Friday, February 26, 2016

Why I Haven't Left When I Left

As you might remember, a while ago I decided to leave this blog - I felt I said all I could say, and the rest seemed like repeating myself, and that is the last thing I ever want to do. My romance with style did not end with leaving the blog, and for the first few weeks I felt fine - I continued playing dress-up and even felt a strange feeling of freedom not thinking about how my outfits would look on photos. 

Some time later, I started missing blogging. Do you know why? I only fully realized it today. Blogging to me is a good challenge, in the sense that it keeps my style fresh, does not let me go stale. I do not consider myself a style guru, an expert, a star or anything like it, not in the slightest. I am rather a student and experimenter. I know that the bicycles I invent have been invented many times before me, by real experts and gurus, a long long time ago. But it is fun for me to invent my bicycles over and over again, and even more than that - the whole point to me is in inventing. 

 And one huge part of blogging is keeping the creative/inventing juices going, learning and trying new things. Take this outfit as an example. I seriously doubt that I would even consider purchasing a romper for myself if I was not blogging now. I just never really even looked at them as a possibility for myself, I can't explain it, they just did not seem like my cup of tea, and I wouldn't think of it twice.

When I read other blogs of stylish women, I certainly learn a lot - and the information that I get is often not along the lines of "pair this and that" and "don't ever wear this or that", no. It is mostly an emotional journey that expresses in the form of clothes, outfits, style... and all these bits of emotional information accumulate over time, and have to find an outlet somehow - also in the form of clothes, outfits, style... often new to me, often unexpected to me. It might not seem like much to someone else, but to me it can be a whole new universe.

Sharing my finds (wardrobe-wise or style-wise) with you is a bit like having an exercise buddy for someone who is into fitness, or having a writer's group for a someone who loves words and whose experience otherwise can feel lonely. It's never about followers, fans or admirers... though never having a big following, I wouldn't know, it must feel pretty good too, but it is just not the goal for me. I'm rather looking for someone who can share my excitement when I have my little "Eureka!" moments - for someone who gets it. I suppose we can call it style friends, or friends-in-style.  

So here I am, my friends-in-style, wearing my very first romper at my 42 years of life, being considerably overweight and somewhat shy or self-conscious. If not for blogging, I'd probably pass. Blogging really helps me to open my mind about style. And that is probably the biggest reason why I haven't left, when I left. Another big one for me is just that it is a pure joy to share with people who are able to appreciate. You don't need to love rompers to get what it means to me, do you? But you kind of need to be in the zone yourself to understand that it is a new experience in the style universe for me. It is what I cherish about our blogging community so much. It is a community which truly treasures individuality, and it's a unique one. We help one another grow. And this is another reason why I haven't left when I left. I can think of one more reason to keep on, but this post is getting too long already - I will share it with you some other time.

I wanted to show both my jewelry and make-up in this close-up photo. This kind of make-up I use forever, since I first started getting into cosmetics. I like brownish tones for my eyes and a very natural lipstick (this tone is called Rosewood, by Max Factor, and it used to be my everyday lipstick for many years when I was young, then I moved to the US and, oddly enough lost track of it, until just recently - I found out that this legendary brand does not sell cosmetics in US stores any longer, but it is still big in Europe, and you can order online). 
My jewelry are mismatched pieces, old and well loved. The necklace is leather string and hand carved wooden pendant that depicts a couple, connected with each other. I brought it from Siberia many years ago.

I love the retro feel of my outfit! I wore this long cardigan many times for almost 10 years, and showed it here to, but I don't think it met its best friend until just now.

Romper - Lane Bryant 
(I do love it, but tell me please, you romper lovers, do they all bunch up between legs when you walk? how do you deal with this?)
Suede boots - Lane Bryant as well, bought on a crazy sale for only $25 (the back side is made of elastic fabric) 
(I am typically not a fan of LB shoes, but these boots are surprisingly comfortable.)
Long wool cardigan, earrings, ring - Chico's (bought many years ago)
Hat - Charlotte Russe
Purse - J. Jill (old)

PS - Just a reminder that Write and Link has been open during the whole month of February, and we still have a couple of days to go. I will do my best to add my writing this weekend, and read your posts as well!

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  1. I'm so glad you came back! Style is really personal but we can learn to shake it up a bit.

  2. Dear friend-in-style, I love this post. I think so, too. Fashion is fun for me and experiment. I love to coordinate looks and share it and learn from my followers... My friends-in-style maybe :)
    You look great in this romper Natalia. It is amazing. Love your hat. I understand what you mean, I wore romper last summer, fir a first time since childhood.
    Have a wonderfull weekend, Natalia. Kisses Tina

  3. hello my friend in style! :-)
    i was rolling my eyes about this young women with bodies of a 12 year old girl wearing rompers and playing hippy......
    but you make me want to have one! i´ll look up my fabric stash and sew one for the summer!!! stay tuned!
    btw. sewing: the bunching comes from the nylon tights and from not having the unutterably "thigh gap" (who has this in reality???) - i guess there is no lining in the romper? once i saw something like a half slip but shorts - made against chafing in summer - but i think it would work as a dividing layer between hosery and romper too.
    love how you styled the whole look - cosy glamour! the best thing is your meaningful jewelry!!
    hugs! xxxxxx

    1. You will look adorable in a romper, Beate! There is a lining in this one, but you're right - no gap :)) I thought about it too. Who has one? My Mom has one! But she'd never wear a romper! :)

  4. What a lovely romper! I love its is so retro...and those boots are so great. Such a chic outfit! you look fantastic.

    I think I know what you mean with this article and that is exactly the reason why I never stopped blogging. I've thought about it a few times and wondered why I need to put so much energy into something that is basically a very time consuming hobby. After some thought, I realized that I really don't want to stop blogging.

