Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wabisabi, and Writer's Link Up Details

I'm in the zone with blogging now - it's that feeling you get when whatever you do brings you enormous joy and feels very rewarding. 

I want to thank fabulous Dana of Dana Loves Fashion and Music for inviting me to participate in her beautiful project called Wabisabi - you can read about the project and why it has such an unusual name, and also see my feature HERE. It's such a wonderful chance to be introduced to a wider circle of bloggers and readers and make new friends. Dana is very kind, and makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. I learned about many wonderful new-to-me bloggers through Wabisabi, as well as enjoyed my dear blogging friends warmhearted features. Wabisabi is easy to join at any time, please visit Dana - she is looking for you! 

I keep forgetting to update you on the Mother and Daughter Look Alike contest. Our photo did not win the main prize ($300 gift certificate to the spa), but! The official announcement states that all the participants will get 1 free day at the spa, for our efforts, which would be a wonderful little treat. So at the end, all win. Just as I like it. Thank you so much for your votes, dear friends!

It's a very intense creative time for me now - beyond experimenting with my outfits and writing for my blog, it is also time for me to grow in other directions. Interestingly enough, I have just mentioned that I want to grow as a writer in my interview with Sylvia of, and boom! - I start expanding my writing. I showed you my first poems in English here and here, and my online "writer's group", or writer's link-up will go live very soon. (Look for details below.) I'm very much looking forward to your joining in! I love the idea of short stories - it is a great exercise in concise expression of your ideas and sharpening your writer's quill. I will be open with you - I'm very nervous and self-conscious about publishing my fiction - and writing fiction in English especially, because it is brand new to me. I'm definitely pushing myself and sometimes I feel afraid. But I also feel brave.

I decided that the only way to fail is to not try! I think we all feel afraid and we all are nervous when it's something that matters to us a lot. And writing matters to me more than any other artistic expression. I know that even well-known writers get blocks - fear of a new white page... What if they won't write anything significant any more? So I am learning to look at this fear as just something that comes with the whole package of being a writer (and perhaps an artist, in general). Doubts, fears that we're not good enough, that our inspiration is not endless, jealousy... I suspect that all artists feel jealous, at least a little bit, when they see good stuff created by fellow artists. It's quite natural and inevitable, to some extent. But we also can be sincerely happy for each other's talents and growth, and we can share the journey together! Writing is a lonely craft, and we all can use a little support now and then.

I never want our "writing group" to became something competitive. As long as we have fun, play and grow, each in our own way, we are all winners here. 

So please keep your eyes open for the writer's link-up! 
I've decided to go with a short and straightforward name which is easy to remember:

The first Write and Link will go live on my blog on May 26, 2015 (providing I'll figure out the technical part) and will stay open for one week. In that post, I will also provide you an opening phrase for the next month.

Write and Link is a new link-up party here, on In The Writer's Closet, and it is all about writing short stories. It is not a fashion/style link-up! It is up to you whether you post text only or illustrate your text with images of your choice. 

I invite you to create a short work of fiction (1000 words or so) in the genre of your choice (here you can read an overview of specific genres). I do encourage you to write fiction, but if you are inspired to write a personal essay (non-fiction), I won't mind. The most important is to have fun writing - play with it! 

How it works:

a short story, using an opening line for inspiration. 
May 2015 opening line is: "I opened my eyes. It was pitch dark around me".
Feel free to change it to better suit your story, but make sure you keep the essence. 

2. POST 
your story on your blog. 
Use 1000 words as a guideline; it's OK if your story is a bit shorter or longer.

3. LINK 
back to Write and Link.

your fellow writers: read and comment on each others' stories.

with writing and reading!

I can't wait to read all the stories!!!
It will be an unforgettable journey, I'm sure.
Let's all have a blast!

Are you ready to sail?

Dress - Chico's (last year purchase, but still available on the web)
Hat  and cardi (old) - Lane Bryant
Shoes - Crocs
Bracelet and earrings found at thrift shop and gift shop
Bag - via boutique on Bainbridge Island

Linking up with Visible Monday at fabulous Patti's



  1. You are bubbling with positive energy, N! I am thrilled that you're writing more, and will be sharing with us. And we are both happy to be near the water today. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

    1. Thank you, Patti!! I'm about to explode with my positive energy! :) So looking forward to read all the stories here!

  2. My dear friend, first late me start by stating how positively stunning you look in the chevron patterned maxi. The topper just adds an extra splash of spice. I adore the picture of book, glasses and hat. I'm looking forward to the writers link up. I already have my first story lined up!

    1. Thank you much, Glenda!! I am sooo excited that you have written a story already! I can't wait to read!!

  3. Found your blog theru Visible Monday. Great outfit. Perfect! Can you link it up here to the Top of the World Style linkup party? Thanks

  4. Yes, I'm ready to jump aboard and sail away!! Whether I'm compelled to write or just reading it will be fun indeed. What a great idea! I have some writings much too long but it would be fun to see if I can condense them into a short story of sorts. Short stories are my favorite!!
    You look beautiful on the beach here too. The whole outfit is right on perfect! Cute photo of the accessories together.

