Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is It a Sofa? Is It a Bird?

This outfit is very me. The big and bright yellow poncho made of a thick heavy fabric with rich texture that reminds one of the late 1960s/1970s upholstery fabrics is most definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I happen to love it. It brings much needed sunshine to gloomy days - in fact, that's usually when I want to wear it the most, on gray cool days, which we have in abundance this October. To make the impact even stronger, I tend to pair this poncho with yellow pants too. 

As far as upholstery is concerned, I wouldn't mind having something as striking as President Richard and First Lady Pat Nixon's cheerful living room upholstery (1971, photo source)

Close-up of the poncho - I hope you can see the wonderful mixed texture of the fabric.

My other association with this outfit is something far less serious than the White House - and I don't mind it one bit! The lovely Big Bird, a beloved Sesame Street character that was first introduced in 1969, the era of big, bold and visible!

Big sunglasses and a vintage carpet bag are my other nods to this visually bright and colorful era - and here you have it, the First Lady, her sofa, Big Bird and me! How is that for your morning cup of coffee? ;)

I am very much into yellow recently - there are more yellow outfits on my mind that have a good chance to end up here on the blog soon. You can see the yellow poncho worn in a more casual way HERE, and the wide legged trousers HERE.

Photos by Anna

Poncho - Antropologie (last Winter)
Trousers and glass&chain bracelet - Lane Bryant (old)
Boots - Aquatalia (old)
Purse and enamel bracelet - vintage
Sunnies - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (last Spring)

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  1. perfect with my morning coffee!!!!!
    loooove that look! BOLD!!! yes and yes! reclaiming our place in that world! :-)
    very elegant trousers!!
    you know i have a soft spot for vintage upholstery fabric too - my wedding dress was made of one. and you made me lusting for yellow! unfortunately it is hard to find around here - people seem to still live in middelage with its bad rap for yellow..........
    much love to you my bold beautiful friend!!
    p.s.: did you see the "kamin" skirts for lounging around on misses and miss president? (kamin=fireplace? not sure)

    1. Yes, I've seen! Both ladies look marvelous! I don't look anything like them in my home clothes. :) That's what we call a fireplace in Russian too - kamin! I guess, French origin word?

      Glad you like this mustard yellow! It was so popular back in the 90s, remember? I know that Burda Moden had tons of mustard yellow and "swamp green" as my aunt used to call it, I was always such a big fan of these colors...

      Love and hugses back to you!

    2. kamin vom lateinischen caminus = „Ofen" says wikipedia
      yes - remember this colors - spice or curry colors they were called back then.... i had a swamp green sweater and black tights with curry dots in spring 1990. :-)

    3. Yes - spice colors are probably my most favorite definition of such colors! :)

      French has Latin roots. I just know that many of such words came to the Russian language from French. Like a word for a sidewalk - тротуар! Fancy! :)

  2. I am really into yellow right now too. I love how your bracelet is gold and grey just like the pattern in your poncho. I have always wanted some velvet curtains in a deep mustard colour and maybe someday I will have some in my living room. I love the carpet bag too! Bold is not my thing at all but I admire how you do it so well. As always you are like a living piece of art. xoxo

    1. It is so kind of you, Shawna! I adore yellow in interiors. I bought yellow linen curtains many years ago and use them often in the house. We have golden yellow walls in one of the rooms, they really make a space so much more cheerful and inviting in our gray climate.
      Much love!

  3. Haha, I love the title of this post:))) You know what, this outfit is great. Vintage and charming and I'd absolutely wear it too!...and the bracelet completes the look perfectly!

    1. I am glad to know that you'd wear it too! You have such an amazing and individual style - I'd be honored if you wore my picks! :)

  4. Oh Natalia, you are so funny and a little bit crazy, like me... Bird, sofa.... :)) . Bold yes, no matter. I looooove this poncho and this trousers in mustard yellow. The coffee taste very good Natalia ;)
    Have a nice weekend, much big hugs

    1. I'm so glad I made you smile, my dear! It's good that we both are a bit crazy. :)

  5. I really like this mustard yellow poncho , the colour is perfect on you and the shape and pattern so much fun it would brighten any day.The wide legged pants work so well.Enjoy your bright and cheery Fall in those beautiful colours Natalia.

    1. Thank you, Jill! It feels luxurious on a drab day for sure, and we have them plenty this October!