Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Love

I am in love with this outfit.

The linen crochet vest is the newest piece here (purchased this season). The pants + tunic combo was shown here. I think I can safely say that I learned a thing or two about style since Spring 2013. Oh and I am glad that I did not donate these wonderful trousers during my latest attempt to clean up my closet.

The cotton purse was made in Guatemala. There is a cute matching pouch inside! I found it at an antique mall some time this year I think, for $12 or maybe $16... can't remember.

I'm in love and I'm lost for words. I created this outfit last night, about 1 AM. Couldn't wait to wear it. All the pieces here are not new, but they finally came together to play! 

Wanna see my inspiration?
Here you go!

Aren't they gorgeous?

Linen tunic and cotton pants - Bryn Walker
Linen vest - Chico's
Shoes - Dansko via N Rack
Pendant - Russian hand-painted finift
Purse - via antique mall


  1. i have that bag! embroidery is bit different.....
    love your color and proportion play too! and it looks really comfy. ("to" comfy for myself, like it a bit more structured when i leave the house - what would freud say to that?)
    the "jugendstil" - arts&crafts in english - is to die for. such a treasure.
    hug you! xxxx
    p.s.: if you like i can tell you "our story" via email.........

  2. I love it, too! the colours are gorgeously rich and luxurious and the bag's a little beauty.
    Isn't it fun to try tried and tested clothing in different ways? Its like free shopping. xxx

  3. Green and purple go so well together and both colors look great on you Natalia. I can see why you are in love with this outfit. FABULOUS!!!!!

  4. You look gorgeous! This is your look. Love this short over long on you and the linen. Not to mention those colors! I think you mentioned you're still refining what your look is but I really think you've already found it and that's why you love this so much. I would love to have those shoes myself!

  5. I was going to say Lagenlook, and then found out you were inspired by it! And you mentioned meeee! Thankyou. I love purple and green, and you definitely look more confident in front of the camera than last time you blogged this outfit. The back of the vest it so cool! It picks up the purple so beautifully. I love the bottom shape of the pants. May have to play with my linen pants! You rock :-) xo JJ

  6. The colours are fabulous.

    I loved that you took inspiration from such different sources. Very creative!


  7. Wow, love it all! The tunic is amazing and so are the shoes. Have a great day!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  8. OH OH OH I love this too!! I got all excited when I saw the picture in my feed and purple and green are my favourite colours and combination. This look so amazing on you and as always you have accessorised to perfection! YOU are my accessorising inspiration but I am too lazy to be a good pupil. I think I am speechless-or nearly-which is pretty amazing for me!
    Love and hugs!

  9. For some reason, I find this a very Russian outfit! I couldn't tell you exactly why. Not just because it's you wearing it, Natalia, but there's something about the shape of the trousers, the tunic, the layers, the embroidery... And of course that gorgeous pendant! Yes, it all comes together into something effortlessly you, and your country and heritage are part of you, yes? Anyway, I love it too, and it's great to find inspiration among one's blogging friends, and one's existing wardrobe too! xxxxxx

  10. I can see why you love this outfit, thats because it is simply perfect Natalia, the shapes, the colour combination and your stunning embroidered bag and necklace. It is always so much fun rediscovering things in your closet and making new ways to wear them . Creating your own inspiration, day by day. x

  11. Isn't it wonderful when an outfit comes together and so spectacularly! you have been inspired by the most incredible ladies and created a beautiful 'Natalia' version, the colours, shape, textures and layers make for an incredible outfit! x x x

  12. What a fun outfit. I can tell you love it! The cut and length of the pant is quirky and adventurous. You look like an artist.

  13. It's wonderful in colors and details: the linen, the pattern oft the backside, the cotton purse and the amazing necklace - a great collection, all fits so well together... that is, why I like layering.
    Glad, you've inspiring by me :-)

  14. Yes. They are! I love how they play together ! I also like to put older things together, in new ways. it is a great way to be expressive and creative, and you are both . I love these colors together, the rich spring green, and purple and I adore the enamel necklace!
    XX, Elle

  15. This outfit is sooo awesome. And you do look great in it! I love the little bag:)

  16. Love when pieces in your closet just come together with a new purchase! LOVE this outfit too and love how you put it together at 1am! I tend to play dress up at night too ;)