Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dress, Play, Explore

Hello lovely friends, and thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my previous In Love post! You are truly the most amazing, and I want you to know that I'm not just saying that. I enjoy interaction with people, all sorts of people. I like to get to know people and I find almost anyone I talk to interesting. And I am pretty much always just me, the way I am here with you - open, warm and sincere. But not all the interactions, especially with groups, are as wonderful, warm and rewarding as my communication with you guys, individually or as a group. Such warm, sincere and continuous support, is an extremely rare thing! You are amazing. I want you to know that. :) 
And now, let's talk about style.

After I gained weight, I thought that my body shape also changed. And it did, up to a point - I not only became rounder in pretty much all the parts of my body, but I also grew a tummy. But my body type, apparently, changed not as dramatically as I thought - my proportions almost did not change at all. My bust and hips are of virtually the same size (the difference is about 1 inch), and my waist, for which I was famous years ago, even though thickened a lot, but still has enough difference with bust and hips for my body to still fall into an "hourglass" type. Apparently. I've just learned that, and was really surprised. But at the same time, it makes sense to me. I noticed that even though I am bigger, the type of clothes I used to like and used to look good in, is still the same. 

And even though my previous outfit is yes, very me, and I absolutely love it, I also love my today's outfit very much, and it is also very "me". To tell the truth, I do not think that we have to choose just one type of clothing and only one type of aesthetic or style and just stick with this one type because "it's us". I don't know what you think and know about yourselves, but I know that I am a very complex and multifaceted person. "This is me" can be said about so many different things! I am gentle, soft, romantic and even shy. I also am fun, creative, spontaneous and unpredictable. But at the same time, I am strong-willed, energetic, vibrant and focused. And yet, I am very accepting and understanding of others, very empathetic and altruistic. I am sensual and enjoy the sexy side of me. But I also at times don't give a foot whether anyone has any appreciation of me as a sexual being. And sometimes, I am grumpy, messy and impatient. All of it and more... is me.

I suspect that other people also have a bazillion of different sides of them. But for whatever reason, the world is more comfortable with people being much more easily defined. "I am teacher" or "I am engineer". "I am homemaker" or "I am businessman". "I am playboy" or "I am artist". One can be either smart or pretty. Either honest or kind. Either sensitive or strong. By choosing just one of our facets, we tell the world that that's where we fit in. Or where we would like to fit in. In that one particular little box. Place me in it please, thank you very much. 

But I do not want to be placed in a box. I want to be free, I want to be myself. Every time different side or sides of me shine, but they all are me! 

So in style, at least for me, I also don't have to choose just one thing which is "me". I like different sides of me, and I like to express different sides of me. Lagenlook is artistic and super comfy, and definitely the one which "does not give a foot" - and I like it, it definitely hugely resonates with me. Body-conscious dresses or pencil skirts are feminine, sensuous and classy. Boho is fun and free-spirited. Retro is whimsical and nostalgic. Military inspired clothes encourage power, strength and decisiveness. They all express different sides of what it is to be me. I don't have to choose. I like them all. 

But within each and every form of style, yes, I do have my own preferences. And when I dress up, I can pick one particular style to express something which is "me", or I can create an eclectic combination which has lots of "me" in it. I am learning about all that as I go on dressing up and blogging about it. How my body looks and feels in it, what my mind and my aesthetic sense tell me about it, how my imagination interprets it, does it lift my spirit etc., etc. I listen to myself all the time. Sometimes, clothes are there to help us to become what we want to become. Other times, it shows who we have already became. And yet in other times, it is there just to be playful, forget about seriousness, put on a mask and just explore what it is to be a human on earth. What if I was not me, but my friend B, or a geek who loves Doctor Who, or a pretty housewife who lived in 1960s? What if I was a forest fairy, a movie star, a queen? How that would feel? Nothing wrong with that either. We used to dress up dolls when we were little girls all the time. I remember creating whole families of paper dolls and drawing clothes for them - one of my favorite games for years. I am not a paper doll, and I am not a little girl, but I still love to play. Play is only a fun form of life exploration.

