Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Watercolor in Red

I bought this wonderful "watercolor" top at Lane Bryant in the spring - just fell in love with its delicate fabric and neckline trim, impressionistic flowers and beautiful, rich yet translucent colors. But! I had no idea with what I would pair it until later this summer I got "So Slimming" and oh so new to me crops in Saucy Red from one of my old time favorite shops, Chico's. Bingo! It really really works! I tried this duo with Ecco's warm golden brown  sandals (I am sorry but I am not very up to speed with the fashion lingo and could be mistaken in using some terms). Ecco's shoes, no doubt, are amongst the most comfortable and affordable shoes in the world, but who knew they can be so sexy too? :) This particular pair rapidly became my husband's favorite on me!

I do look like I am ready for a leisure evening of fine poetry here, eh? Well, the day began quite unexpectedly though. I decided to brighten up my mood by picking the saucy red pants and combining them with a lovely "watercolor" for a couple of what I thought would be nice and short kinda casual business meetings. Instead, I ended up moving boxes of books (heavy!) and toys (light, whew!) to a brand new location of our little school (a business I founded a few years ago with my dear friend and with the great support of my husband). I took off a few of the most delicate pieces of clothes for that activity, of course. Given that it was one of hot days here today (80 F is HOT for the Pacific Northwest)... well... let's just say that I lost a lot of hydration. No watercolors or red sauces were harmed during the moving process. 

The choice of бижутерия (jewellery) today was a bit on the cooler side. I don't typically wear silver toned jewellery a lot, but here it was so needed to cool down a degree of my fiery watercolor/redsauciness, don't you agree? And please forgive my nails - the manicure is two days old here and deserves to be retired which it will... tomorrow. 
The ring! I love it since it is a gift from my sweetheart (a.k.a. husband) and it is actually a piece of jewellery with quite intricate metalwork and a few different shapes little diamonds (gotta love your shapes!). The earrings were a boutique find, not really precious, but they go well with the ring. Finally, the necklace! It is one of my latest antique mall finds (along with the "golden" chain from the last post), it is two toned and... has the little imprint which says "made in France"! Oh, so charmant!   

The story of today will not be complete if I don't tell you about the photo shoot itself. My daughter and I came to pick up my husband from work, and I just had to make this "unusual" request... to take pictures of me right there, at the parking lot of his company (well, it is not "his", but he enjoys working for it). Being all not only writers, but also photographers in our little family, my 10 year old daughter jumps in with assisting my husband (the photographer in the family) and me in my modeling. It was fun! She actually suggested quite a few great ideas for this shoot. Including the pose for the last photo. "Don't stay like a scarecrow, mom!" she said and directed my arms in a lovely ballet like position which she learns from her talented teacher. So here I am trying to not be like a scarecrow, but rather an elegant and graceful ballerina!

Have a sunny week!

Top - Lane Bryant. Pants - Chico's. Shoes - Ecco. Jewellery - boutique and vintage. Purse - B Makowsky.

Location: Renton

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