Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Babies

I've decided to go a bit crazy and post two more outfits today. What? Again?? Yes, again. But you would never guess why I combined these two outfits into one post. Because the photos of both of them are awfully dark! Not especially artistic of me to post lower than usual quality photos, but I happened to like these outfits and I rarely repeat the same outfits a few days in a row (I repeat, but mostly something casual "throw on and forget about it" type of clothes). Well these were special, and I hardly will do them again soon and definitely will not dress up just to retake the photos, so here you go.

This silk wrap dress is by DVF and was found at a consignment shop, you can see the colors much better and read the dress story HERE. I did not realize that I wore it for my birthday (May 19) and for Justin's birthday (October 18). We went to celebrate in a newly opened authentic Italian restaurant and had such a wonderful evening. If you are in the area, I highly recommend Don Giovanni  - tasty home cooking, great atmosphere and serenading on Sunday evenings. I ordered veal with home-made pasta, and it was delicious. (And oopsy, I need a better solution to a deep V-neck than a safety pin.)

Desserts were yummy too - Justin had limoncello gelato, and I had tiramisu.

Introducing you to my new favorite fancy "theater" purse - I found it by chance at TJ MAXX. I have never heard of the makers before, but was blown away by the intricate beaded design. It reminds me of Gustav Klimt paintings. The purse was discounted to $40, and I just couldn't leave it behind. I know I'll use it a lot. Please take a glance at this designer's bags and clutches, I thought they have a unique story and variety of great inspiring designs - Inge Christopher.

Birthday boy got a new haircut from his wonderful stylist who by the way has just came back from Europe where he participated in a big hair stylists event (Germany, Switzerland and probably some other countries, I don't remember all). He came up with a new hairstyle for Justin this time, and we both loved it - here is how it looked when Justin came back from the barber shop:

I had my thrifted denim light coat/jacket in case it would get colder in the evening - though there was no need for it actually. You can take a better look at the denim coat HERE

And back to my other recent outfit - when the weather was mild and dry (it's raining cats and dogs as I type these words). You've seen my "Indian" skirt, I own it for a few years, though don't wear it often. I paired it with newly thrifted chambray shirt (Chico's in new like condition for just a few bucks at Goodwill). The skirt was previously shown HERE. I like the boho vibe of this outfit. Look, Beate! I wear this embroidered purse again! And if you have not seen how Beate added a vintage charm to her "sister purse", please look HERE. And I am just blown away by how amazing Beate's bohemian outfit is!

Again, we apologize for the low quality photos this time (and in the previous post too). Most probably, Justin hit something by mistake and we did not catch it on the camera screen - it became obvious only when we copied photos to computer. 

That will be it for today, now I am off to the Skypeland to talk to my parents - it's Mom's birthday in Russia, October 24. And you'll never believe it, but it's also a birthday of Mom's two sisters. Though they are twins, so that was a bit cheating on my part. :)

Outfit 1

Dress - DVF via consignment shop
Denim coat - thrifted (Goodwill)
Pink shoes - Me Too last year via Nordstrome Rack
Purse - Inge Christopher via TJ MAXX
Crystal earrings from Russia

Outfit 2

Skirt - Lane Bryant few years ago
Chambray shirt - Goodwill (Chico's)
Pashmina - boutique (old)
Shoes - Dansko
Earrings - Chico's sale



  1. Happy Birthday to your mum and her sisters! Justin's haircut looks great and you look amazing in these two special ensembles. Beate's bohemian outfit is gorgeous but so is yours and I am drooling. Sorry to get your skirt wet. The purses are both fantastic and I too love beading! I have been wearing the birch ring all day today-second day I've worn it and it has been through regular hand washing and a few times washing a dish or two as well. I don't worry about water but would be a bit concerned about hand lotion. Now, I'm going back to re-read and comment on your previous post.

  2. Don't you just love a wrap dress? One of the best fashion inventions ever. I love both of these outfits. They really say Autumn. Mmmmm tiramisu. Another very good invention.

  3. I also found my wrap dress on consignment. You look beautiful in both outfits, but I especially love the maxi skirt with chambray top. And YES to that incredible evening clutch. It's so ornate.

  4. Happy Birthday to the handsome Justin. His hair looks great and dinner delicious!
    Love the colours in both your outfits. Those peacock greeny blue shades are wonderfully opulent and the bag is fabulously blingy. Wet hems, the bane of my life. Its been ass-skimming minis most of this week, we've obviously been sharing similar weather.
    How about a contrasting vest (singlet?) underneath the wrap dress. xxxx

  5. I can't believe you scored a DVF wrap dress at a consignment store! Lucky duck! The bag and the coat with the bright shoes make it a stand-out ensemble. LOVE it!


  6. Lots of birthdays going on in your family - hope everyone has good times to celebrate!
    Love both outfits, the colours and print of the wrap dress are gorgeous. Yes, a little camisole underneath would work well to prevent major cleavage flash!
    I love blue and green together, so the maxi skirt with the chambray shirt and that lovely pashmina are right up my street.
    Mmm, that food looks good! xxxx

    1. I thought of a camisole, but the lines would be visible... I'll just keep thinking... so far my favorite idea is to find a beautiful (vintage?) brooch - I don't have any.

  7. loooove that green pashmina!!!
    both outfits are totally chic. that indian skirt is a treasure, the colors, the sequins twinkling in the low light...
    the dress from frau von fürstenberg is the find of the century! but - why close the front so high? it´s not necessary in my books. dinner with the loved one! not job interview. or sunday service.... ;-)
    pretty gustav klimt bag!
    congratulations to all the "birthday childs" (here you are a "geburtstagskind" anyway how old you are)
    thank you my dear for the shout out - and for your lovely comments! i work on that mail....

    1. Because the bra is visible, Beate :)

    2. and? ;-)
      (ok. you´r not in europe, i know!)

    3. Do you know that I've never actually been to Europe? Other than a few trips in the USSR (Ukraine, Belarus, and of course Moscow and St Petersburg), and my short stop at the Amsterdam airport on the way to US, I have never lived or visited European countries. I am an Asian girl. :)

  8. Both outfits are full of interesting details and nicely matched colors. I wish your husband on his birthday many many happy and healthy years.Long skirts fit you a lot and the denim coat made my heart skip a bit.

  9. Ooooh! many birthdays! Happy Birthday to your beloved Justin, Mum and Auntie's ! Dinner looked lovely and tiramasu is the dreamiest dessert! Justin's hair looks great btw - I love the complementary hues of both dresses and the different styles, I think the darker photography is a wonderful complement to the outfits, I like the drama of it all! I think your bag is evocative of Gustav Klimt too, it's beautiful and a safety pin is normally my choice too!! hope you are having a wonderful weekend Natalia! x x x

  10. I love both these outfits Natalia but am especially drawn to the embroidered denim coat - and when I looked up the details it was thrifted, even better.
    Justin's new haircut looks great, happy belated birthday to him and your dinner out looks delicious. xx

  11. Both outfits are so beautiful! Love the print of the wrap dress, so nice colours and pattern! The purse is a real beauty, looks reach and exquisite. The maxi skirt, chambray top and pashmina look great together plus, again wonderful colour combination.

  12. Natalia,
    I feel double lucky that I got to so twice as much ! I love the print of the first dress, and the skirt and shawl on the second is so boho and perfect on you,
    I am so smitten with that little bag, i think i will walk to TJ Maxx , and just go for a little treasure hunt!
    Justin looks happy and cute in his new haircut,
    keep thrifting!
    XX, Elle

  13. I love the first outfit especially. As for the deep v-neck problem... What other solution could there be than a fabulous vintage brooch? I do it all the time, to stunning effect.

  14. Both outfits are great, but I just can't take my eyes of your shawl and that 'Indian' skirt!

    Your food looks delicious. Yummmy....I love tiramisu:)