Saturday, December 1, 2018

Modish Matrons #30: Iceland

If you ask me why Iceland even came to my mind when I put together the list of themes for the 2018 Modish Matrons back in December 2017, I couldn't explain - it just did. I have never been to Iceland and I didn't know the first thing about it. Obviously, I had to visit and learn. Or at very least commission sending a photographer to this intriguing far away place. The things we do for blogging, right? 

Okay, just kidding! I didn't have to do any of those crazy things because by pure coincidence (or shall we say serendipity), as luck would have it, a family of good old friends visited Iceland recently - and Slava, being a talented artist and photographer, generously let me use his beautiful photos for my post. I have to say it was most difficult to choose - they all are breathtaking! And there are many more in his album ICELAND 2018

Meanwhile, in another corner of our amazing world (namely Germany), two other dear friends, TINA und BEATE, creatively put together outfits in support of my theme. So with the combined team effort, Modish Matrons virtually travel to Iceland this month! We are happy to take you with us, and you don't even have to buckle up your seat belts - I promise it will be a smooth ride! Just get a cup of coffee or tea (or perhaps something even more invigorating), and GO!

If you are like me and don't know much about Iceland, then you have to have the most important thing to sort out first: the name. It's confusing! One might think that Iceland is called Iceland because it is the land of ice, and there must be much, much ice over there! But in reality, Iceland should probably be better off with a name like Greenland, while Greenland would certainly be quite fine with a name like Iceland. You can read all about the history of these confusing names in THIS National Geographic article.

Iceland, as you can see from my friend's photos, is really quite green. I've read some information about Iceland, and was impressed by how much there is to be taken in. Being settled in the 9th century mainly by Norwegians, Iceland has an ancient history, and until the 20th century it was considered one of the poorest countries in Europe, but industrialization helped to turn the economy around, and nowadays it is one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

That's not why most tourists are rushing to Iceland though. What's calling them is the amazing variety and richness of landscape Iceland has to offer. It seems, it has it all: quaint green pastures and rolling hills on the one hand, and dramatic tall mountains, glaciers and geysers on the other. I knew that that was exactly what I wanted to reflect in my outfit - the rich contrasts of Iceland! And I did it - with the whole wide spectrum of colors, patterns and textures.

Both the 100% wool cardigan and 100% silk blouse are thrifted and having a good life in my closet, occasionally showing their beauty to the world (you could see one or both of them in DECEMBER 2016DECEMBER 2014, OCTOBER 2014, SEPTEMBER 2014 and APRIL 2014). You've seen my embroidered purse (antique mall find years ago), my vintage carpet bag, as well as booties (shown recently HERE) on numerous occasions. All of the above items have folkloric motifs (to honor Iceland's ancient history).

There are also a couple of new things. First, the wool beret which I bought from ModCloth. I used to wear berets all the time in my 20s, but fell out of the habit since I came to America (I'm sure I've told you before about my refusal to wear any hats at all for the longest time, after a big climate change that happened in my life after I left Siberia). Besides, it's not easy to find them in a size big enough to fit all that extra fluff in my head. Well this Fall, I purchased not one, but three berets for Anya and me (two ended up being the right size for my large head). And another new item is this faux leather skirt by Eloquii which I absolutely adore. I waited till I got a good sale price on it, and I am very happy that I bought it. I have a couple of pleather skirts and like wearing them, but this one is of a much higher quality! It is thick, but also soft and stretchy, it holds shape so well, and I am in love with the rich forest green color (a nod to the greenery of Iceland!), as well as the fit and style.

And last, but not least, are my tights. I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my entire life to wear tights than the day I wore this pair. You see I experienced a bit of a tights mystery recently. Back in late Spring, I washed all my tights, took them off the hangers where they were drying, and...and then I go completely BLANK. I probably thought that I would put them in a new clever place which would be just right for them. Well, apparently I was correct because they still hide and don't want to come out of that clever place. I'm also a bit stubborn, and instead of ordering new tights, I was holding on to the idea of finding the bunch of old ones...for about 2 months. So in these two months, what I wore when it got cold outside? Oh I had to be creative. I wore pants. And other pants. And some more pants. And on days when I couldn't take pants any more, I wore sporty leggings (the only kind that I have), hence the intriguing strings showing up from my skirts on some previous photos. 

So this is my story for today. Icelandic glorious landscapes and the mysterious disappearance of tights, what can be more natural topics to weave together in one post? And now I am off to read my beautiful friends' posts, they always inspire me! Join us in this fun virtual travel! Or maybe you are the lucky one who actually visited Iceland? Do share!

Outfit photos are taken by Justin, 
in our yard which looks almost exactly like Iceland.

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  1. Natalia you have Iceland at your door! I love this cardigan Natalia, you look amazing in this outfit. Scotty beam Natalia to Iceland please. :)
    funny story about your tights :)) Pants are a great idea!
    Oh and thanks for these wonderful pics I woulld lime to watch his album in a silent minute.Today it's Gögas Birthday and the whole family coming to celebrate!
    A very huge hug and much love, Tina

    1. Happy Birthday to Göga!! Have a wonderful time with your family!
      Thank you for being such a great team to travel to Iceland, my dearest Modish Matrons! I am off to see your traveloque now! :)
      Lots of love!

