Friday, January 3, 2014

Moments of December 2013

A quick glance back on my December outfits before I begin the New Year here in the blog. :)

I only picked 12 outfits for this collage. There were some more, but they were either very similar or I just did not like them that much. Seeing myself regularly on pictures helps me to understand better what I like and what I don't. Being the one who had been taking photos of people on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis non-stop for over three years in a row (and it was only a very tiny part of what I had been doing during those years), I realized at some point that I almost have no photographs of myself in these years. I had some, but very little compared to thousands of pictures of others which I took. I practically forgot what I looked like! So now, it is such an indulgence to see myself in photographs and get to know myself almost like someone new. This blog helped me to understand that I like simpler fitted shapes on me, but vibrant colors - they make me feel happy! The last month was all about this realization, I think. 

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