Monday, October 27, 2014

One Dark Ooky Night


This was a couple of weeks ago. I planned this outfit for visiting Seattle (the Advanced Style movie was showing), but changed my mind at the last minute and went to a little local theater instead. (I wrote about our exploring local art groups HERE.)  It was The Addams Family, a musical which was just recently released for small theater groups, and the Paradise Theatre in Gig Harbor (an adorable maritime village located on the Key peninsula just half an hour from us) jumped to the chance to make a Northwest premier. We happened to catch the last performance in mid-October, and it felt like an early Halloween.

I'll admit I'm not really a fan of the Addams Family and in general monsters, vampires and all that are not my cup of tea. But I am curious, and from time to time I love exploring the unknown and find that, in any aesthetic, genre or theme, there are examples of incredible talent, and if I sense that the message has a deep meaning and heart, it's all I need to be able to enjoy and appreciate. 

The night was really dark and a bit ooky, but the performance was full of light, love and laughter, with some fun surprises at the end. The theater is located in a smallish building in the woods which was formerly a small private school. We were greeted by one of the owners, and it all felt like one big and very welcomed family gathered for a warm cozy night. I don't think I had a theater experience quite like that before. 

On the sartorial side, I think that a jumpsuit makes a great alternative to an evening dress, and a black jumpsuit is an upbeat alternative to a classic LBD. My Russian platok was the last touch to my outfit which I think really made it something special and told pretty much everything about me. 

What's your take on jumpsuits? 
And also please tell me, do you enjoy exploring the unknown genres/themes/aesthetics or do you pretty much go for your old favorites time after time?

Jumpsuit, boiled wool jacket and earrings - Chicos (sale)
Russian platok and Guatemala purse - antique mall find
Shoes - Umberto Raffini

Joining Sacramento's Share-in-Style: Halloween
and Sheila's Shoe Shine with my suede "theater" shoes. 
See you there!



  1. Well, I'm sure you already know my take on jumpsuits, catsuits, all-in-ones and playsuits. I always feel a bit sassier and naughty in them.
    Yours looks wonderful, the perfect alternative to a dress and accessorised with the shawl and those cool boots,

  2. The platok is a work of art. Does platok mean shawl or does it mean something more specific?

    1. It's a good question! Platok means a headscarf or a shawl (we also use the word "shawl" - шаль). I would say, "platok" is a more generic term, there are many different kinds of "platok". Usually it's a triangular or square shape. We do not call rectangular shawls "platok", rather it's "palantin". We usually would say "shawl" if it is made of wool, especially if it's knitted/crocheted. I wrote about the history of this particular kind of Russian platok in this post -

  3. wow - it´s like out of the lookbook of slawa saizew! truly elegant and the platok, tassel earrings, the high collared jacked and the red/black/gold coloring make for the gorgeous russian vibe! and look how close the guatemala bag and the platok are! (both patterns root in the baroque old europe - so no secret there. i have a alpaca pullover from peru with a rose pattern that could be easily interpreted for russian/eastern europe)
    your theater event sound very nice. love such small and personal made things abroad. to be honest, i was in a big house (opera/theater/concert) maybe 5 times in my life, but saw hundreds of off-theater productions and club concerts. 22 years in berlin - which was a paradise for subculture..........
    and jumpsuits? i would wear them on a regular basis if i would wear trousers at all. but trousers are reserved for "sports" like hiking, climbing, skiing, kayaking in my life. and there a jumpsuit is not very practical. and when i reach for elegant...
    but i really love the look of them - your black one is chic to no end!
    p.s.: you would love europe - every cobble stone is load with history and culture...

    1. I have no doubt that I would - and will - love Europe, Beate! One day, my friend, one day... :)
      And I love it when you explain the history of fashion. It would be great if you write about it in your blog, maybe a special series of posts, we could learn so much from you. Everything is connected, I feel it, literally feel it, sense it - though I of course do not have that much knowledge.

  4. I've told you before, Natalia, and saying it again: I love how you look in jumpsuits! In this particular black one you look so elegant and stylish. Indeed this is a good alternative to an evening dress. Love the accessories as well!

  5. Good thing you wrote this is a jumpsuit...otherwise I'd never have known. It looks FAB on you! The shawl really adds to the outfit. I love everything about jumpsuits except the fact that I need to get naked every time I want to go to the bathroom.

    We like to explore and try out new things all the time, although I must admit a few times we've wasted some serious $ on that as they turned out to be real duds.


  6. The platok is to die for, and it is really great to know what it means!!!
    On jumpsuits...I haven't really found the one that suits me. The ones I've tried on haven't been very flattering.
    And yes to exploring new aesthetics and universes for inspiration!!!

