Sunday, October 23, 2016

Midlife Fun: Pumpkin & Squash


After staying at home without getting out for two weeks, it feels so weird to finally get out and embrace the world! All the smells, noises, color, light, air, temperature...A-MA-ZING! I'm feeling a little drunk with all of it! 
It's a good thing I got better just in time for MIDLIFE FUN too! This month, we celebrate pumpkins and squash which to me express the true spirit of Autumn - its beauty, coziness and abundance. Pumpkins are technically a kind of squash, and our theme could be simply "squash", but "pumpkin" is such a great word, it would't be right to leave it out. 

Pumpkins and squash come in so many different colors, sizes and shapes...just like we do! By "we" I mean us, people in general. And also us, women, to be a little more specific. And also us, bloggers, to be even more specific. And if I want to be especially particular - the three of us, people-women-bloggers collaborating on this link-up, my dearest friends Tina, Beate and myself.

Who can spot the great big pumpkin? ;)

Each of us took a completely different take on the theme. Mine is casual, comfy and cozy - well suited for someone who hasn't been outside for a while. I could make quite a few outfits with pumpkin or squash color scheme, they are some of my most favorite colors ever - rich rust oranges, yellows and greens. But when this new long cardigan arrived, I was sold immediately! I am so in love with it - I think I'll wear it still when I am well in my 90s!

I definitely could throw on some jeans and a turtleneck - but I wanted something a bit more interesting for both the link-up and for my first outing with Justin in a while. Since part of our outing was taking a walk on the newly rebuilt boardwalk nearby (Redondo Beach - Des Moines, WA), I wore my comfy suede shoes and faux leather pants which feel as soft as pajamas! For more festive feeling, I added a genuine vintage blouse that I bought in Goodwill a year ago (the brand is Teddi of California, I suspect from the 1970s or early 1980s) and genuine vintage glass clip-on earrings.

Now let's look at gorgeous Tina and Beate's outfits. They both remind me of princesses! 
Tina in her elegant and feminine dress is ready to go to a ball in a fairy pumpkin coach... 

Beate in her elaborate, richly ornate ensemble, has just arrived to the ball 
- from a far away exotic land, no less...

Shall we dance, girls?

Long cardigan - Chico's
Faux leather pants - Melissa McCarthy
Blouse and earrings - vintage
Hat - Lane Bryant (old)
Purse - Michael Kors via TJ MAXX

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  1. yay - let´s dance!!!
    you are the epitome of cozy autumn! snuggled in a corner by the fire and sipping spiced tea and eating pumpkin pie - while looking thru a panorama window over a big surface of water and watching the geese traveling south.........
    you new cardigan is a dream! so art deco with the generous pattern and the great length! of cause totally your colors! congrats to the vintage blouse - super sweet! <3 fabulous party my dear!!!!
    i´m very glad that you´r recovered! enjoy the autumn!!!
    much love! xxxxxxx

    1. I love your definition of this cardigan being art deco! I didn't think about it (I guess because of the colors), but I love it!

  2. Oh yes let's dance :) Natalia you look like autumn in person. I love this colours and this wonderfull cardigan. ♥️
    Thanks for this good idea and linkup!
    Kisses and hugs, Tina ( Princess from the land of the big pumpkin :)) )

  3. What a fabulous theme!!
    And that cardigan is so stunning from the back view!!
    You look absolutely fabulous Natalia!!

  4. absolutely fabulous colors for an outfit!, and all of you look stunning!
    I love your long cardi, such rich colors and beautiful design!, and you look gorgeous wearing it!. Lovely color combo, lovely mixed textures, and pretty cute printed shirt!, everything works together so nicely!

  5. OHHH I love your cardi Natalia, and your rich autumn colours. Those colours always look just like they came from you organically. Beate and Tina do look regal! I am on the lookout for a sweater in the perfect orange for me so maybe I can join you in a pumpkin theme by next year. LOL Love and hugs!

    1. We'll reserve a spot for you next year, Shawna! :)

  6. Ahh, the three of you are gorgeous! I love the Fall colors and how warm you all look (warm in spirit and temperature!). Thanks for linking, xo


  7. So glad to see that you are feeling better and are out and about and looking glorious in your Fall colours. Your new long cardigan is fabulous with its wonderful spiral of colours. You all have embraced the pumpkin theme beautifully and so differently. I have joined in even though I am only slightly Fall tinged , its Spring here , thats my excuse.All my love, Jill.xx

    1. You don't need an excuse - come any time, dear Jill! :)

  8. you all look perfect! Beate always look fantastic in this signature style. I love her folklore inspired outfit. Tina created a lovely purple and yellow combination...I often draw purple and yellow outfits but I didn't manage to create one I really like yet..and here is Tina wearing a purple yellow and pink look...such a lovely and feminine styling.

    I love your colourful coat dear! It reminds me of one of my fav songs by Dolly Parton- my coat of many colours (well colors since it's AE). You look picture perfect in this combo...and how cute is your little pumkin. I love Autumn.

    I always read Murakami in a Croatian translation...It is always easier to find foreign books in a Croatian translation than in an English one. I was surprised to see how few of the authors I read recently are translated to English. Well, Murakami is an exception, but in general the Anglosaxon market and publishers are more focused and interested in anglosaxon authors. I don't think it has anything to do with the cost of translation (translators are a dime a dozen), I think it has more to do with market orientation.

    1. I agree about the market orientation. And I love how you promoted the cardigan to a coat! :)

  9. That knitted coat (it looks far too opulent to describe it as as cardi) is wonderful on you, the colours are superb. The backdrop to your photos is utterly magnificent too.
    All three of you are Autumn personified. xxx

    1. I love knitted coats, and both you and Ivana promoted my cardigan to a coat, so I gracefully accept. :)

  10. Beautiful color palette! Rad cardigan! <3

    - Anna

  11. Strioes , florals, that abstract POW pattern on the back so sensational ! Love the chunky little cap too.
    Love Tina and Beate's outfits too, the colors and patterns, embroidery, and shape, and oh, the squash !
    xx, Elle