so far I'm loving it! Will see how it holds up after washing, but I have to say the quality seems really good with surprisingly low pricing (I got it on 30% off sale and paid less than $25).

Scenic Beach Park is located on Hood Canal and offers amazing views of the water and the Olympic Mountains. To get such magnificent close views of mountains and water, you would probably have to travel to a high mountain lake. It's a state park near the small town of Seabeck. Hood Canal is well known for its warm waters and abundance of oysters. The steel bridge is a new addition - the last time we visited (2 or 3 years ago), the old wooden bridge was closed. The new one isn't going anywhere any time soon, I think.

Justin was amazed to learn that this bell was made in his hometown - Hillsboro, Ohio! Apparently, the company was making bells for over 100 years and was the biggest provider of this type of bells in North America, and it was right next to Justin's high school. That was an unexpected fun little piece of a personal history to run into! The bell is set by one of the oldest homes in the Seabeck community, built in 1912, it is now a community club with breathtaking and yet intimate views.

On the way to the park, we stopped to enjoy the views and, on the other side of the road, this tiny inlet (not sure what would be the correct word for it) with a few fishing great blue herons. On the way back, we stopped to take pictures of the sunset over the Olympics - Justin took a series of shots until the very last rays of the sun winked a goodbye to us. What a wonderful day we had!

Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target
Necklace - Talbots
Pearl earrings and bracelets - gifts from friends, long time ago
Wicker purse - old, via TJ MAXX
Sunnies - Lane Bryant (old)
Shoes - Converse Jack Purcell (old, via Nordstrom Rack)

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  1. Dear Natalia, you live in a stunning area. This park is great. Thank you for These stunning Pictures. I love your Dress and great that you get this necklace on sale. It is fantastic and you look soo fabulous in your summerlook.
    Big hug and many kisses, Tina

  2. What a breathtaking setting - there is so much beauty around us! Love your shirtdress and that new necklace is indeed headed for favorite status. xox


  3. fabulous dress my dear!!
    and such a very chic necklace! awww**** you found the perfect summer dressing fomula! (and a cool way to avoid THAT problem caused by the heat....!) cute shoes!
    if i could not sew and did not have a wardrobe full of dresses - i for sure would buy too all the dresses you wore lately! such fab pieces!
    please give justin a big hug for this marvelous landscape photos!! he really captured the beauty of your area!
    much love! xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, my dear friend! I am thrilled to know that you'd buy these dresses too - it's a huge compliments coming from you, such a talented and skillful designer! And I always tell Justin the many compliments he gets on his photography, so thank you again!! <3

  4. That dress looks cool and pretty and perfect for a hot Summer's day. the necklace is fabulous, I'm delighted that your patience was rewarded and you were able to snag it at a good price.
    Well done, Justin! Your location photos are stunners! xxx

    1. Thank you from me and Justin for your lovely words, dear Vix! <3

  5. Such lovely, summery photographs (congratulations to Justin!), and that dress looks just perfect. That necklace is a work of art, a real statement piece. Glad you were able to snap it up at a much reduced price. It often pays off to have some patience! I love that cute little bag too. I have to confess I didn't know Bandelettes ... until I clicked your link, that is ... Huge hug xxx

    1. So good to see you here again, dear Ann! Bandelettes are saving me this Summer! So far, it is the best solution I found for hot weather. And oh so pretty and sexy too!

      Thank you for your kind words, dear!