Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Park Picnics and Printed Pants

There are days like this. In the midst of September the sky gives you so much sunshine and 87 degrees which you rarely see all summer (summers are lovely and very moderate here in the Pacific Northwest). 

There are days when you feel inspired to invite your husband for a picnic in a park (not much required, just throw a nice salad and a pot of hot coffee in a picnic basket found while browsing in your favorite antique shop).

There are days when you remember your very first printed pants when you were just 15, so light and sweet, with the first awakenings of femininity within you, the witness to which were your very first printed pants, tailor made in mixed crazy greens, made exactly to repeat your body curves and stop just below the knee, with a little zipper on the left side.

I found my perfect printed pants this summer! Absolutely perfect for me at my 40, with all the added on curves and fully awakened femininity, for ridiculously low sale price (a whole twelve bucks!) at one of my most beloved stores ever - Chico's.

I just couldn't let this pair go. I had to have them! I didn't know even what I was going to wear with them. Then, I remembered a summer Chico's jacket (linen/cotton mix) which stayed in my wardrobe for a year or two without much use. 

And I decided to have a great fun pairing these two pieces together. It looks like they hit it off!

The upper part of the jacket is not a print - the pattern is actually woven threads of black and white. I love the oversized buttons - what a statement they make. I didn't think I needed a lot of additional accessories, maybe just a hint of gold on my neck and a bit of sparkle on my hand. I also picked neutral wedges and purse, so nothing distracts from the pants and jacket duo.

It was a hot and busy day in a lovely city park... I suspect quite a few employees came down with some unexpected coughs or sick relatives, and I don't blame them - who wants to spend the whole day in a grey office in weather like this? I think all the offices and schools simply must be closed on such treasured days, at least here, in rainy Seattle. My honest and responsible husband did not come down with unexpected cough though, so I had to take him out to lunch to just spend an hour or so in the sun, enjoying a simple but tasty chicken salad and taking pictures of me.

After we finished our humble but very romantic picnic, I drove him back to his office, and then I came back home (which is 40 minutes away, and I was a bit tired and sleepy after sunny afternoon in a park). And there is nothing more for me to say - that is the end of my today's story. :)

Have a wonderful September!

 Jacket and pants - Chico's. Wedges - Charles by Charles David. Purse - B Makowsky.

Location: Coulon Park, Renton

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