  2. natasha - you fit perfectly into the green mossy landscape of iceland! this is a beautiful yet cozy outfit - love it in every detail!
    wonderful pattern mix and the dark green skirt is something i would buy without much thinking when found in a thrift store :-D
    thank you for that wonderful theme - and for pointing me to slava´s photos - <3
    @tights: when such happens here, we say *the dwarfs have it* - and after a while they will put it back in the right place - a place where we had looked before many times without finding the missing item.....but one day - BAM - there it is again :-DDDD
    much love!!! xxxxxx

    1. That's exactly what happens, I'm sure! Bi-Ba-Butzemann? :))) In Russian, that would be Домовой or Барабашка.
      I enjoyed our virtual trip to Iceland so much, and I loved this outfit too - and I know it is very much in your style, so we do look like sisters! :)
      Lots of love, my dear!

    2. *es geht ein bi-ba-butzemann in unserm haus herum - er hat nataschas strümpfe an und singt da-didl-dum****
      (a german children song - a little bit changed - hihihi)

  3. Yes, yes— take me to Iceland!! These photos are simply magnificent!
    I love your fairisle sweater and and printed blouse, both beauties.
    That is a fantastic skirt, lucky to find a high quality one.

    Great beret too,

    1. Thank you, dear Elle! So glad that you enjoyed this post and pictures!
      Hugses <3

  4. Dear Natalia,
    I am very grateful to you for choosing Iceland as an MM theme. It brings me nice memories of our trip to Iceland in 2017. And so I can conveniently link some posts from my travelogue here - with clothes that I actually wore on our trips to the countryside of Iceland ;-). I also chose some photos of Icelandic women for your linkup - maybe you find their clothes interesting. I am convinced that the Icelandic women would love your clothes. The colors are perfect for the island - the materials too - and the folkloristic knit pattern of your jacket plays beautifully with the style of the Iceland knitwear. (Incidentally, I also received many compliments in Iceland for my green cardigan, and you would certainly get compliments for your jacket.)
    Hugs and best wishes, Traude

    1. Thank you, dear Traude! How wonderful that you visited Iceland! I will certainly read your posts - very curious!
      Love <3

  5. First of all, I am in awe of Slava's magnificent photographs of Iceland. I can well believe you had a difficult time deciding which ones to use. The one with the red-roofed church with the blue flowers in front and - my favourite - the one with the field of lupins with the snow-topped mountains in the background made my heart bit just that little bit faster. I'd love to go to Iceland, I think it must be the landscape photographer's dream! But we're here to talk about your outfit, so that's what I'm doing. In one short sentence, I think it is absolutely brilliant! You've captured the Iceland mood perfectly. I love the mixture of folkloristic motifs. Your blouse is gorgeous and, oh my, that skirt! I love berets, so that's got my approval as well. I have many of them, as I pick them up whenever I find a colour I don't have yet. But my problem is that most of them are too big! One thing is niggling me, though. If you haven't found your stash of tights yet, did you go out and buy the pair you're wearing especially for this post? I'm dying to know! Hugest of hugs xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Ann! Isn't he a great photographer? The photo with a little church is my favorite as well, so touching!
      Have I forgotten to mention that I ended up buying new tights? Silly me! Yes, I sure had to buy a few pairs, not specifically for this post, but they arrived on time for it. I actually was terribly missing wearing dresses and skirts, so I needed to buy new tights. :)
      Much love! <3

  6. Iceland is home to some of my favourite subtitled crime dramas - they make some wonderful TV programmes and the scenery is always breathtakinfg. Iceland is also the name of one of our big UK supermakets - their catchphrase is Mum's gone to Iceland!! Their national football team also thrashed ours and knocked us out of Euro 2016.
    Fabulous outfit, love the green leatherette skirt and of course those embroidered boots and tapestry bag. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! I can imagine how it sounds to a family - "Mum's gone to Iceland"! Though it doesn't have the same ring here in the US. Maybe we can say "Mom's gone to Alaska" instead. At least in the lower 48. Might be too much for Hawaii. :)

  7. Fabulous print mixing, Natalie. All of the proportions work so well together in your outfit. Beautiful photos!

  8. woww, I do love that you picked those folk motifs and make them work together in harmony in a fab color combo!, you look gorgeous!
    I like particularly your embroidered bag and booties, and the pleather skirt is stunning!. Love the cardi and silk blouse too. love everything actually!
    And I've also used that 'clever place' to store something and then I've totally forgotten it! mwhahah

    1. Thank you, dear Monica! Ha, we both are clever at storing our stuff! :)

  9. Your outfit is the perfect tribute to natural beauty of Iceland (and island I'd sure love to visit). I do like Beate and Tina's outfits as well. This is a great Modish Matrons idea!

    1. We had fun! Join us when you can, if only for an online trip! <3