Sunday, February 21, 2016

Into the Stratosphere


This outfit was put together on a stormy day... a really stormy day, with heavy downpour and wind blowing... but of course, when I was putting it together, I did not know yet what was awaiting me!

We found a dry spot under the roof of a strip mall. Justin handed me a huge umbrella, so I was mainly dry, which was really lucky as this trench is 100% cotton, and apparently not water resistant. I bought it on sale for about $70 last Summer or early Fall and wore it a couple of times, but I don't believe I showed it here on the blog before. It is beautifully made, with lots of thoughtful details throughout, not to mention the main attraction - polka dots! This cute little pattern takes a traditional wardrobe staple right into the stratosphere!

I wanted bright colors to fight gray weather that day, and black is an excellent frame for my colorful 1970s inspired outfit.

The photos above are by Justin, and the two photos below are by me. 
On the selfie, I wanted to show the beautiful paisley print in one of the most striking color schemes that I've seen. I found this wrinkle-resistant cotton shirt at Goodwill a while ago, for no more than $5 (a brand new shirt of this type would cost around $80). It's in excellent condition and goes with so many things in my wardrobe!

Tigers and I agree - orange and black make a great combination! And patterns are just plain fun! We might disagree on some other things, but shhh, tigers don't need to know.

I took this photo on my walk at the Tacoma Zoo and Aquarium last week - don't ask, I just felt like going to the zoo. :)

Trench coat - Ralph Loren
Skirt and hat - Lane Bryant
Shirt - thrifted
Purse - vintage
Boots - Naturalizer
Earrings - Chico's
Necklace - boutique

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  1. I love this combination of a mustard yellow skirt and a printed blouse! The print indeed is very beautiful and all the colours in it look great with the skirt.

  2. loooove your selfie! you are sooo beautiful! kisses all over your face!!!
    fabulous ensemble! cool, feminine, boho, vintage - and the perfect colors and proportions for you! that blouse is a treasure - this print is marvelous!
    we had the torrential rain yesterday - today its dry but very stormy - the window shutters are rattling and i hear the winds whistle on the corners of the house.....
    tigers are such cool creatures!
    hugs! xxxxxxx

  3. Dear Natalia, I love the Polka dot coat sooo much.
    Have a great day, kisses Tina

  4. You look so terrific in these colors - and love,love the coat. And the tiger, what a beauty. xo


  5. I love this, Natalia! You look like a groovy 1970s chick! The tiger photo is wonderful. xx

  6. You are a true vision, a piece of art that makes my heart jump with joy.
    Love, and WANT, lol your yellow skirt, ahhhhh.
    I have answered to you in my blog too.
    Mil besos, my friend

  7. Love your black and white polka dot trench but the surprise of all is your perfect paisley shirt and of course the mustard yellow skirt. The floppy hat tops it all just so well.

  8. Your coat is very Kate Spade. So whimsical and fun. Like you, I like to add color on gray days. It awakens my senses. Cloudy days tend to make me feel tired. But look alive and oh-so vibrant. Lovely, colorful look, Natalia. You wear color like a dream.

  9. I am all thumbs today! I love this outfit very much Natalia! I adore the sunny yellow skirt, the dotted coat, and the stunning paisley blouse - thanks for the close-up! I am so glad you stayed warm and dry! I adore the hat, it frames your face so well, and that tiger photo is splendid!
    xx, Elle

  10. It is so difficult to shoot in winter! I love your pop of color for that rainny day! You look fantastic!
    Big kiss Natalia (a portuguese name)

  11. That tiger is so lovely...and I agree with both of you (tigers and yourself) that orange and black is a great combination. That parsley blouse is a dream and I love how you paired it with that bright yellow midi skirt, it makes it stand out even more.

    That trench coat is fabulous! I love patterns and polka dots are one of my fav patterns. They are such a feminine pattern, they always make me feel more lady like. The hat is a lovely addition to this. Great styling...I love the mix of prints...and the colours are simply divine.

    I love going to the zoo too! I was sorry they closed down the zoo in my city. My nephew is in the phase where he knows all the facts about all animals...and tigers are his fav animal.

  12. Such a chic, delightful outfit. I'm utterly wild for the polka dot coat + mustard yellow skirt here. Awesome styling, dear lady!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Stratosphere is right. Gorgeous coat. Who needs waterproofing when you have a thoughtful man and a big umbrella close by? But the blouse is fantastic too. Love your whole look!

  14. Oooooh, I love your polka dot raincoat! We're twins - a couple of months ago I bought a navy polka dot raincoat on ebay so your outfit has totally inspired me to style mine! Thank you! What a bright and uplifting colour that skirt is.