Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Painted by Ivana!


Who would not be happy to wake up and discover such a wonderful surprise in their email box?
Thank you, thank you, Ivana, you made my day!!
I think many of you know this lovely young lady and her blog A Little Place to Call My Own, but if you don't yet, please stop by - you will be in for a treat! On the blog, Ivana shares her personal style - colorful, quirky, with thoughtful details and creative touches, because this girl can do just about anything - paint a picture, create images on her clothes, make a jewelry piece, you name it!

This is the photo Ivana used as her inspiration for the illustration (more about it in her post here).
I love the way Ivana captured the fun playful spirit of my city walk - love the way she caught me in motion. 
And I really think my outfit looks even better painted!

Other than paintings and style, Ivana shares her love for her hometown and country - you will find many beautiful photographs of Split, Croatia, architecture, sea, slices of history... If you are a book lover, Ivana is your girl - I have an impression she reads tons of books, and generously shares her recommendations with her blog readers. But there is even more to her... Ivana is a creative writer herself! Do read the well written, heartwarming and philosophical stories Ivana shared with WRITE AND LINK (here and here). And even more still, she is a genuinely kind and attentive friend - I am often taken with her thoughtful comments on mine and other blogs.

Another photo from that day (the original post and video here).

When I started this blog back in 2013, I could not even imagine how many wonderful women around the globe I'd meet through blogging! And of course, I'd never have guessed that I'd be painted. We connect in ways we sometimes don't with "real life" friends. We appreciate, inspire and support each other, and it is very touching and meaningful. It is such an honor and joy to call myself your blog friend. Thank you for being such a vibrant, warm and wonderful part of my life! 

PS To those of you who enjoy little signs from life... As I am writing this post, I noticed that it is #299 in my blog, and as of now, there is number 299 in the box "Google+ followers" as well. :)

Have a great day, everybody!

Painting by Ivana
Photos by Justin



  1. ivana did capture the essence of your look perfectly!!!
    she is a great talent!
    love the portrait of you - you are so beautiful!!!

  2. A wonderful tribute by lovely Ivana! Love the inspiration behind the sketch, too. x

  3. Natalia,
    I agree that this painting captures you perfectly, even though it is abstract! How talented she must be, I will look at her blog later tonight. You are an inspiration though, you do know that!
    I love this outfit and your pretty fur, and the porcelain doll face of yours. That hat is stunning on you!
    xx, Elle

  4. Fabulous Ivana!, it's touching that so many people around the world can met each other and share inspiration and art!!
    besos & arte

  5. Oh sooo coool! Amazing picture. You are an inspiration Natalia and Ivana an artist.
    Habe a nice day, Tina

  6. I'm really moved by your words dear Natalia! You're very kind to write all those sweet words about me and my blog. Connecting with other bloggers is my favourite thing about blogging. I agree with you that we bloggers often inspire one another and genuinly connect to each other. I think that majority of us write about things that we love and interest us...this personal aspect of blogging is what I enjoy the most.

    I'm happy you liked my illustration, I hope it does justice to your wonderful outfit. I really loved that post of yours, it is such a positive and lovely one! I always enjoy reading your blog.

    thank you once again:)

  7. What a fun post! You look gorgeous as always and I love the photos that capture you in motion. Ivana captured that well in her illustration too! Ivana's blog is one of my favourites and she is a sweetheart. Great idea to make a post about her. xoxo

  8. Oh how lovely. You ARE art. XXOO