Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little Birdie

I found this lovely sweater on the Old Navy web site a few days ago (I admit it - I was inspired by bloggers! again!). I fell in love with the design. It seemed so fun yet delicate at the same time... The sweater was on clearance, and the only size left was... mine! I took it as a sign and immediately paid the whole ten bucks for it! :) I am glad that I did because the item disappeared from the site soon after that. But of course, I wasn't sure whether the sweater would be as nice in reality as it seemed in the picture, and whether it actually would fit me. I couldn't wait for the package to arrive. When my daughter finally brought the parcel home today, I said out loud, "I hope I really like it!"

And I did!

I paired it with my new sueded denim by NYDJ, a pair of comfy Toms (also worn here and here, but without their teal shoe laces) and a wool jacket (shown here) to support the teal theme. So far, it is one of my most casual yet still interesting outfits. (I have just mentioned wanting to do it in my previous post - and it started coming together!) I can imagine wearing it to run errands, go for long walks in city, park or beach, have a cup of coffee in a cafe while working on my writing - you name it, it's comfortable, simple and inspiring, and perfect for just about anything.

I was a bit in a hurry since daylight is still pretty short, and after Anna and I picked up Justin from his office, we stopped by the nature trail where we took photos just a few days ago. This trail has quite an open feel to it, and we took pretty decent photos right before the sunset. And what was amusing, thousands of  migrating birds were circling above our heads.

Sweater - Old Navy (sold out, but available on eBay). Shirt - Chico's (old). Jeans - NYDJ (on sale now).  Boiled wool jacket - Lands' End via Goodwill. Earrings via Goodwill. Ring - Chico's. Purse - B Makowsky. Shoes - Toms.

Location: Nature trail in Renton


  1. I just posted a comment and it didn't post. Let's try this again. :) I think you picked the perfect theme for this post ... "Little Birdie" ... just right. I had fun creating this shoot with you ... a race against the sunset, birds everywhere, you with the bird sweater ... a fun and memorable outing. And the overall effect of the outfit, with the teal theme and the "stylish-casual" look ... it's a winner.

    1. Thank you, Justin! For the racing and the shooting, and the commenting! :) It was a very fun evening indeed!