Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Modish Matrons #40: Fifty Shades of Fall

I love Summer, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, for its warm sunny days without extreme temperatures or humidity. But by the end of the season, I am really looking forward to Fall. I adore the Autumnal crisp fresh air and magical soft light, the changing colors of leaves, and the promise of a new beginning every single Fall, no exception... And I adore Fall fashion.

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This Fall was especially kind to me because it showered with all shades of my favorite color which is usually hard to find - call it rust, pumpkin, orange, brown, cinnamon... I have a confession to make: I tried to do a challenge earlier this Summer, 3 months without buying any new clothes (secondhand allowed). I do support the idea of it - to lessen consumerism, to care for our planet, and of course my savings account could use some help. I did pretty well for about half of that period, but then started seeing all of the rust brown colors, and I gave up...when will it have the peak of popularity the next time in fashion history, in another 30 or 40 years? I wouldn't want to wait that long, honestly. So I got quite a few new items, all either in rust/cinnamon fabrics or in blue denim which goes so well with it. And I have absolutely no regrets. I intend to wear all of these new items (and a couple of secondhand items too) for a long, long time. These corduroy pants literally revolutionized my wardrobe - they go with practically everything, which gives a new life to my old beloved things, such as these vintage blouse and secondhand jacket.

I also paired my old jacket in a perfect Fall shade with my old red floral dress for a new combination, and because Anya loves rust/cinnamon colors too, we looked like two Fall goddesses the evening we had a family outing to a local theater.

But Fall has so many more brilliant shades to admire and use as an inspiration for outfits (for me, personally, year round, October just naturally provides us with a great reason to talk about that!)... Here are some of my Fall-inspired outfits from the past:





Perfect corduroy pants - Eloquii (sold out)
Vintage blouse (old)
Secondhand blazer (old)
Suede purple shoes - Dansko (old)
Earrings and sunglasses (old) - Lane Bryant
Purse - Frye (last year)
Red dress - Target (last year)
Green booties - Ecco (old)

Photos by Justin

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  1. you and anya wear this rusty autum shades in perfection!
    i totally see why you had to shop this season - and in the end, wearing such perfect matching and suiting pieces for a long time is *slow fashion* too!
    both looks with the fab rust colored jacket are gorgeous - although i tend to prefer the one with the beautiful flowery dress :-D
    love the tortoise shell earings!
    happy autumn! and big hugs! xxxxxx

  2. Those spicy, earthy shades always remind me of you and I don't blame you for snapping up a few new pieces when the colour you love is in fashion - knowing how fast modern fashion is the shops will have nothing but grey and beige in them next year!
    The red floral dress looks fabulous with the blazer and Anya looks incredible, such a beauty! xxx

  3. You are wearing these yummy Autumn colours so well, Natalia! Those cords were a must buy. I've been looking for a skirt in a similar colour, but haven't been successful so far. But I can assure you I'd have snapped it up if I'd come across exactly what I was looking for during Slow Fashion Season! Your floral blouse and gorgeous vintage blazer are the perfect companions for your cords. And that blazer works equally well with that divine red floral dress. I'm loving Anya's outfit too, she's clearly inherited your sense of style. And what a beauty she is! Lots of love xxx

  4. Natalia these wide leg pants in cinnamon are "der Hammer" I am in love with your style with these pants. You do it right you choose well and no regrets. Perfect for you..and Anya :) What a nice young woman , time flys ;)
    much love and greetings from Rome, Tina

  5. Natalia! <3 These are just your colors! You look so beautiful in the fall tones - and Anya too. I love, love, love the photos of you two!
    Hugs my dear,

  6. Love these colors!
    Joi | www.inmyjoi.blogspot.com

  7. Orange in all its shades and forms is a great colour choice for fall, isn't it so? Cinnamon and rust are gorgeous shades and I'm happy they are trending. I really like the both autumn outfits you posted. The orange pants are so chic and they look great paired with a floral blouse and a matching blazer. I also really like how you paired that red dress with an orange dress for a theatre night with your family. Both you and Anya look so lovely in your fall outfits.

    BTW I think it is good you bought new items because they are items you love and will wear (you already wear them so that proves it). I think the whole point behind the Slow Fashion Challenge was to make us more aware of our purchases. Buying clothes you know you will love is a great way to do slow fashion. So, even if you haven't technically followed the rules of this challenge, you are still very much in the spirit of it and that's what matters.

    Have a fantastic Fall!

  8. Amazing Outfits, dear Natalia! I love your red floral dress, it fits you very well.
    Have a nice sunday!
    Nadine from Vienna

  9. Ha ha! The best made intentions...
    Anya and you look gorgeous together in these tones.
    I'm so glad you gave yourself permission to have fun.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. So sorry to read that this was the last MMs-post, dearest Natalia!
    I hope you ar fine!!!
    Hugs and best wishes, Traude