I felt down this morning. Nothing happened, no, just old ghosts visiting. I wanted to feel good though - strong, happy, amazing. I also wanted to be feminine and sensual when I met my beloved one for lunch today. "Snappy!" he said. "Sexy, but not only sexy. It's elegant, but also fun... you know how sometimes elegant can be almost dead? It's definitely not that. Snappy!"
I like to surprise and be different. :)

Blazer - Girl With Curves 
It's my first purchase of Tanesha Awasthi's brand - I am very happy with the quality and fit, and can sincerely recommend it to you. Sizes US 12 to 24 are available.  I am 5'6'' tall, size 18 by their sizing chart. I can attest that the measurements of the clothes are very accurate. I also like the fact that it's made in the USA. The blazer is very versatile. I can imagine wearing it with many types of garments from sheath dresses and pencil skirts to slimming jeans and trousers, and make it more contemporary or more retro looking. I love the old-fashioned feminine flair, and yet clean modern lines and stretchy fabric. It actually reminds me of a blazer I used to have in my 20s - it was also made of black knit fabric, had a faux fur collar and sleeve trim, and I super loved it and wore it for years. 
I also like the fact that a girl who has a great passion for style and started blogging about her own style only a few years ago, kept dreaming and eventually decided to quit her day job, and now came out with her own collection. I love it when people follow their true passion - I sense integrity in it. I find it wonderful, inspiring and worth celebrating!

Dress - Chico's sale
Shoes - Adam Tucker Me Too
Wicker purse via TJ MAXX (old)
Pearl earrings and mother-of-pearl ring - gifts

Photos by Justin, at Renton Nature Trail


  1. First let me begin by stating how lovely you look in the ensemble. The jacket really accentuates your figure.

    When I think of style, I only consider fashion as a small portion of the equation. Style is the way in which you're ability to express your critical intelligence, how you comport yourself to is your essence, your spirituality. Though clothing is one of the first things people may notice, it is my hopes that my clothing is simply the punctuation at the end of my sentence. Your entire style should speak, not just the clothes.

  2. You're talking out of my soul! Yes it is great game with all facets of the self and I'm agree with you: we can have many styles and that all we are self!
    Only clothing that constricts my movement I reject, pencil skirts are for me a no-go ... I feel not comfortable with such things.
    Your look ist great with the graphics of the dress.

  3. I love the fit and print of that dress on you and you're spot on, just because your body may have filled out the basic shape is still the same, the hips, the shoulders maintain the same relative proportions and the clothes that once made you feel sexy and good about yourself should still do the same. Its sad that so many women don't see this, instead clothing themselves in drab clothes which cover rather than flatter.
    I'm not sure that I'm a multi-faceted woman. I don't have mood swings, have had the same friends (and partner) for years, been vegetarian all my live, have a propensity for guitar driven music, similar films and books and even travel to the same country year in and year out. Maybe my bright colours, wild prints and flamboyant styling make up for a calm and sane personality! xxx

  4. I love the lime green and pink touches together. Also the graphic print with the sexy ruching. And the peplum on the jacket has such a lovely line. I have reinvented myself or discovered new parts of myself which required new dressing, many times in my life. I find I am experimenting more and more as I age. And I can't say, like Vix that I have a calm and sane personality! More dramatic and flamboyant I'd say!! :-D I love all the aspects of you I've seen so far! Xo JJ

  5. This post really resonates with me. I sometimes wonder why my style is "all over the place." I think that being a creative person one doesn't like to choose, but rather have choices. I agree that we are all so many different people wrapped up in one package. Choosing how we present ourselves every day can accentuate one of those people or emotions. So many people are obsessed about finding their "one true style." The reality is that we can have countless styles. Variety is the spice of life after all.

