Monday, October 6, 2014

One, Two, Three

Sometimes we photograph my outfits, but I don't have enough time to post them, and some of them remain in my backlog forever - I just lose enthusiasm about them. Does it happen to you? To avoid that problem this time, I decided to show three of my outfits from last week in one post. I'll just add it to the series of posts labeled "2-in-1". So here you go, three outfits from three different days.


A week ago on Sunday, our daughter had a birthday party to attend, and instead of driving to town back and forth a few times, Justin decided to hang out somewhere there and just work on his game. (He is hosting a D&D session for folks at work once a week.) The weather was great. I can't believe it's October - it still feels like Summer in the afternoon, warm and sunny, and a little humid. I felt left out and decided to ride along and do my stuff. Do you know what "my stuff" is? WALKING! I enjoy walking a lot, but I walk not nearly as much as I would like to, so I try to use every opportunity to go for a walk when I am out. I walk everywhere from woods and wetland areas which we have in abundance, on the beach and waterfront of course, trails, parks, cute villages... you name it. I put on comfortable shoes and walk. To see me like this near a football gates is rare - I don't play sports and I'm not especially interested in them. But we live in a super sporty place - which is great for lots of folks who love sports, of course. Me? I just walk. In this particular park, there are at least three fields, maybe more, and all sorts of trails nearby. So I walked and walked, and walked. 

Do you think I was a little bit overdressed for a nice walk in a park? Could be. :)
After I was done walking (my favorite walks are about 1.5 hour long, then I start getting second breath, and if I still have time and energy, I walk for another half an hour. Do you enjoy walking? We could do it together! Virtually or in real life if you are in this area. Let's walk!

My parents brought me this beauty from Russia two years ago. I wore it just is for you, my lovely friend!


This dress really spoke to me when I spotted it on sale on one of the plus size sites I go to for fun colorful fashion - Ashley Stewart. It was still available the last time I checked, US sizes 12 to 24 - hint, hint. It's very comfortable and easy to wear, and the warm tones are great. Originally, I planned to wear it with sandals that day, but I got too cold in our North facing house and decided to wear boots instead. The photos were taken in one of our gorgeous parks on Puget Sound - Seahurst in Burien. It looks like they have just finished a big renovation project there and added more trails, contemporary looking concrete picnic tables, children's playground and more. The view has always been amazing, but when we first visited in 2007, it was pretty wild.

These earrings are magic - they make such a statement and go with so many different styles and colors, I am amazed!

And here are my new boots. I adore them. When I found them at Zappos, I decided to return my Western style boots which were fun and comfy, but since I am trying very hard to stay within budget, I had to choose. These boots are just exactly what I love. Shoes are a little like men. There is dating and enjoying variety, and there is true love. I even drew my new boots - here

My clutch (by Cole Haan, old) has a little mirror inside. (I love this feature - why don't more designers think of it? Seems so easy and cheap too!) It was difficult to get my reflection in the mirror - the camera insisted on focusing on the clutch pattern, not me. But eventually Justin did it. :)


I usually start missing October some time in July. Weird, eh? I did not miss it too much this year -  was too busy enjoying sunshine and beaches. But I was really looking forward to it because for the first time in my life, I was about to attend a writers' conference. I can't even begin to explain to you how much it means to me. 

So this was my outfit for the first day of the conference. I had no idea what to expect. I bought Justin a pass to another writers' conference last year as a birthday gift, and he was very happy with it - it was a one day conference in Seattle held by a mystery writers' organization which is very much up  his alley. (I would have to look up the correct name of the conference and the group, I don't remember, sorry.) He came back full of inspiring ideas. Well, this year, we considered going together to a well known writers' conference in the Pacific Northwest - Write on the Sound in Edmonds, a small charming town north of Seattle.

I was nervous. It's no secret that I do not know English very well, and I do have challenges trying to understand presenters. Some of them speak way too speedy, some of them mumble, some of them use terminology I don't know... and it all can be very, very frustrating. But there were some amazing presenters, creative, great teachers, respectful, willing to help. We writers are a weird bunch. A lot of us can be described as people who'd rather never leave a couch as one of the presenters put it. It is so true - I can attest, I am exactly like that. The rest, to be honest with you, vary widely. To say "I'm a writer" doesn't really mean much other than "I put words together." Writing can be so many different things and mean so many different things to different people... We had two full days of lectures/workshops, tons of things to think about and discuss afterwards, ideas and the most important - the desire to write. "Mom, you can't stop a writer from writing," my daughter said last night when I pointed out that it was time to go to bed. Yep, that we probably all have in common too. You just can't stop us from writing. :)

Here are my three last week outfits for you. Do you have a favorite?

Outfit 1
Skirt and sweater (old) - Christopher and Banks
Shawl - Russia
Shoes - Born
Purse - hand-made (old)

Outfit 2
Dress - Ashley Stewart web sale
Boots - Born (via Zappos)
Clutch - Cole Haan (via TJ MAXX, old)
Varied accessories

Outfit 3
Blouse - consignment 
Skirt - Lane Bryant (last year)
Vest - Chico's (last year)
Purse - antique mall (originally Guatemala made)
Shoes - Born

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since I have all sorts of favorite prints in this post. I love the third mix especially!



  1. The one with that maxi skirt is my fave!!

  2. this "berg-astern" bloom in my garden now too! i could´t find a translation for the word - how you would call them?

    i don´t have a fav outfit - love them all!!!!
    why? first - you´r wearing them :-)
    and then - beautiful color combinations and genius pattern mixing. proportions well balanced. feminine and strong. artistic and earthy. just like you!
    and that shawl! love! i hope it´s getting colder so we can see it more often :-)

    the conference sound exiting! it is so good to find some inspiration from the "outside", to discover different kinds of "work", to leave the "cave"...... i bet your pen is flying over the paper now!

