Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sexy Spectacles

I do read in my readers, I promise. I also recently hemmed a pair curtains which needed to be shortened, and it was so much easier to do wearing glasses. But I'm also discovering (not having to wear glasses before, thanks to my 100% vision, right till I turned 40) that glasses can add so much to my style expressions (Justin even suggested that I order "fashion statement" glasses, without special lenses) and that glasses can be sexy, or rather that I can feel sexy in glasses.

Soon after I bought a pair of leopard print glasses from a book store, a funny thing happened. I was cleaning up my email box and stumbled onto an email from Firmoo, the global online optical store, which said something about "awesome glasses"... Serendipity again?! Now, that email was sent to me in early February, and I opened it in late April! Despite the fact that I was almost 3 months late to accept the offer, I emailed back, and soon received a very friendly response with instructions on how to order a pair of glasses from their site. I was offered a lot of fun options and did not hesitate to try them all on... not having to leave my couch. All I had to do was either download my portrait or use a web camera. I chose one of photos from my blog and played with all the pairs I could - sweet vintage styles glasses, funky colorful glasses, sleek looking contemporary glasses... you name it.

How do you like these options, for instance?

Or, perhaps, you prefer a little more character?

After consideration, I settled on a pair of these classy looking burgundy spectacles which would go with many outfits (burgundy is neutral, right?). I thoroughly read all the feedback and all the specifications about the glasses. One of the important things when you buy glasses is the distance between your pupils (PD) - it is individual for each person. I have a fairly wide face, and my distance is a bit bigger than average adults'. Each pair on Firmoo comes with a recommendation for what PD it is the best.

After I decided on the frame, there was the process of ordering my spectacles. If you ordered glasses before, you are probably accustomed to terminology. I had not, and I am not. So that part was a bit tricky for me to figure out by myself - in fact, it was super tricky, and I would probably not be able to do it without Justin's help, who wears glasses since 3rd grade. Basically, you are offered three options to choose - single vision lenses, multi-focal or non-RX. I chose single vision, and then readers - that's easy enough. But after that step, there is a mandatory step "Enter Prescription". If you have one, you can either upload the prescription, or fill in the form. But if you don't have a prescription, have never seen one in your life and need simple readers, then you'll be probably as confused as I was. All those abbreviations sound like gobbledygook to me, I was frustrated and had no clue what to do - there was no way around that step, no explanations or instructions as to what to do when you need simple readers and you are unfamiliar with the talk. The contact person tried to help me via email, but I don't think we understood each other. I was lucky to have Justin to help me. He just entered +1 in a couple of fields, my PD number - and that was it. The rest was easy. If Firmoo can add clear instructions for people who, like myself, are entering the world of spectacles for the first time, they will truly have an excellent service, because everything else is exceptional.

For the first time customers, Firmoo currently offers a 15% off the first pair - click here.

My glasses arrived exactly in one week, in an attractive case, with a cleaning fabric.
There was an additional case included in a package, as well as this miniature tool which can be chained to my keys, very convenient. 

But most important are the spectacles themselves. They have a satisfying weight to them, they fit my face perfectly and look on me even better than I expected. The lenses magnify just right for me to read the small print books (which I seem to have plenty of these days... who'd have guessed). I love my readers. I don't know exactly how much it would cost me to go to a doctor to order glasses, but I'm sure much more than ordering a pair online (which now, when I know how to do it, is pretty easy), doctors visits are expensive in the US. And readers from a store typically don't suit my wide face too well. I'm also excited to have a new option - fashion glasses - available to me. It would be great to have a pair or two just for fun, when I'm in the mood to play. Because I can tell you with all sincerity, I feel very different when I wear glasses. There is something about spectacles, isn't there?

