Friday, September 20, 2013


Sunny it was this afternoon when I took my husband out for lunch at Panera Bread (or it was he who took me out for lunch, I forget which). I think September is just having fun with us, teasing with rays of sun between cloudy, rainy and stormy days when thunder makes our cats jumpy if not a bit insane.

Sunny was my blazer from Chico's, the one made of shiny wrinkled fabric (they actually suggest to twist the blazer after washing!), with a gather in sleeves.

Sunny it was in my eyes, so I couldn't help but squinting and smiling, while Justin was catching the sun reflections in my eyeglasses.

The black and white ruffled skirt is one of my favorite ever! So playful, flirty and free! Slingback stilettos and a couple of colorful jewellery pieces for a contrast completed my outfit. Stilettos were a great find at Nordstrom Rack, made right for my wide feet. Hard to believe how comfortable they are on my feet. I haven't walked on high heels for such a long time that I forgot the feeling! But I was reminded as soon as my heel got in one of those cracks in the sidewalk, you know. Memories rushed back to me after the very first crack. Oh yes, now I remember!

It was sunny, and the work week was over, and we were out in town, and we were together. And there were not so many things which would make me feel happier this lovely afternoon. 

Blazer - Chico's. Skirt - Christopher&Banks (still available here). Stilettos - Sam Edelman. 
Purse - B Makowsky. Jewellery - Lane Bryant, Chico's, gifts and boutique finds. 

Location: Renton

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