Sunday, January 19, 2014

Color Cravings

In one of my earlier posts, Reflections, I was admitting to myself (and to my readers) that I haven't discovered how to express the fun, artistic side of me just yet. Well, I guess such things come in layers, or your understanding of such things comes in a spiral, when you more or less slowly discover many levels of the same quest. I wanted to explore color - and I've done it a lot! I mean, for me, it is definitely a lot. I was much more modest with my colors before starting blogging, and even before December when I finally put all these thoughts into words. 

My color craving is still intense, which I can see from my latest purchases. The culmination of it was my burnt orange coat, which I adore and wear quite often. I also felt kind of bored with blue jeans (my "uniform" for the past three or four years), and last Summer explored my very first colorful jeans (and very first skinny jeans, for that matter!) - I bought a pair of green and a pair of red summer skinnies since then. But what to do in winter? I explored some very bright colored pencil skirts, and finally got to jeans. This pair is by NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) - a brand I heard about before, but haven't tried on until just a couple of days ago at Nordstrom, where they were on sale. They are designed especially for a woman's body and hide all our unwanted little extras so well, giving us freedom and confidence to be out there and be ourselves. (Too bad they don't sponsor my blog - gosh, I can write, can't I? ;) I love the way they feel and the way they sit on my body. I love the way my legs look in them. But these were initially way too long (great for those tall and long legged beauties which I am not :) ), so I asked to have them hemmed just a couple of inches for me (alterations come free, up to certain amount, when you use your Nordstrom card - just so you know). They did a nice job, and I am so happy now to own a couple of colorful and very comfortable pairs of jeans. I know I will love and wear them all the time.

I am pretty sure that I am one of the last people in North America who has just bought her very first statement necklace. It is gorgeous, isn't it? I know! I simply adore it. I think it will get a lot of use.

And one more photo of me on this wonderful sunny Saturday - just for fun, I couldn't resist the cute fisherman's chair! I just had to do it! Gone fishin'... ;)

My next personal style challenge (reflections again) is to incorporate more textures into my outfits. Have you seen Ann's gorgeous coat she has just posted? (Ann has pretty impressive collection of coats, please check out her blog Blue Hue Wonderland, done with an amazing artistic eye!). Actually, I have a couple of challenges for myself. OK, I have three. No, wait, actually, I've just realized - FOUR! That's my final number for the near future. No plans, as always - just following my nose. 

Here they are:

1. Choosing better fitted clothes.
2. Sorting out my growing wardrobe, and instead of buying what was on sale (which was wonderful for the initial stage of exploring my personal style) - buying what I actually love and would wear for sure.
3. Incorporating more interesting casual pieces.
4. As mentioned above, working more textures into my outfits.

I think that should be enough to keep me interested for a while, don't you?

Slimming straight leg jeans - NYDJ (via Nordstrom). Non-iron shirt - Chico's. Super comfy shoes - Dansko. Favorite coat - Lands' End. Gorgeous necklace - Talbots (you might still catch it on sale in your local shop! I paid only $27 for this $90 piece). Versatile purse - B Makowsky

Location: Ruston Way, Tacoma

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