    1. We'll have to wait for Shawna or Curtise - they know plants very well, I am just a rookie. :)
      Thank you, Beate! It means a lot coming from you! :) Hugses!

  3. All outfits are great but the first one is my favourite:)) ...that platok!!!:)....andy my fav little purse!:)) I also really like the earings from second outfit and the wooden ring.
    I'm a walker too and definetely not a sporty person. I wish we could walk together:) Cool you went to that conference. It's always nice to get together with people with similar passions. xxxx

  4. I like all your looks - and you really wear these warm colors beautifully, Natalia. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  5. Outfit number 2 is my fav.

    I walk my dog for 5 km every day. Walking is a great non stressful way to get exercise and eliminate stress. But you already knew that.

    So glad you enjoyed your conference.


  6. All three look great on you. You have a skill in selecting the best colors for your colouring

    1. I hit publish before I was done. I really love the textured, snake dress and the boots the best. It seems to be a little bit more daring.

  7. You've got such great style and attention to detail, I love all three of your outfits, the earthy tones that suit you so well, the light in the photographs and your beautiful smile. The shawl in outfit number one has Krista's name all over it.
    The writing conference sounds very exciting. xxxx

  8. Don't make me choose, Natalia! I love all three outfits on you, they all share the same soft, warm and very flattering autumnal colour palette, but have different styles and vibes. The full skirt and shawl have a gorgeous boho feel, the snakeskin dress is va-va-voom sexy, and the print mixing in the third outfit is very chic. Gorgeous!
    Well done on attending the writers' conference, it must be quite intimidating to attend an event like that when English is your second language.
    Beate's right, I think; those flowers are asters but I don't know which variety. Shawn's much more knowledgeable than me! xxxx

  9. I love the variety of your looks Natalia, they all look great on you. The writers conference sounds exciting and well done for attending when English is your second language. Presenters who mumble or speak too quickly are hard to follow when English is your native language. I love your daughter's answer to the bedtime request. xx

  10. A favourite? Yes, the woman in the outfits! Otherwise, definitely the skirt in number one but I am also in love with your new boots. A very good selection! Although you do look fantastic in warm colours I really love that rich pink on you, like your lipstick shade and those earrings!

    I have sometimes done what you describe, taken pictures and not gotten around to posting them and I also have a file of posts I've written and added pictures to because sometimes the mood to write strikes me and I write three posts in one day and then go for a several days and not write one. I keep them stashed and I edit/alter as needed for continuity and coherence but I still consider it first draft writing. What I post might be freshly written just minutes before or written and photographed four days ago. Non-outfit posts might languish in the file longer.

    I have attended something that I think is like your writer's conference a couple of times. It is author's from this province who present their latest work by reading from it and/or making a sort of speech around it and then all their books are for sale. It is usually a two day event and I have only gone for the one day. It's called Words on the Water here and it happens just north of me in Campbell River. But I see you are wearing a name tag so that suggests to me that your conference is more participatory. Did you share any of your writing? Were there workshops? I am dying to know!

  11. Cute outfits! Love the dress very much. And the cluster earrings. Рада за тебя, Наташа, что тебе удалось побывать на конференции! Уверена, что вынесла много полезного из нее. Хорошей тебе недели!

  12. Can't choose, and you can't make me! No! No! I won't choose ....
    You look adorable in all three. What I really love is how you accessorize. I LOVE it that you wore dark stockings with your boots ... perfect for this curvy, sexy look. Excellent.
    I write a lot, but just can't call myself a writer. And I've never seriously considered a professional life in writing. I admire those of you who maintain a dedication to it. You're absolutely a writer.

  13. I love all three , of course, as I admire your style in general. My favorite though is the first because it allows you more movement, and you seem happiest,
    You put words together, WELL, and that makes you a writer,
    Love the photo of the flowers and am glad you are enjoying mild weather.
    Xx, elle

  14. Yeah, it happens with me as well: take photos, then have no time to post and they just stay archived on my hard drive. Well, three beautiful outfits! Good that you decided to show them after all. My favourite is the last one: interesting pattern mixing, nice colours and very stylish!

  15. Yes, I have a backlog of photos. Even now. I posted a couple in my latest outfit post. Your three are well coordinated with the Fall colouring. Three very different style, but all suiting you. From the babushka, to the sexy siren, to the business! Yes, I love walking too, and your shoes look lovely and comfortable for it.
    How exciting going to a writer's conference! Well done for taking your courage in your hands and leaping. I hope you reap the benefits in your writing. Something like that must make you feel so much more professional.
    I concur, the flowers look like asters. But I call all flowers with open faces and multi petals, daisies!
    Have a gorgeous week my friend, xo JJ

  16. All the outfits look so good on you, great colours and each styled with your special touches.I hope you enjoyed the writers conference and took from it all you had hoped, I always admire your writing style, continue the wonderful words , Natalia.

  17. Hard to choose what I like more. Greetings.

  18. All of these looks are lovely, and very much you. But I think I'm partial to the first one, maybe I'm just in a cosy, relaxed mood today... Or rather, the opposite mood (stressed as hell), so I'm drawn to anything that evokes a sense of calm. easygoing, sort of holiday mood...

  19. My adorable natalia, I see you also love prints.
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  20. Loving the way you layer and combine colors! Totally inspired!

  21. Счастьливый осенний день, если солнце светит как летом... (у нас тоже бывают такие дни в этой времье)
    красивое платье , хорошо для гульяне и русский платок на плечах...

  22. Everything looked so stylish and pretty, but the scarf from Russia is beautiful!