  5. I love the straw fedora with this dress! I agree with the others, your energy is palpable and infectious. Yes, it is scary to put oneself out there and share one's writing. It scares me all the time, but I agree with you that the only real failure is to not try something you want to try just because of that fear. At the poetry nights I have gone to, it's not the actual speaking in front of people that scares me it's sharing what I have written. I always feel that my pieces are unfinished or raw and it is nerve wracking to show our imperfect selves. I am very excited about your Write and Link and I laughed when you wrote that you have yet to figure out how to set it up. Justin will probably figure it out. I am so clueless about those things. I still don't even get what this Google Circle of Friends thing is but just keep accepting people who want to add me. Hugses, my bubbling friend. xoxoxo

  6. Natalia your excitement at all you have achieved and what is still to come is so inspiring. I am looking forward to the first Write and Link , probably as a reader this time but hopefully as a participant in the near future.
    Your chevron print maxi looks stunning on you , your perfect colours and the finishing touch is the fedora . Enjoy the ride , dear friend. xx

  7. This projest sounds fun. I love your outfit. The bag is fabulous and these earrings!
    You know what, thanks to you I wrote a little story in English. Remember when you told me about the link-up? On the very same evening I came up with a story and I hope I'll be courageous enough to post it:D It's gonna be so much fun to read all the stories.

  8. I can feel the confidence radiating from you over here in the UK! The photos are gorgeous and the dress and trilby make me long for Summer - something that feels like a distant memory today. xxx

  9. I can feel your excitement here : )

    Loving the dress and hat. You and I are dress and hat people.


  10. Natalia, you are pure inspiration. I am crazy busy with preparing for a big move, but I promise I will be sending short stories for your new Link Up--may not be the first one, but once I am settled, writing fiction is one of my new goals. Thank you so much for giving us all a chance!

  11. Natalia, that is amazing idea! I wish I am as good with words as you are. I am looking forward to read these stories from wonderful ladies. Good luck for your new project.
    This maxi dress is so trendy and with the hat - amazing! You look so happy and relaxed.o)


  12. Stunning Natalia!
    I love Wabisabi too. It's a wonderfull projekt.
    Great Idea your writers link up. Lots of fun!
    Have a nice day, Tina

  13. You look so pretty in your sunshine colours! Lovely dress. And writing, you should go for it, do what you love. I used to write (short stories, some poetry), too, for a long time. Not recently, though; these days I want to express myself more with images and started playing with photoshop. I guess I just need a creative outlet of some sort...

  14. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun...but also nerve racking. I did send my stories to publishes often in one period of my life, but actually publishing it on my blog sounds a lot more intimidating...because you know when you send it you never know who will read it and here you do and it is kind of a different feeling....In addition, I don't write much these days, so I'm starting to feel afraid I've lost my touch. I have to start working on that story asap.

    Anyhow, you look stunning in that dress. I'm so happy you won a day in the spa even if you haven't won the contest. I like that kind of contests where every participants get something for their efforts.

  15. Beautiful dress my dear, love the accessories!! Gorgeous :) xx

  16. Seems like summer has come to your corner of the world! This multi-coloured chevron dress is just fabulous! And those pretty earrings and beautiful bracelet are such a nice addition to it. It is so nice to see your excitement about the new project.

  17. Your project of writing novels in English is it's a good challenge with yourself and, yes, the only way to fail is not try on!! Besides, challenges make our living more interesting, so ... why not?? Unfortunately at the moment my English is not good enough to write a novel ...

    Your maxi dress is very nice and summery!

  18. Whoa, Natalia, you are on. a. ROLL!! Keep riding!
    This combination is absolutely perfect. You couldn't have found a better hat if you'd tried. And the colour of the sweater twists everything just right.
    The writing challenge, ooooh. I love that you are spearheading this project.

  19. This sounds so exciting Natalia, I can understand your fears - it's like a new love. How will it all turn out? Will I get hurt? Will it make me happy? But I'm sure it'll be a huge success! Your enthusiasm is contagious :-)

    You look absolutely adorable in these lovely spice colours! The dress fits you like a glove,and the sandals are so cute! I love your jewellery too, wearing coral at the beach is just so appropriate!

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous maxi! I love the fabulous print and muted colors. Your hat is perfection with this!

  21. Wow, we are all feeling your enthusiasm, creativity and excitement, Natalia! Good luck with your writing link up, I know you have many blogging friends who are keen to participate, and I'm sure your confidence will outweigh your fears about sharing your own work.
    That is a gorgeous dress, I'd wear the whole outfit myself, top to toe! Fabulous fit and colours, you look wonderful. xxx

  22. Natalia,
    I love the chevron pattern on you and the hat is perfect! The coral is so beautiful and organic, a perfect touch.
    I am pleased you re venturing more with your writing! You are gifted.
    Congrats, too, on the prize win! That is another thing to look forward to!
    xx, Elle

  23. Belated but I´m here..
    thank you SO much for all your love and your kindness. My WABISABI project is a small one and right now I have not much time to make it public in so far as I would wish it to me and promote it much more over all the social media. To join a link up on other blogs seam to be much more easier.
    You know I´m a big fan of you and can´t wait to see and read much more about you.

    wish you a beautiful and sunny day full of joy