Sunday, November 10, 2013


It was a windy, but sunny Sunday a week ago. I found something looking as a folded wool blanket in an antique mall the day before. We call such cozy blankets плед -- plaid -- in Russian, and the most common pattern would be tartan, or plaid. :)

The "plaid" also reminded me of mohair scarves, very popular in Russia in 1980-90s . I haven't seen them in years! I got so curious -- I couldn't resist to pick it up. What seemed to be a blanket, was actually a gorgeous ruana made of very fine wool (68% mohair and 32% other type of wool) in Great Britain. Its price was only $25, and condition was beautiful. I don't buy clothes in second hand stores very often, although I do look around from time to time. But finding such a beautiful, refined piece at an antique mall was quite a surprise to me.

Ruana is a traditional poncho-style garment of people of Andes region (you can read more here), and it is literally a cozy blanket wrapped around your body! That is the whole point and reason for wearing a ruana, to stay warm and cozy on blustery days. :) As I understand, ruanas also became popular in Great Britain (correct me if I am wrong please). They do feel very "viking" and very medieval to me.

There are so many ways you can wear a ruana! I found a couple of web sites which can give you ideas:
I got a few inspirations from them...

Mohair is a versatile type of wool made of Angora goat's hair. It is one of the oldest textile in the world, considered to be luxury and praised for many wonderful qualities -- it is warm, durable, shiny, and takes dye very well (more on that in the article here). Oh, and have you ever seen an Angora goat? They are quite adorable, cozy and... pretty stylish looking, maaah!

Photo from Wikipedia

I did a research for you, guys, and found that you can buy a ruana similar to mine on eBay. It is probably by the same makers! Different colors though.

And just a few words about my wooden jewelry. These are by a design company named Loewestamm (Левестамм) from Crimea (Ukraine). I own quite a few pieces and love them all. They are very original and of good quality (I wear them for several years). At first, I got a few pieces as gifts from a friend many years ago, and later, quite unexpectedly, found more in a souvenir shop in rural Ohio. :)

Tell me what you think! Ruanas -- yay or nay? :)

Location: Vashon Island

Ruana - Designs by Jeanne Delahaye (similar here). Turtleneck and jeans by Chico's. Booties by Pikolinos. Purse by B Makowsky. Wooden jewelry by Loewestamm.

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  1. I say yes to Ruanas. It was fun to read about all this and I do agree that angora sheep looks very stylish. I loved seeing different ways to style a ruana. Very pretty outfit. Beautiful wood jewelry.