Monday, February 15, 2016

Sleeveless in Winter

Winter here is mild enough, and when it is neither rainy nor windy, it is so much fun to opt for a sleeveless coat! I was dreaming about having one for years. A couple of years ago, I bought a trench coat which was so cleverly made of two pieces - a sleeveless "base" and a short bolero style jacket with sleeves. There were so many ways to wear it! Separately, together, with the bolero jacket underneath or on the top... it was perfection! Unfortunately, it was way too small for me. I ended up sending it as a gift to a beloved friend of mine. And I kept searching...

This piece is not as practical as the one I described above - it is neither a trench coat fabric, nor wool, and it has no buttons. But it is well made, fully lined, and has pockets. It was affordable, and I love the Coco Chanel reference and detailing. At first, I was concerned that it looked a bit bulky on me, but I now really came to appreciate this unusual, elegant piece by Lane Bryant. I wore it with skirts and sweaters so far, but I intend to wear it with jeans, pants, dresses... for years to come!

We went to honor my daughter at her acting class, so I kept my outfit in monochromatic shades of black, as she is going through her "rocker black" stage these days (or it can be a love for life, for all I know). I do think it is extremely important to support people we care about - our children, partners, friends - in what they enjoy exploring. We don't need to have the same interests or love the same things. But when we love someone, we need to care about the things they care about, because they care about them. They might change their interests, passions, hobbies... they might even forget about some of those hobbies and turn a completely opposite way. What they won't forget is the way we, as parents or friends, or partners, respond to their passions. They won't forget support. At least, I sincerely hope so.

Look at these epaulets and a beautiful collar!

And a few colorful touches... because I love colors!

Sleeveless coat (or long vest) - Lane Bryant
Turtleneck (old) - Chico's
Black skirt, necklace and black/golden bracelet - Lane Bryant
Malachite jewelry (old) - gifts from Justin
Clutch (old) - Cole Haan
Boots - Naturalizer

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  1. Good Morning Natalia, this vest ist amazing. Yes it looks like Chanel :). You look fantastic in it, with green nails and wonderfull statement jewellery. I love this outfit.
    You're right. Give strength to family, partner, friends is very very important.
    Thanks for your very nice comment on my blog ♥️ . Have a good day, kisses Tina

  2. this is a cool and very combination-friendly piece!!!
    love your jewelry and green nails! fab!!!!!
    supporting our beloved ones is the best we can do for them - all words or heart shaped gifts are hollow if we do not participate in their life - however it looks. anya is a very lucky kid with a mom like you!!
    and we are very lucky with a blogger friend like you!!

  3. such a lovely monochrome outfit...and your manicure is the perfect pop of colour. You look lovely! very feminine and chic styling. Winter has been pretty mild last few days here as well..suprisingly warm body still needs to adjust.

  4. I love what you wrote about supporting our loved ones in their hobbies. It is a way to convey caring, and it means a lot. You sleeveless coat is a stunner - and a great basic, at the same time. Thanks for linking,


  5. Okay, I'm confused...I thought you stopped blogging...?

    Fun to see you again!


  6. The sleeveless coat is a great piece, the epaulette and edging on the collar are lovely details. And your jewellery and nails add beautiful splashes of colour - you look so elegant, Natalia! xxx

  7. Really elegant and versatile piece.
    I love that you honour your loved ones' interests. As a person who has had many and varied interests it is the support I remember, not that they new or understood everything about it. My parents have been amazing following all my twists and turns.
    Well done Anya and well done you.
    I'm sure she was extremely proud of her elegant Mum:-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. What a fabulous addition to your already wonderful wardrobe! loving the necklace and the lovely green nails, too. xxx

  9. Nataliam
    I agree! The sleevless coat is perfect. I also love the texture, I am such a fan of tweeds and bouclè and do see the Chanel reference. I also love your jewelry and those perfect green nails, the color of spruce tress!
    xx, Elle

  10. Really lovely and elegant outfit, that Chanelesque pattern looks particularly cool!, and your pretty accessorizing gives it a twist! Love sleeveless pieces, but they're not very useful in my climate!
    And I agree with you about supporting the people we love, even when we're not sharing their interests!

  11. The sleeveless coat looks amazing on you!! I love to add more pieces like this in my closet since they give an outfit a lot of interest without adding bulk or keeping me warm (which I don't really need in warm California)


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  12. This is a beautiful post, Natalia. Your outfit is fantastic and has a elegant, sophisticated, arty vibe that is so you! The colourful jewelry is such a good touch and suits you because you are naturally colourful. Your face is all about cream and plum and green and your vibrant hair colour is perfect with it. I think people often look their best when the clothing and accessories relates to their own natural colouring. I think this is why you look so great in these rich tones and why I am so drawn to grey, brown, taupe and cream, with touches of blue, teal or rose. Those are the colours that I am.

    I love what you wrote about supporting loved ones in their endeavours. It is so true so important. We don't have to share the interest to be supportive and it makes our lives richer to be around people whose interests sometimes differ from our own. xoxo

  13. Hi, this is the first time I visit your blog, and I must say, you are stunning in that outfit. And this post inspires me, not only the outfit, but the words are touching.
    To tell the truth, I don't really like my husband's hobby but hey, why don't I just support it. Thank You