Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Fashion bloggers are one of my most favorite sources of style inspiration. Ideas flow from a computer screen into a room of my modest little cottage as soon as I enter a password and open my blogroll. Some ideas fly in and then away, but rare ones simply don't have a chance, because I open my closet and start playing with the pieces I own in a new way. That is what happened today.

Grown and Curvy Woman is a very inspiring blogger with a radiant smile and a great eye for color. She has a series in her blog called "Style Inspiration", where she introduces her readers to some of her favorite style bloggers while showing her own interpretation of their inspiring outfits. Today it was Tiffany of The Werk! Place and her outfit I Would Like To Make a Statement - black and white print, quite mind blowing (and so are a lot of her outfits - check her out, she is amazingly talented). So it's like a chain of inspiration, really - cool stuff! The sleeves of the polka dot shirt made me think of my own top with wide sleeves (though very different shape) in bold black and white graphic pattern. I asked my 11 year old daughter to take a few photos, and she did a great job - again, even though it was rapidly getting dark, we did it! :)

My other black and white pattern plays:

Pattern Play (November 2013)

And who has been your style inspiration lately?

Top - Chico's (from 3 or 4 years back). Skirt - ASOS. Scarf - Lane Bryant. Sling back stilettos - Sam Edelman (also shown here). Clutch - Urban Expressions (via TJ MAXX). Ring - jewelry boutique find.

Photos by Anna

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  1. You look lovely!!!

    1. Thank you, it's so nice to hear! I was inspired by your post! :)

  2. I am absolutely crazy about the pairing of these. Bold prints. Exquisite, So well done and inspirational !!
    XX, Elle

    1. Elle, you do understand, of course, that such a generous compliment inspires me to create (and share) more? You elevated my spirit - I am in heaven! :)

  3. I'm blown away by this outfit! so great you left the link because otherwise I would probably missed it ....and I must say I'm really inspired by this monochrome styling...the midi skirt matches that blouse wonderfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!