Thursday, February 18, 2016

Night of Passion and Ecstasy, or How to Pay for a Dress Twice

You know that I don't typically write "how to" posts in this blog. What can I possibly teach you guys, you are such artists and experts yourselves that I am constantly learning from you! But here I think I am really on to something - hear me out.

I have never owned a suede clothing item in my closet, other than suede shoes. But I haven't worn a suede jacket or anything like it. When I saw this ASOS dress, I wanted to have it so much. But then, it is suede, and I am not the most careful when it comes to clothes. I like to go places, I like to eat... you know, I like to live in my clothes and not think about it too much. I don't enjoy mending things - I'm a "stick it in a washer/dryer" kind of girl.

But then the dress went on a crazy sale, and for $50 I just couldn't resist. It was over 50% off the original price. I like to feel savvy! I kind of praise myself for finding good deals on the items I like. So I bought it! And I wore it to the Night of Passion and Ecstasy as our local Indian restaurant named their Valentine's Day dinner - live guitar music, special menu, candlelight, roses, l'amour...  A waitress pours me a generous glass of crisp Californian Chardonnay. Justin's eyes are sparkling in front of me. All is romantic. And color coordinated. I carefully cover my new dress with a dark red fabric napkin... so lady-like!

A drop of rich dark spicy Indian goodness (a.k.a.sauce) dripped on my chest right as the napkin slid off... Oh my! Please don't. Oh no! At first, I watch this ecstatic attack of Indian food on my dress with disbelief. Then with grief. Then I try to look at the bright side of things. Hmm... what would it be? Oh yeah! Cleaners are literally next door! It's a good thing to bring business to your community, right? Eat local, get a local stain, clean local. Sounds like a good motto to live by!

Well what can I say. Perhaps suede clothing was never intended for nights of passion and ecstasy, that's all. Perhaps it was intended for nights of dignified classical music listening, or educational museum walks, or quiet book reading at a local library... perhaps! But I still had a good fun. And now I get to bring more business to my neighborhood (which will be about the price I paid for the dress, hence the name of my post) and give you useful tips on my blog too. :)

Camellia in our garden is practically in full bloom now, and the photos below were taken during our walk in Chinese park just before our dinner.

Suede dress - ASOS Curve
Coat (old) - Lands' End
Necklace, earrings - Chico's
Ring - Chaos NY
Purse - Lane Bryant
Boots - Naturalizer

* * *


  1. oh my! :-)
    do you know what? the more i worry about my clothes the bigger the chances to stain or rip them!!!!
    so when i dress in my "good clothes" i have to programm my brain to not care! and then can i come home after hours of "Passion and Ecstasy" with not more then some odor on the dress :-)
    love the sixties-vibe of your new dress and the spice colors!!!!!!!
    before you´r wear it next time - spray it with this waterproof spray you use for suede shoes or raincoats - the next stain will get out easy and the average dirt will be repelled.....
    hugs! xxxxxxxx

    1. I agree with "programming our brain" totally - the less worries, the better experiences. It works with everything. :) Thank you for the spray advice - I will definitely do that!

  2. I agree with Beate, spray it first!
    How romantic is the title "night with passion and ecstasy".
    I always seem to drop sauce on white clothes.
    I'm sure you will get a lot of wear out of this beautiful 60s inspired spicy dress. Leather is great in the wind.
    Great bargain!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I will go for a walk on a windy day some time in this dress! :)

  3. What a great dress, I do love suede clothing. At least you had fun getting it grubby.
    I agree with Beate, next time you treat yourself spray with Scotchguard before you wear. I use a suede eraser to remove marks on my clothes (and the ones I buy for the stockroom), it might work for your fab frock.
    Good to see signs of Spring, it seems very far away here. xxx

    1. Thank you for your advice - you are a pro! I will look into these products - need to familiarize myself with them. I am really happy that I bought this dress, so I'll learn to take care of it. :)

  4. I feel the same way about my clothes (wash & wear totally) but I do like interesting textures so I won't stop myself from buying something just for the fact of worrying about upkeep! Therefore, I agree with Vix....but also, if stains don't come out I try to get creative in other ways. For one, if you add the stain in many a place, then it's a design not a mistake. Another way would be to add a "patch" (which could be an interesting piece of this or that) over it---and somewhere else, of course--to make it look intended! It's an absolutely gorgeous dress so I hope you wear it more (and love it without worry). jodie

    1. Thanks, Jodie! I like your creative thinking. I don't really worry - I brought it to cleaners, and that's that. I love this dress, I just thought it was funny I got a stain the first time I wore it. I laughed about it. :)

  5. If I had anything that lovely, I am sure I would be in the same position.I live by carrying shout wipes with me now, but don't suppose it would be great on suede. As always, you look beautiful and I am glad you and Justin had a terrific night out. Give him my greetings and I hope he jumps into Write and Link this month.

  6. Oh, I feel for you Natalia!
    This once happened to me with an expensive pair of lamb suede trousers. It was one of my most $$$ purchases, but I was in the biz, and thought I should look nice. Well, I had them altered, and that cost a bundle.
    I put them on, went to the sink to put my contact lenses in, and the water from the sink stained them. I took them off knowing that they were ruined forever, the were so buttery and fine, that no brush would help.
    Cow suede is better, the rougher texture is more forgiving, and being careful is key. but that is no fun!
    Ultra suede is made with chemicals that do not break down.
    Scotchguard is toxic, unless you can spray outdoors.
    What to do?
    I do love this dress on you, so I am glad you have it despite all.
    They should make giant napkins!!
    xx, Elle

  7. Such a gorgeous dress! It fits you perfectly....I'm sorry to hear about the stain, but these things happen. That is one of the reasons why I don't like to spend too much on clothes and accessories (I'm always worried that I will lost them or that sth will happen to them). It is good that you were able to see an upper side of it---bringing business to community (eat local, get a local stain and clean local- now that is a good motto).

    As I read the above comment, I learned something new. It would never occur to me to spray suede clothing but I'm sure it works. I will keep it in mind.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend and I wish you a great week ahead.

  8. Hehe, I love your humour Natalia! But the dress is really beautiful, who can resist such a beauty for half a price? And what an amazing necklace!