  7. You look fabulous, very elegant! ....and the dreamy platok.....:D Everything matches so perfectly and these shoes are a great choice!
    I never had a jumpsuit but I would wear it. Why not?:) I must try one on and see how I feel because to be honest I somehow never thought of getting me a jumpsuit.
    I like exploring and I'm not too attached to particular styles of anything I guess tho I do have my favourite things. I go for different genres of movies and music, many types of cuisine etc. All depends on my mood which sometimes swings like crazy!:))

  8. I love you in black with that pop of bright orange, yellow and red
    Always magic, my dear friend
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  9. Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine! I love your shoes. That platok/scarf is amazing!

  10. Beautiful autumn colours... And the shawl brightens up the black jumpsuit. The jumpsuit looks great, a bit pf a 70s vibe, too.

  11. Very elegant for an evening out, and also practical and comfortable so you won't trip over your hem going up stairs!
    Sounds such a lovely intimate venue.
    We are not very good about going out. Veeeery occasionally we go out to the theatre. We are not much for violent things, but will stretch to it if it looks interesting in the story line.
    Bushy likes Sci Fi , adventure, or humour. I like love stories, drama, Sci Fi, some adventure if good story and humour. We both love kids movies if classics and funny. Saw Boxtrolls recently with the kids and enjoyed it.
    Love your platok and fringe earrings! Xo JJ

  12. You look beautiful in your jumper and Platok! I meant to tell you that you've inspired me to see a play with my mom and sister when I go home to visit in December. We will see wicked! I'm so excited!
    I think I'm like most and have my go to stuff I love, nightmare before Christmas is still my favorite Halloween movie but I'm always open to try new things, always!

  13. Oh woah what a fab outfit! I really love the orange and the black perfect for a spooky night out. I have to say I'm big Adams Family fan, I think It's because I watched it as a child so I always feel very nostalgic when I see it.

  14. I love your elegant jumpsuit, and with the addition of the colourful jacket and Russian shawl, the outfit is stunning.
    Yeah, I can take or leave The Addams Family, to be honest, but I quite like classic horror literature. It's good to try things out which you don't necessarily think you will like, since it can be a pleasant surprise! xxx

  15. SO many lovely things to comment on, your gorgeous earrigs, and the detailed beautifully styled scarf which adds to the fall colors with the black jumpsuit I love it, you look fab
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx

  16. Oh so stylish in your black jumpsuit with the added touch of colour, suits you so perfectly. Sounds like a magical evening, I too enjoy a smaller , more personal venue. Sometimes it does us good to leave our comfort zones, though I`m not very good at it.

  17. God morning dear Natalia, could you please revisit Share-in-Style and VOTE for your favourite look. Voting open until tonight. Thanks a lot.

  18. OOoh you look gorgeous! I love jumpsuits but cannot wear them. I last wore them around age 12 I think, when I wore small women's sizes and had not yet reached my full height. Now, the body and the rise of a jumpsuit is always too short for me even if I go up a size. The leg length is usually too short as well but it is the former problem that makes them literally unwearable for me. So I just have to admire them on other people. I love yours!

    I also love theatre, both amateur and professional though locally we only have amateur. Small venues are definitely my favourite. I probably do have genres I favour and those I don't, though mainly I just read the story outline and decide if I am in the mood for that or not. Sometimes the story is one I know and other times I am taking a chance on something unfamiliar. When that turns out to be enjoyable I think that is the best experience ever. I do not get to theatre performances as often as you do but I am hoping to go more. Nobody dresses up for it here, but I do anyway.

    Now I shall get back to building my ark. Hugses!

  19. It's an elegant jumpsuit! they really are quite lovely I haven't worn one on about 25 years, I don't know? I'm not really a trouser wearer much as I adore them on everyone else anyhoo, back to you! the jumpsuit really is beautiful on you, it shows off your gorgeous figure to perfection, the platok is stunning and with the jacket is a perfect combination, those shoes are divine!! I think I would have loved the Addams Family Musical, it sounds fabulous! x x x

  20. You're gorgeous and really elegant, love your red jacket over black and your platok (didn't know this word, lovely to learn it). Such a fabulous color combo on your black jumpsuit. Glad you're rocking a jumpsuit with tour usual style and coolness, even not a huge fan of jumpsuits myself (too difficult to mánage them when visiting the bathroom!)
    Should love to watch an Addams Family musical, love the films!!

  21. You look really cool! I love the outfit, so dramatic and chic! Thanks for your lovely comment back and how kind to follow me! I shall go and follow you too, I look forward to hearing more from you!x

  22. eeek, I can't find your bloglovin or GFC- do you have them?! I'm not on Google+!

    1. I'm pretty sure my blog is on bloglovin (I do not use bloglovin myself, but I receive updates daily and see my blog in them too). I am not on GFC though.