Photos by Justin

Readers - courtesy of Firmoo.com
Dress - Chico's 
(one of my oldest dresses, I bought it when my daughter was 5 or 6, so at least 6 years ago)
Cardi - Old Navy (a couple of years ago)
Purse - B Makowsky (few years old)
Jewelry - boutique finds
Shoes - Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack



  1. sexy writer :-)
    you´v chosen the perfect style of glasses for your face and for your style!! trés chic my dear!!!!
    that web shop sounds very well sorted and with good instructions, hopefullly they will add some help for newbees. i have the same thing like you - wide face/cheeekbones, huge distance between pupils - blame our eastern european heritage :-)
    in that two big german optician chains its impossible to find a frame for my face. i always have to turn to the little, expensive stores with more special designs.... so i have a glasses insurance, i can have after every 3 years a pair of glasses up to 300€ for nothing! while i think about - that time is over again :-)))
    i need my glasses only for the far, especially if i´m tired - but if i like to look ernest and intellectual then i wear them anyway ;-)
    hugses!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, Beate! There is cuteness in wide faces - like little kids faces, they are pretty adorable. :) Store glasses just don't fit the same way, though can also be pretty. So this custom web site really is a good option to have! I'm excited. Insurance is a great thing, I'm glad it works for you. It's wonderful to have different options available!

      Much love xxx

  2. Love your dress! You know it was a good choice when you have something for that long. I don't think I have anything in my closet that I've kept for more than 5 years or so. But that's one of the things I'm trying to improve on now by being more careful what I buy.
    How fun to be able to try glasses on a photo like that before buying. I wear prescription tri-focals now so don't think I"m interested in reviewing a pair. I really like best the ones you chose. They're very flattering on you.

    1. Thank you, Joni! I would like, ultimately, keep the clothes I've been buying in the last couple of years, for a very long time - for many years if it holds well and still fits me. I love my clothes. :) Though there is also a need to clean up and donate those items which I don't wear any more - sometimes, we fell out of love with clothes too...

      They do offer RX glasses, incl. multi-focal, I mentioned it in the post (in case you'll change your mind).

  3. You chose well, they look great on you. Jon stopped me deleting a "Dear Blogger" email from Firmoo and decided to order a free pair for himself reasoning that they didn't have a clue who i was so what difference would it make. I'm still waiting for his review but as a glasses wearer for over 25 years he found the ordering process very badly worded and difficult to understand so it's not you, its them.
    Love the dress. I'm not surprised you've had it for so long. It fits beautifully and looks stunning. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! The dress is a size smaller on me, so it sort of became a body-con dress in years, which is fun - it's like it transformed itself into a new dress. :))

      I remember being surprised when you mentioned in your blog "Dear Blogger" emails. I was addressed as Natalia in pretty much all the offers I received so far, it does make it sound a bit more personal. Anyway, I think it's great to have an option of online purchasing, and we as reviewers can provide a valuable feedback not only to potential buyers, but also to the companies. I agree that there is a room for improvement, which is a part of the process all businesses go through.

  4. Don't you just love the online glasses? It makes it so easy and those frames are perfect on you! jodie
    ps...the outfit is fab too!

    1. Thank you, Jodie! I think it's an awesome option to have - so much selection to choose from too. I would consider it as an option!

  5. Great glasses Natalia! You look so intelligent - and sexy (brains are sexy!), the shape and colour is perfect. One important thing is how they follow your eyebrows ( I have worked at an optician's for years some time back) which couldn't be better.

    Since I was a small child, glasses have been part of my life. All through my teenage years I absolutely hated my glasses. They were heavy due to the thick lenses, that were then made of real glass. It was hard to see my eyes, and I always had a headache. With very acne-prone skin I also had lots of skin problems where the glasses touched my skin.

    For most of my adult life I wore contact lenses, to a point where I got allergic to the silicone that lenses are made of. Now I'm back to glasses. However, nowadays the lenses are very lightweight, and with new technology also thinner. I can't take large frames as the edge of the lenses will become too thick for nearly all frames. And with a bit of Eastern European DNA I also take a wide frame, so I only have little to choose from. But I actually like wearing glasses now - they're perfect for covering up those first wrinkles around the eyes :-)

    Your old dress is beautiful, it wears its years very well :-) Great shoes too. You've styled your first pair of glasses perfectly!

