Monday, September 30, 2013

Leopard in the Autumn Garden

Autumn arrived here in the Puget Sound, with heavy rain and wind. It is becoming more challenging to take nice photos of outfits under grey sky, but we thought of a few indoor locations in the city. So far, all the photos from our little garden. :)

I have to admit that sometimes it feels to me that green is one of my basic colors. :) Ask yourself, why shouldn't it be? What color won't go with it? Not so many, really. There is a hue of green which harmonizes with any color on earth, I do believe in this -- just look at Mother Nature. She has no shame and goes ahead combining every little color with green! 

I've decided that my old favorite leopard dress definitely will go with green and it is never too much green for a girl whose name means "natural" in Latin. :)

My earrings (actually, they are clips) are a great find from an antique mall -- only $5 for the pair! I love all the sparkles they provide, bringing any outfit to a festive level, and they go with just about anything in my wardrobe. My Pashmina shawl is a boutique find a few years back, around $25 or so.

The tights are actually moss green. They look more grey on these photos, but they are a perfect hue of green for this outfit, I thought. I got them for $11 per pair at Macy's. The shoes are a Nordstrom Rack find. Do you know why I love browsing at stores like Nordstrom Rack or TJ MAXX? Yes, you can find amazing deals, that's true. But I also love the "hunting for treasures" element of shopping there. Just like in antique shops, you never really know what you'll find. It's like a box full of surprises!

Shoes are by Vanelli, very light and comfy on my wide feet. And I love the sparkly material of which they are made.

Here are a few cute Autumn moments from our garden... Can't go wrong with little extra lights in your garden, especially in such a grey season!

And a common Fall visitor doing its intricate job on our window overlooking Puget Sound...

 And as a bonus, a couple of photographs from my past of the leopard print dress (all pictures below are from 2010). 

This is how I styled it with straight leg dark blue jeans and a long cardigan by the Swedish company Hanna Andersson. Never mind my giraffe years -- it was a Halloween night, and Justin took me out for an Italian dinner. :)

Here I wore the dress with black cropped leggings, but unfortunately, there is no picture of the whole outfit. It was a sunny February day when we went to a musical in Seattle. I felt that pearls and mother-of-pearl (even though these are considered summery accessories usually) would compliment the dress and the sunny day. What do you think? Yay or nay? :)  I do love the rich color of my hair here -- just a few months before I cut it short. :)

Leopard dress by Chico's. Field jacket by ASOS. Accessories are boutique and antique shop finds. Shoes by Vanelli via Nordstrom Rack. Green tights by Hue via Macy's. Purses (tan and light green) by B Makowsky


  1. This is a wonderful collection of outfits built around a very powerful theme and central piece. And there's a surprising (for me) range of looks here. Very cool!

    1. It is a very insightful comment, Justin! Thank you! :)