    I love the uniqueness and freshness that is to be found in global blogging community. To be able to learn about real women and their relationship with style and clothes is so wonderful! It is not that I'm against fashion industry, but it is an industry....and an average blog is a lot more personal and's like the difference between watching quality documentaries and blockbuster films. A typical Hollywood movie will give our brain a chance to rest and entertain us a bit, while a good documentary will teach us something and makes us think. Both can be enjoyed, but I always prefer things that make me think.

    Couture fashion is certainly a form of art and not to be compared with 'fast fashion'. I'm not saying that a fashion designer doesn't think, for I'm sure that it takes a lot of work, talent and intelligence to design/make a good collection, but I'm not really impressed with fashion magazines because they seem to all look the same, they are focused on advertisements and industry in a very materialistic and consumerist way...and there just seem to be a lack of creativity (and good writing). That is another reason why I love blogs, because so far I’ve read so many wonderful, humorous and creative essays about fashion and clothes.

    I think that blogs are filling out something that was lacking in the fashion journalism and to great extent even in fashion industry. When it comes to editorials, the industry still prefers only one race and body time…people are finally getting tired of seeing only the young, white and skinny in advertisements. Clothes should be there to be enjoyed, not feared…we should all be able to have fun with it…and we’re able…and more and more, people are realizing they are free to create their own style…This is a wonderful thing. It is not because of the blogs, but blogs can help us and motivate us to feel more freedom in the way we dress…and to enjoy it more.

    1. Bravo, Ivana! Wonderfully written, very insightful - and I agree with you completely!

    2. How beautifully expressed Ivana. You've absolutely hit the nail on the head with everything you written and I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.

  5. Friend-in-style - I love that. This is what I cherish about blogging (and what Ivana has written above). Bravo to you, Natalia, for trying new things and keeping an open mind about style. I think you look gorgeous in this outfit. The print just so suits you.

  6. As a fellow lover of all things boho I adore this look and the fact that you were inspired to create it. I agree that blogging pushes our style boundaries and makes us more open to new ideas.

    Loved this post and the fact that you decided to return!


  7. I am so happy you are still here. I love the romper and I'm so happy that you decided to share it with us. It would be such a shame to have you looking all boho rompery and pink lipsticked and rosy cheeked without us knowing. And you are such a great writer. You've just articulated so many things that have crossed my mind but that I have never put into words. Applause!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Connie, your words touch me deeply!

  8. What a dear post, I so relate to it. Your bicycle metaphor is perfect! I agree, it is the creative act which is what I love about blogging, and it is the wearer's style that keeps me coming to your blog time and time again! So glad you came back!
    Love this romper !! The simple coat and boots are lovely, and that hat tops it off, literally and figuratively!
    xx, Elle
    ps love the photo of the boats on the water!

  9. I remember a quote by someone famous: "Women dress up not for men, and not for themselves but to amuse each others". :) Just as you said, if not for blogging perhaps you would not have bought this romper. But knowing that you can show it to others who will appreciate your choice makes it so much fun. When my daughters left I started to wear so called comfy clothes more and more: jeans, t-shirts, pants, shirts...But when I started blogging my interest in dressing up came back.
    I have never worn a romper, Natalia! Not that I against them or anything...I guess I just haven't met my piece yet. So nice to see you rocking yours!

    1. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle - or in all three? There are times when we dress up to amuse ourselves, and there are times when we dress up to see a sparkle in a man's eyes, and there are times when we dress up to have fun with our friends... in any case, it's fun to be a girl! :)

  10. Oh Natalia!!!! You echo so much of my experience. I'm so glad you're still bogging for just those reasons you express. That nudge, the desire to share something creative and fun, pretty things that involve color and texture, the joy of being alive and seen. Husbands (partners) are wonderful, and yes it's fun to dress for them on occasion. But more than that are the times we create a composition for ourselves, as a way to be a work of living art. Each day is another opportunity to express our feelings through our attire. What makes us happy, what color resontes in this particular moment, do I want to be LOUD or quiet, soft or hard. We can express it all, for whomever we wish.

    Your outfit sings. It's a joyful composition of color and pattern, with exquisite choices of accessories. If I saw you on the street, I would overcome my basic shyness and introduce myself. I would need to know this fabulous woman. Your style is only the introduction to your magnificent heart and soul. I am so glad to know you. Someday I'll see you in Seattle or Portland. :-) XXOO

    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspired piece of writing, Jean! I got teary eyes at the end. :) I'll be so honored to meet with you in "real life"! :)

  11. You know that at 65 that is a very reason I started style blogging (and I mean just started). I know I don't have to much more to say than has been said before. But, like you said, it makes a challenge and when I don't have time, I just don't worry about it. I enjoyed what you had to say and I am sure it is true for a lot of us.

  12. So happy that you decided not to leave blogging. I relate to your reasons to continue. There are many outfits and hats that I may not have worn were it not for blogging. I am inspired by our community and don't know what it would be like, at this point, to not be part of it. The self expression and the relationships are important to my quality of life.

    You look beautiful in your romper and your hat is exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

  13. love the way you explain it so wisely, blogging is about challenging ourselves, about self expression but it's also about a community which shares and enjoys and learns all together!!
    love that you're wearing a romper and looking fabulously boho-chic, gorgeous!
    and love particularly that you're blogging, my lovely pal!! you rock!