Monday, September 30, 2013

City Sophistication

I was looking for something purple to bring more of this color into our home decor. Candles or a new bed spread perhaps? But unexpectedly for myself, I stopped at one tiny thrift shop where this gorgeous silk top literally jumped on me, and didn't let go! It was everything I wanted. It was 100% silk. It had the long ties which could be arranged into a bow or just left as is. The color was gorgeous. The size was mine. The condition was perfect. The price was only $12. And a charming Indian lady put it in a bag with the words Lucky You on it for me.

I had no idea with what to pair it at first. I though that my purple blazer would be too different a hue and wouldn't go so well with the blouse. But I gave it a try, and it worked! I am not sure what colors you see on your screen, but the blazer is a blueish purple (not pure blue).

It was one pretty yucky rainy day in Seattle, and the only thing we could think of was going for a stroll in one of the malls where we hadn't been before. It actually appeared to have both indoor and outdoor mall features which suited us perfectly. Before it started pouring heavily, Justin took a few outside shots of me and our daughter (she can't wait to post her outfits to In The Writer's Closet! Coming up soon! :)

Before the mall, I asked Justin to take photos of the blouse in our yard. I really am in love with this amazing purple...

And a few shots of the outfit details...

My nails are green (yes, I love green :) - Ivy League by Sally Hansen. Actually, I got a perfect purple nail polish for this outfit too, but I didn't have time to repaint my nails that day, and green goes so beautifully with purple anyway! 

The ring made of poly-something-or-other was an art show find and made by an artisan. It has a few blocks of different colors and designs and goes very well with many outfits.

My earrings are pink gold from Russia. They are a gift from my auntie which my Mom brought me about a year ago. They are so pretty! And even though they are not antique or even vintage yet, I do consider them a family heirloom since I don't really have any treasures from my family, we are quite simple folks. :) I love and miss them so much! 

And at the end of this post, my lovely and talented photographer who also loves purple. Never mind his sweatshirt is of a sport fan collection. He puts his own meaning into pretty much anything. :)

My blazer and skirt by Chico's. Silk top by Spiegel (thrift shop find). Earrings are family heirloom from Russia. Rings are art show find and gift. Purse by B Makowsky. Booties by Sofft on sale here, and similar here, and I absolutely love them -- more on that in my future posts. :) 

Location: Cottage & Lynnwood


  1. Purple ... it's just the most amazing color. For so long people were afraid to wear this "royal color" ... I say indulge yourself!