    1. Thank you, Tine! It is so true, glasses are a whole science... so many issues to take care of. I heard the rule/suggestion about eyebrows before - there certainly is elegance in it when glasses align well with your eyebrows... You look beautiful in your glasses - you definitely figure it all out for yourself! xxx

  6. The glasses look fantastic, though I keep on admiring your legs. This whole outfit is such a stunning one on you-the colours and shape are perfect! Yes to burgundy glasses! My current favourite pair are purple and the pair I dislike are black. A tip for you to figure out your reader strength: go to a drugstore where they sell readers and try on the different strengths and read the little paragraph they provide while wearing different glasses to figure out which one you need. You don't have to buy the glasses there to do that.
    I would have instantly deleted any Firmoo e-mail I got or it would have gone right to Spam anyhow. My concern with ordering glasses online is fit. I have crooked ears (one slightly lower than the other) so I usually have to buy frames that can be adjusted a little to sit properly on my face or else they will sit crookedly. In store technicians do this for me normally when I buy glasses so I am not sure how that would work online and it doesn't work with plastic frames, which eliminates a whole set of frame styles for me. Trying them on with a photo is fun and I have done a bit of that online. As with clothing, it somehow helps to see a photo of yourself in the frames rather than just looking in the mirror. You made a perfect selection! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you for all your kind words, my dear! It was a chilly day yesterday when I took these photos. At first, I put on tights, but the whole outfit immediately started screaming "Fall!!!", and I did not want Fall :) - so I took of the tights and added on a few soft Spring-y green accessories. I was not sure whether they would work with such a deep purple cardigan, but I think they do.

      I knew my strength (did not know the term for it though) - I bought readers in store before. I'm still a baby glass wearer, I need a minimum strength. :) It was the terminology, the abbreviations that confused me. Thanks to Justin, we figured it out. There is definitely a room for improvement on Firmoo site, which is another great reason to provide them with our reviews and opinions. I hope they'll take them into consideration. xxx

  7. You are the sexy secretary in these for sure! You're giving Joan from MadMen a serious run for her money in the Va Va Voom department here : )


  8. Gorgeous leopard dress! So love it paired with the plum - so unexpected and pretty. I also love my Firmoo glasses and your look fabulous on you. Great choice!

  9. Great glasses, I agree with everyone. Yes, there is a cool vibe that comes with glasses sometimes, just as a fashion statement. I got some glasses from Firmoo when I won them in a giveaway. And I love them! Their prices are unbelievable, especially when many eye shops here still easily charge more than $100 for the most basic pair. I hope they carry more retro styles in the future. These glasses look perfect with that dress. Isn't it great to see well when you're working?

  10. I agree that the glasses could be a fashion statement. Unfortunately, I started wear glasses as a child, like Tine, And you can believe me, that is not good time.I hate glasses. But I admire people who can wear them and not only include them to the outfit, but move whole outfit to another level, like you did. You look very good in glasses. o)

  11. This little dress + cardi combo is becoming a signature style of yours. It looks great, suits you so well, looks both relaxed and polished at the same time. But I'm a bit partial here: a jersey dress + a little cardi is one of my 'uniforms', too. You can just have endless variations, and it's so comfortable and easy, especially on an early morning.

  12. Dear Natalia, you look stunning in that leo dress. I also like the fact you paired it with a purple cardi...bold choice. People often match animal print only with black but for me that's boring, I like to see it worn with colours.

    You selected a fab model of glasses...these frames are so you!

  13. You picked fabulous glasses! they are lovely, yes, burgundy is a neutral! like leopard and polka dots, they are all round brilliant and go with everything, like your amazing dress! I do love glasses, I used to wear contact lenses but made a massive mistake once and put old lenses in!! my poor corneas were battered, haven't worn lenses since! ps will email you later x x x

  14. You chose well. I like how they fit your face and style and that's so right, glasses can be sexy. I think they are a great accessory. I've heard about Firmoo and even tried to win free glasses some time ago but didn't succeed:)
    I remember going thru their offer and also being lost with all the possibilities:)

  15. Your new specs look great! The maroon-colored frames really really look good on you. You totally look more sexy and stunning donning it. Thanks for sharing that, Natalia! I'll be looking forward to see more of your amazing fashion statements. All the best to you!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes