Monday, September 9, 2013

Hi there

This summer was all about change for me - I turned 40, decided to quit the last pretty ambitious and fun project I've quite successfully started a few years ago, and to finally do with my life that very thing I always, as long as I remember, was trying in some ways, but mostly dreaming about doing. That weird unpredictable state of my inward world which is constantly changing anyway, took off without asking whether or not I was ready for it. I guess it's time then, I thought, took a step down and went with the flow. Suddenly reawakened sense of fashion and my personal style was just one side of this inner change which expressed itself outwardly quite noticeably. I browsed websites of a few of my favorite bloggers while stumbled at this online store website which sounded new and very fun and playful. Fun and playful was exactly what was missing these few past years from my fashionista self, and I decided to give it a try. The results are here, in the beginning of my new blog which I for some reason decided to write in English even though it is not my first (or even second) language. Forgive me my mistakes and do not mind them as I learned not minding them over the years living on a new continent.


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