Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunny in Tacoma + Video

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the general rule is 'when sun is out, everyone is out'. Not on big game days though, so we had the whole town to ourselves! We parked our car in a practically empty, huge public garage and caught a free tram (Tacoma Link) to the museum district. Care to join us for a walk?

One of the arches of the Washington State History Museum (photo above), echoing the architecture of
historic Union Station (1911, photo below).

Downtown Tacoma is bursting with both historic buildings and new modern architecture. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass that goes over the highway allows pedestrians to walk from a tram or bus stop to the Museum of Glass and Foss Waterway marina... enjoying colorful glass sculptures along the way.

The Museum of Glass has its own Hot Shop which is open for visitors. You can observe a team of artists working on a variety glass sculptures - it's a unique and amazing experience, not to be missed for sure.

There is art all around you, and wonderful views of the city, water, forest and mountains... pretty much the essence of the Pacific NW.

Sometimes, I feel so happy, I just can't keep it all to myself - have to share!

Justin, as always, is the man behind the camera - wearing a new hat, a gift that arrived in a parcel from my parents in Siberia. Thank you, babushka and dedushka!

Mount Rainier - a magnificent natural "sculpture", visible from many places around Tacoma and Seattle 
(elevation 14,417 ft or 4394 m).

I was playing with contrasts today - both textures and colors.

Faux fur coat - Boden
Faux leather skirt and hat - Charlotte Russe
Blouse and glass/metal necklace - Lane Bryant
Boots - Aquatalia
Beaded purse - Chico's 

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See you soon!

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  1. your accent ist to die for!!!
    (although my slow internet access did cut the video in pieces...)
    awesome ensemble you´r wearing for your stroll in the museum district! absolutely wonderful!
    and of cause the views are gorgeous - that beautiful glass art and that snowy mt. rainier!!! hach!
    hugs! xxxxx

  2. I feel like I was on a little vacation. Thank you for sharing your day and the interesting architecture.

  3. Beautiful photos Natalia! And I enjoyed your little video, it was nice to see you alive and to hear your voice and to recognize the accent, hehe. Thank you for this introduction! I too would be surprised to see someone walking a pig, haha!

  4. Gorgoeus photos and the essence of the PNW. And a fantastic skirt too! Thanks for sharing, xo


  5. Amazing pictures. Amazing Natalia . ♥️
    kisses Tina

  6. wouu, love to see those fabulous landscapes and interesting museums, and love to watch your little video, and hear your voice, mwhahah, you're so cute and I'm glad that you decided to share this sunny joyful moment with us!
    And you're looking so cool and elegant!!!, the striped coat, the pleated skirt, the hat and the bijouterie, everything is fabulous and works together nicely!!

  7. Oh I Love Chihuly and his Work so I thoroughly Enjoyed the Images you Shared of some of it in your community. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Wonderful pictures of your museum district. I am in awe of those glass sculptures , such a talented artist. Your outfit simply perfect for an arty visit, love you in that floppy hat.Enjoyed your video, always good to hear your voice.

  9. Privjet Natalia! I really enoyed seeing your video. This museum is lovely and you explain all the historical facts about it so perfectly. Such a lovely video! It would be great if you could make more of those in the future.

    Your outfit is delightful! It is so wonderfully feminine and very original and stylish...That striped coat is divine and it is so well paired with that plaid skirt. The statement necklace is adorable. You look ravishing!!!

  10. Sooooooooooooooo lovely to see the two of you enjoying a day out.
    Lestening to your lovely voice is so heart warming.
    I adore your outfit and want it all, lol
    Tons of love, dear Natalia

  11. Great trip! I'd love to have a walk on this glass bridge.
    You look so nice and your necklace is matching the glass theme:) Justin's new hat is a great gift.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:) Hugs!:))

  12. Dear Natalia... I don't know if you are aware of that but I found you through a Croatian girl (Ivana Split), who drew your portrait... Glad I did

  13. hI Natalia,
    Found your lovely blog trough Ivana´s blog.
    Fantastic outfit and I´m following on G+

    Kiss from Portugal