    The graphic lines on this dress are fantastic. I always like peplum with a pencil skirt.


  6. oh yes!
    you are so right - and you are the role model for a multifaceted personality. and you show today that dressing up can lift our mood! when a saw the first pic i was "WOW!!! - today she looks like a million bucks!" that dress is spectacular! and not only because it´s figure hugging - the print and colors are fashion forward. and the blazer - trés chic!
    once i was on a 1week skitour with a group - back home we met again for a party. one of the men did not recognize me - in his simple world one who was all natural and sporty in the snow could not be one who gets all dolled up for party.....
    have fun playing - you look gorgeous while doing so!!!!!!

  7. Natalia , this is beautiful, worded and a better described version of my recent post, which I described more in pictures .
    It is true , most of us a multi faceted , and it is great fun and a true luxury to be able to experiment. With different. Styles.
    I adore this dress on you, it she's off your hourglass figure and it tools like couture.
    I love how you styled it.
    The photos are exquisite, so thoughtfully rendered.
    Have a great week. Kisses, Ellen

  8. Sorry about those typos,
    I mean to say it looks like couture..
    Again, I LOVE this ,
    XX, Elle

  9. The dress is amazing -- love the drapery on the front and back. The cardi fits perfectly to the outfit! You're right, it can be worn with many different pieces. I love your attitude -- outside the box thinking :) in terms of clothes as well.

  10. lovely dress! your look is fantastic only bag too small ;)

  11. I love this outfit Natalia, the shape of the jacket is so lovely on you. I love the photos too with the shadows and dappled shade xx

  12. Just like you I love to try different clothes and styles depending on mood or out of curiosity sometimes. Dressing is one of the things that we can have fun with, so, why not to do it, instead of (as you rightly put it) placing oneself in a box. You look marvelous in this dress, love the graphic pattern.

  13. Expressing ourselves through the way we dress on any given day is always a joy .How right you are about changing persona with a variety of looks. I love the graphic colours in your dress and the peplum jacket, stunning on you.Well done my dear, continue having fun with all your looks.

  14. This is a bit dressier look than what you've shown us recently, but very pretty. And very much you... I mean, your personality comes through here as much as it does in your more casual outfits, which is great, it's as if we're seeing another side of you.

  15. You look really nice! I like how you matched the colors. xxxx

  16. I love the fit of the dress and the jacket, Natalia, thy both show off your beautiful hourglass figure. And I'm glad you have come to see that your proportions and overall shape haven't changed - isn't it funny how we can miss something about our own body, and just not see what other people see?
    I agree with you that all of us having many and various traits, some of which are pronounced, some lie in the background, and it depends on the circumstances and our mood as to which characteristics are in the forefront. I like many different styles too, although I think I am drawn to similar shapes and colours, because I think they suit both my shape and my personality. But this drive to have One True Look? I don't understand that! Where's the fun, the experimentation? As you say, it's fun to play! xxxx

  17. Really love your outfit, suits you so well. I'm a bid multi faced, although my style is always boho and very late 60s. Also, similar to vix, my music and movie taste used to be the same all the time. I'm multi faced in that way that I love to include some trends I like in my outfits I guess.

  18. What a fantastic post and I am sad that I arrived here so late. Better late than never, as they say. You look wonderful and the style and colours and the attitude of this outfit are definitely you. You are quite right though, and we are multifaceted beings, there is no one way to be ourselves. I often find that I am quite contradictory or at least it seems so on the surface. I am black in one situation and white in another, just as often as I am grey. I think for many people the idea of settling into one style of dressing is for the sake of simplicity. Those are the people who like a uniform, who don't want to put much thought or time into their wardrobe or into getting dressed. They want to be able to get dressed in the dark and know that whatever they grab will work. It isn't that they are not multi-faceted people, they just don't express themselves through clothing in a multi-faceted way. I think you are the most clothing expressive person I know. You are a true clothing artist and it is so much fun to see what you do.