Monday, October 17, 2016

50 Years of Happiness

October is rich with birthdays in my family - Justin's as well as my nephew's birthday are tomorrow, Mom's and two of her sisters (twins) on the 24th, and then my Dad is not very far away on November 1st. But this year, we also celebrate my parents's Golden Wedding Anniversary. Almost exactly 50 years ago, on October 15th 1966, Misha Lialin and Nadia Shadrina, who first met in the 6th grade and then hadn't seen each other for many years (so many that my future Dad did not even recognized my future Mom) became a family. They were beautiful, young, head to toes in love, and poor as church mice, my future parents. There was no white dress, no wedding rings and no photographs. Just a small civil ceremony with a couple of witnesses, as was required. But on that day, a new life began for the two of them - and, a couple of years later, for my brother Andrei, and in 5 more years for me.

I've been sick for a while, so no new outfits or events, or places we explored - but I am so happy to share with you photos from this wonderful day my parents, Justin and I shared together back in the Spring of 2015, along with some old photos - most of which I believe have never been published before.

We drove about two hours northwest of us, to a beautiful spot called strangely Point No Point. It was named by Charles Wilkes during the US Exploring Expedition of Puget Sound in 1841, because the place did not seem as pointy from the a distance as it actually is.

After a lovely picnic (note the Real Adventure Man with our beloved, fully functioning and well used vintage thermos, found at an antique mall for $12), just as the US Expedition did in 1841, we also went on an explore. (Read HERE how Justin got this nickname.)

Point No Point Light is considered to be the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound, it is quite charming and very well kept. You can visit it - it's tiny and truly quaint, you will see it in a couple of photos below. On the photo above you see the lighthouse keeper's house which is the national headquarters of the US Lighthouse Society, one of the largest and oldest such organisation in the world, which moved here from San Francisco in 2008. Point No Point lighthouse station is on the National Register of Historic Places. It all sounds very impressive and important, but what is especially cool about this place - it is so homey and full of charm, you will just want to come back there again and again. 

When Mom saw this adorable bench made of driftwood, she said immediately, "Misha, make me such a bench for our dacha!" You see, my parents are both avid gardeners and dacha owners which my father, with my brother's help, built from scratch back in the early 1990s. They bought a small piece of land, with trees on it, developed it, built a small country house and grow all sorts of vegetables and berries there. (Dacha is a Russian phenomena which is worth writing about - great subject for another post.) 

It was a little snug for the three of us, but it made me feel like I was their baby bird once again. 
The old black and white photo is by Andrei (late 1970s).

Point No Point Light - the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound (1879)

Mom has always been the only woman for my Dad, and Dad the only man for my Mom.
Photos from 2006, one in their apartment in Siberia, another one in Cincinnati, OH - their first visit to America.

My parents adore Justin. They are very accepting and loving people always and to everyone, but Justin has a very special place in their hearts, they basically adopted him as their son, and I understand why - he is a truly special person. We all feel incredibly connected with each other.

Kentucky, 2006

A cute big family was watching an otter who was out fishing. Cute animal, but quite a predator! 
Dad was taking pictures of it too, while Justin snapped a photo of him.

Another view of the lighthouse.

Thanks for coordinating with me that day, Mr Sailboat!

My dearest, loveliest Mama and Papa, 
Congratulations on your big day! 
Thank you for all that you've been for Andrei and me! 
I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the amazing family that you created!
A family in which the one and only rule is Love.

Люблю вас!

Black and white photos from the early 1970s.
The last photo is from 2015 - my parents' most recent visit to the US. 

My outfit:
Jeans - Ashley Stewart (old)
Sweater and boiled wool jacket (I'm wearing it today!) - thrifted
Picnic basket and thermos - antique mall finds

* * *


  1. big huge massive congratulations to your lovely parents!!!
    golden anniversary! this is so wonderful!
    and you found some beautiful photos to illustrate that love story! especially - i´m very impressed of the agility of your dad - i know a lot of younger people (me incl.) who would´t be able to snap photos in that pose! chapeau! and justin is so cool with that taco chip in hand :-D
    love your zesty pants! such a great color!
    much love! and huge hugs! xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, my dear! Yes, Papa is still pretty active!

  2. Oh, such wonderful pictures and memories. Congratulations to your parents. May they be blessed with many more wonderful years together and with your wonderful family.

  3. A beautiful tribute to your wonderful parents , congratulations to them both for their Golden Wedding Anniversary. The photographs of your family taken over the years were so beautiful and told the story of a love filled family.
    I do hope you are now feeling better and soon ready to venture forth into your favourite Fall season. Love to you, Jill xxx

  4. Wonderfull pictures of your family. Congratulations to your parents golden Weddingday. 1966 was a good year ;)
    Hope you get well, Natalia. Many hugs and love, Tina

  5. que belo posto, parabéns e tante bele cose.


    blog de crochê

  6. such a beautiful post, and such amazing photos too!, you look lovely!
    congrats to your parents!

  7. Congrats to you parents, it is so lovely to see them together, one can see they are very much in love. They're a very handsome couple and I wish them many many more years of happiness.
    It is fantastic that you all get on so well together. My parents never liked my husband, they even refused to give me their blessing when I was getting married.

    1. I'm so sorry, Ivana. You are such a happy and loving couple! I hope your parents will become wiser! Sending much love!