Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spirit of the Sea

It's my favorite fashion season now. I love all the layering opportunities Autumn brings to us. I love the wonderful warm colors of the season. But, I enjoy Spring as much as Fall. And for quite a while now, I have been thinking to include some of my older photo shoots with Justin, the ones we did before the beginning of In The Writer's Closet. This one is from last Spring, to be exact on Mother's Day which was May 12, 2013.

Here I tried to come up with my own version of the very popular sailor's theme. Have I told you that blue is not one of my usual colors to wear? Well, it is true. And the combination of blue, white and red, even though quite common (not to say classical), is pretty new to me. I worked some golds into this color combination to make it more me.

You probably remember my old favorite red Pikolinos (first shown here, in my very first blog post). They bring the needed splash of color to the otherwise pretty monotonous navy and white color scheme. And I just love the whimsical embroidery and all the stitches of these hand made pair of the most comfortable shoes. As I have mentioned in the text above, it was Mother's Day, so I wore the Italian gold cameo pendant with a mother and child picture. I gave it as a gift to my Mom one day, but a few years later she brought it back to me. So I guess it is now officially my family heirloom. :) Guys, I just can't live without gold. No, no, I didn't mean the gold gold, you know. I just need the warmth of the golden color. It's like having a little piece of sun with you. :) Just a bit of its shine and shimmer now and then. So I had to add it to my outfit that day in my tiny woven purse and beaded ring.

We took a stroll in one of our favorite Northwest gardens and one of the cutest villages in the area. Justin took many photos of the two of us, a mother and a child, on that lovely Spring day. I wanted to leave the memories of that day in my blog.

Sailor's tank top by Lane Bryant. Cardigan by Christopher and Banks. Linen pants by Chico's. Shoes by Pikolinos (very old). Purse (sorry, forgot the brand name) via TJ MAXX. Jewelry - Chico's, boutique finds.  

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  1. Came specially to have a closer look at your necklace. A wonderful piece.