Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Days Passed

I seem to be taken with days of the past (or days passed?) lately. It's Downton Abby now - I'm well into season 5, and it's the mid 1920s. I think both my outfits and places for our photo shoots are affected by this. We discovered this gorgeous building about 3 months ago - you probably remember it from my post Abandoned Beauty. The long weekend was a good time to revisit - the weather was mild, the rhodies there are in full bloom, and the park never seems to be too crowded. Perfect for a little romantic getaway.

The knitted duster is one of my most favorite Spring/Summer layers (you may have seen it with shorter dresses here and here, and with a jumpsuit here). You can say it is the 70s boho, and it will be correct, but I think paired with this floral dress it played the role of a 1920s Summer coat brilliantly. The dress itself is brilliant as well - vibrant florals on the dark background... additionally, it's probably the cheapest item in my whole wardrobe - $3 at Goodwill. I'm glad I got it. I wore it with a patterned and textured denim jacket here - a la 1990s.

The earrings are probably 7 or 8 years old, bought on sale - lovely and very lightweight. The beaded purse is relatively recent, bought on sale for $20 - I adore the shades of blue, the tassel, and it also is very well made, with a zipper pocket inside and a chain handle - it can be used as both a purse and a clutch (similarly to my orange one). Someone mentioned recently that I pick purses with patterns to add even more excitement to the outfit. I guess it's true, but to be honest, I don't even notice these things anymore - I just prefer pattern over solid color because it is more interesting to look at, and that's that.

These are actually two different parks near each other. Photos in my previous post about the abandoned brewery were mostly taken from the upper park - the Tumwater Falls (there are a few picturesque falls that I will post some other time). This visit, photos are mostly from the lower park - the Historical Park, with the view of the building across the water and a few other lovely attractions. Justin and I were up to a stroll in the woods, to find a secluded bench, just big enough for two people, listen to birds singing and finding little treasures on our path.

Dress - thrifted 
(this time, I belted it with a belt from one of my jumpsuits)
Duster and clutch - Chico's 
Hat - Lane Bryant
Shoes - Josef Seibel
Earrings - LOFT



  1. so much beauty!!!!
    first of all you! in perfect romantic attire, then your handsome real adventure man plus all the wonderful rhododendrons and the landscape.......
    that your 70´s style duster looks easily like art deco is no wonder - the whole 70´s took inspiration by the first half of the 20.cent. - arts&crafts, art deco, flapper style and flowery 30´s dresses, tweeds and hats from that decade too. this has its roots by the first hippies in california, because of a lack of money and as protest against the plastic style of the mid sixties they bought clothes and stuff in 2.hand shops - which were filled with things from the decades before the WWII at this time. (btw - paradise!) designers noticed and the 70´s went retro......
    now im off to clean the house - it seems the tartars were here while i was away......

  2. What a pretty spot! I like how all the eras of your clothes combined together make a perfect 1920s outfit. The clutch bag reminds me of Sonia Delaunay's patterns (I went to see the big exhibition here in London this week so they've been on my mind)

  3. Dear Natalia, I love your pictures and this amazing outfit. In this combination you can go to Downton Abbey. See You in season 6 :))

  4. What a fabulous post! I've never seen Downton Abbey but you look incredible in your Twenties with a twist outfit.
    Love that photo of you & Justin, I can almost feel the

  5. Such romantic photos, Natalia! You look beautiful in your dress and longline cardigan, the outfit does capture an essence of the 1920s, especially with the addition of the beaded bag. A gorgeous setting, wonderful blooms, and a lovely soft atmosphere, I'm swept away! That first photo is fabulous.
    We're awaiting the final series of Downton Abbey - who will get killed off, I wonder?! xxx

  6. Oh, you look charming, Natalia! And that photo with the house on the background, looks so very much the Downton Abbey style. A very beautiful dress and just the perfect choice for such a place, with all those beautiful flowers around.

  7. So lovely. i love the back of your coat. It stands out so well with the dark dress underneath. I love all your little touches with the bag and those gorgeous shoes! What a lovely relaxing romantic getaway. Thanks for sharing! Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Wonderful parks, wonderful you both.
    Love it all

  9. You are the abandoned beauty here! I love that cardigan. It is cascading and feminine. And that hat, I am in the market for a black floppy hat right now. Yesterday on my way home from work I made the mistake of going into a super nice hat shop and of course found the perfect one. But at 175.00, no way! I knew I should not have gone in there.
    I love the shoes very much. I think I need to look for something like it!

  10. What stunning photos! You really look like you are on a set somewhere in England.

    That first photo needs to be framed as art for your house. Gorgeous!

    I love your choice of clutch as well. You and are very similar for our love of patterns.


  11. You fall effortlessly into place in this picturesque environment. So pretty. The Bohemian Flapper ;)

  12. So much sighing here on my sofa! The photos are gorgeous and the parks look lovely and you look stunning. I am in love with the late teen through mid thirties in fashion and floral dresses with delicate knitted cardigans (or fabulous long dusters) have always appealed to me. I admire your ability to wear that floppy hat. I always love the look of them but feel self conscious in them. I always go for a slightly smaller, stiffer brim. I am tempted to put the photo of you in the hat-the first close up of you here- into my file for portrait painting. xoxo

  13. What a stunning outfit. It does have that glam jazz age vibe and I love that! The hat is absolutely perfect for this look and I like patterned clutch. That floral dress is very feminine...the shoes have a wonderful retro feel to them.
    so nice that the earrings are light, that's always a comfy solution, I love big earrings but hate when they're heavy.....

    ....and the duster coat is the icing on the cake. I really like it so much!!!

    Having read the first comment (one by bBate), I learned something new. I didn't know about the seventies being influenced by twenties and thirties...very interesting the fact about hippies buying second hand clothes as protest against sixties.These are some of my fav periods and now it makes sense why I like them so I understand the ways in which they connect that I never realized before.

  14. Such romantic pictures! I am a big Downtown Abbey fan too and it always feel like forever until the next season. I am drooling over that clutch.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  15. Such a beautiful spot , perfect for your flapper influenced outfit, looking wonderful in your floppy hat. I must admit I enjoyed your flower photos as we are now in Winter mode. So Spring pretty in your outfit.

  16. Oh Natalia! So much nostalgia & beauty ! This dress is magnificent ( 3.00!- wow wow) and the bag is stunning, too. I also prefer patterned bags, they ARE more interesting to see and combine with outfits.
    The abandoned brewery is a fabulous backdrop, and it resonates.. why would one leave a place like that, why would someone give away THAT dress? Ah, but they did, and this post is lovelier for it!
    You and Justin look so beautiful. ( I hope I have that name right..I have not yet had my coffee.. ;)
    Your beautiful face is always such a treat to look at!
    xx, Elle

  17. You and I are starting to think alike. Look at all those photos of flowers, and the one of you peeping out through tree branches. I'd do just the same. I love the dress. Now I too want big flowers on a black background. That first photo is pure art.

  18. Nice romantic atmosphere:) I absolutely love your sweater!!! Thank you for sharing these photos. In the first one you look like a princess taking a little stroll in the woods in front of the palace:))

  19. Gorgeous outfit Natalia! The cardigan is so beautiful from the front as well as the back. The parks are magical spaces, suddenly you're in the 1920s... Maybe inspiration for another fairytale of yours?

  20. such an amazing dress and fabulous outfit, love that long cardi and your hat with your dress, and also love your shoes, I can see there a real 20's vibe!
    And fabulous gardens indeed!