Friday, October 31, 2014

You're Gonna Hear Her Roar

She is not Dumbo, the little elephant anymore, Anna's very first Halloween costume, her big love at the age of 2 years old. You're sure gonna hear her roar! But as I went through her Halloween photos, I got a feeling that the theme was building right up to this year when she made her own version of the Queen of the Jungle, inspired by Katy Perry's fun video. Maybe you'll catch it too.

The leaf skirt is made from paper and ribbon, the flower crown and the belt are from Party City, and the rest of the outfit are pieces from Anna's wardrobe - we only bought this animal print shirt at Goodwill for a few bucks. She also made a design on a plain canvas bag - just the right size for treats, or so she hopes!

A few past years Halloween costumes:


Dumbo, 2005


Little Witch, 2007


Cinderella, 2008

We had wonderful neighbors when we lived in the beach house, and for a couple of years attended their Halloween party. Justin was an early pilot, and I was tiger.


Cheerleader, 2009 

Justin was Sherlock Holmes, and I was a cave woman that year.


Rock star, 2010

And back to Halloween 2014... 
The artist at work, making her costume. And Persik in her personal rocket ship.

A few redecorated corners of the cottage. The drawing by Anna (she was about 8 I think)

No costumes for Justin and I this year, but we did our usual Friday lunch date, and I wore embroidery on embroidery on embroidery (all three are thrifted by the way):

I had pure innocent intentions to go out for sushi, but as we arrived at our destination, suddenly I changed my mind and picked Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse instead. It's a very fun Texas style diner (Justin described this style as Country Western) with traditional American burgers/steak menu and peanut shells on the floor (now, I am not quite clear whether it is an original Southwestern American custom, or we borrowed it from the Brits). You can throw peanut shells on the floor as they say it helps keep the floor clean. Bizarre, but fun. The restaurant is wonderful - fast friendly service, delicious food, and both exterior and interior are noteworthy. I snapped a few pics for you. Apparently, it's a small locally owned business with three locations in the greater Seattle area - Renton, Federal Way and Everett.

We have half of this in our fridge now. 

Anna's Queen of the Jungle costume inspired by Katy Perry's music video - partly hand made, partly assembled from her wardrobe, partly thrifted.

My outfit - Goodwill and antique mall finds. Boots by Born.

Justin's coat is by Cabela's, pants are old by Eddie Bauer (also Seattle's company), and shoes are by Ecco.

Happy trick-or-treating and partying to those of you who are! 



  1. Lovely phantastic costumes! And I like your blue Outfit with the embroidery
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Anna has some decent creative skills!...from her Mum? :-D
    Such cute pictures from the past. You look particularly bewitching (topical description) as a tiger! xo JJ

  3. Anna looks great, so grown up! And I do love to see kids creating their own costumes, rather than just buying the whole thing off the peg (it's that commercialisation of the whole event that grates on me). A lovely retrospective of your family's Halloween costumes too.
    Your blue-on-blue, embroidery-on-embroidery outfit is gorgeous, Natalia, folky and casual yet with a certain elegance about it. Perhaps that's your signature style!
    Look at adorable Persik in her own particular spot where she can see what is going on outside! It's always a joy to have some glimpses of your lovely home.
    Have a great weekend! xxx

  4. anna is truly the daughter of her mother!!
    and was´t she a kid just yesterday? now she´s big girl - grown up and beautiful! and yay for making the costume by herself! love the old halloween pics - you´r such a cute tigerchen :-)
    fabulous folksy outfit! perfect for the cosy restaurant and the enviable dinner - yummy!!!

  5. So very sweet to see her growing and turning to a beautiful lady! And God they grow so fast! Her costume is the greatest because she took the time to make it. I enjoyed the glimpses of the interior of the cabin and the best denim coat ever, you are wearing.

  6. Anna looks fantastic in her Halloween costume and it's great she put it together herself. Lovely to see the Halloween outfits over the years aswell. Hope she got lots of treats to fill that great bag she decorated.
    Your home looks very cosy and welcoming and I am still coveting that fabulous coat of yours. xxx

  7. Anna's costume is ace! I adore her creativity and I can hear her roar! What a sweet look at years past too. Might I add you make a sexy lil kitten! Love seeing embroidery and you and Justin out having fun!

  8. Anna's growing up so quickly, she's absolutely beautiful, just like her Mum!
    Loved the recap of Hallowe'ens past, you as a sexy cat and Justin as Holmes, fabulous. xxx