Monday, September 23, 2013

Killer Whale in the City

Last Saturday, we took a walk in woods where we saw this funny and charming raccoon family who lives there and got so used to people that cars stopping next to them bring them no fear, but hope for an easy lunch. No such luck with us though - the signs "Don't feed any wild life" posted there by rangers were not ignored. But, we had lots of fun watching the critters. Justin couldn't help but taking some cute photographs of them, of course.

Later that day, we decided to take a ferry. And the funnest part is, we almost didn't make it! The officer told us that we probably would catch a 6:20 PM ferry from Seattle. Instead, our car was one of the last ones which made it to the earlier boat - we felt so lucky!

I was playing with an idea of nautical-and-romantic with my outfit that day, and it seemed like a great and very natural opportunity to have a photo shoot on the boat.

I had just gotten a parcel from Chico's that very morning and thought that all the three things which I bought on clearance could go pretty well together. I can't say I am 100% satisfied with the way this jacket fits me. It seems a bit baggy - I would prefer a more tailored fit. But I love the fabric, the color, the texture of it, and I will look for more ways to incorporate the jacket into my wardrobe.

I was trying to keep the whole outfit casual though and give it a bit more warmth, since most of it was of cool colors, and chose the yellow mustard flats by Born. It might not be the very best choice, but it was the best I could think of on that particular day. What do you think? Does it work, or not so much?

Near the beginning of our photo shoot, the captain of our ferry suddenly announced that orcas were spotted off the right side of our boat. As you can imagine, all the passengers rushed to the right side of the huge ferry... Us too!

Sure enough, we started seeing orcas very close to us, and those of us who had their cameras handy started shooting the one-of-a-kind pictures. The rest of the passengers, were just awww-ing, screaming and laughing with happiness and surprise, just like little children! 

There were a whole bunch of them in the Puget Sound! They were young and playful, and perhaps really enjoying their fishing (not just us people enjoy salmon, eh? well, it is in-season now!). You can see in the photos that the whales were unbelievably close to both the city and the boats. Our captain even slowed the ferry in the middle of water to fully enjoy such a rare opportunity to see whales right here, in town! 

We were debating whether or not to go to a zoo earlier that day... what were we thinking?! Such fantastic encounters with animals in their wild habitat - literally in our city backyard! Glad we didn't miss it!

But, we had to continue our journey just as the orcas had to continue theirs (who knows - they could be spotted in Tacoma that day too!). Our boat started moving again, and we had to return to our cars. I looked at faces of our co-passengers. We all were so innocently, purely and fully happy, as only kids can be...

Later on, Justin took photos of my outfit in a little waterfront park, and we couldn't stop talking about the little miracle which happened to us that day.

Have your own little and big miracles as you go on with your life and your fashion journey! :)

Denim skirt, Lace jacket, Top and jewellery by Chico's. Flats by Born. Purse by B Makowsky

Location: Bainbridge Island

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