Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shirt Dress in Winter?

So let's see what happened lately, in a couple of weeks when I wasn't posting any new outfits. Hmm... As my holiday gifts, I received a few parcels from a few different companies, and it was easy enough to decide what to keep and what not to keep, so I returned a few dresses and one pair of pants and kept a couple of things which I plan to show some time soon in the blog. I cut my hair almost two weeks ago - and it is how it looks now, amazing how leisurely my hair grows. :) I started taking yoga classes, and not just yoga, but hot yoga, which makes sense to me, being Russian who adores banya (Russian version of sauna). And finally, as a family, we celebrated our daughter's 11th birthday (her party for friends is tomorrow).

I can't have enough of my burnt orange coat - it is warm, soft, cozy, elegant and funky all at the same time, and very versatile. I wear it all the time, so here it comes again!

Inspired by a couple of favorite bloggers, I felt like wearing a bright lightweight dress in this grey cool weather. Curious to see my inspirations? :) All right, I won't torture you. Here you go - Stephanie of Le Blog De Big Beauty and Carelia of My Small Wardrobe. These ladies are always very inspiring, they just radiate joy of living and creativity, and bring sunshine every single time I see their new posts.

So I got into my olive green shirt dress which I purchased last Summer at Ashley Stewart online. I had no idea what size would fit me and just took a guess that I needed a bigger size (US 18). I think it is a little too big at the end, and I probably needed to downsize it, so it would have a more tailored look on me (though, there is always a good chance that smaller size would be too tight in the bust area). But I haven't got to exchanging it, so I wear it with belts for a better fitted look. I like the color and the shape very much, but all in all it is not my favorite dress. Wrinkles don't bother me, but I did not expect the dress to be that lightweight, to be honest. I guess my Perfect Shirt Dress is still out there, somewhere. :)

Without a belt:

With a belt:

I wanted to share a story of really, really crazy shoes (certainly The Craziest Shoes I've Ever Owned), and some experiments I've done with them that same day, to express a wild side of me... :) But, I wasn't very happy with the results of the experiment, so I've decided not to share just yet. I'm sure there will be better outtakes in the future. ;)

 We shot these photos at a beautiful nature trail where people take a walk during their lunch break, and bird lovers go on long walks armed with their binoculars to seek a chance of spotting interesting birds. After a walk and photo shoot, Justin and I had lunch in a local restaurant with a big mixed menu and pretty low lunch prices. I had a glass of refreshing chardonnay and a cup of what was, I would say, the best creamy tomato soup I've had in years! 

Dress - Ashley Stewart. Coat - Lands' End. Booties - Aquatalia. Purse - B Makowsky. Jewelry: bangles (costume jewelry by Chico's) + agate bracelet + malachite bracelet and agate necklace.

Location: Nature trail in Renton


  1. I love the color of this coat and worn with green is beautiful. I really like shirt dresses also. They seem timeless in design and are comfortable while always appropriate to wear at so many times. Good pictures. I haven't tried a nature trail, this is a good idea. I adore Carelia's blog! She is one of my favorite bloggers that is so stylish and inspiring.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Thank you, Ann! Shirt dresses are quite interesting - they are appropriate, yet quite sensual at the same time. :)

      Do try nature trails at your location. Ours are mostly very woodsy and dark for outfit shoots, but this one is open, and we were able to shoot even right before sunset tonight (look at my new post :)!

      I agree with you - Carelia's blog is loads of fun and inspiration (and so is yours!). I am very thankful to my friend who introduced me to her blog a while ago. :)