Sunday, November 24, 2013

Twirly November

I combined the golden denim jacket from previous post with this lovely lace skirt which I simply adore. It has perfect fall colors (a bit turkey-ish I would say ;), beautiful shape, it is made of lace (!), and it twirls in the most wonderful way! This outfit is a staple of my wardrobe during the whole month of November.

Round tiles decorate the newly built pier in Tacoma, and only after we came back home from our photo shoot and had a chance to see the photos on a computer screen, I realized that the Mountaineer women on the tile have almost the exact same jackets as I did that day! Spooky... :)

It's so much fun to twirl! Come on, just try it! Wahoo!

The earrings and necklace are made of wood and amber (notice the lowest detail of the earrings) by Loewestamm, a company in Crimea. (I told you the story about this beautiful and very unique line of hand made jewelry in this post.)

And finally, about my booties (I promised to tell you all about them in my previous blog entry). Yes, they are the same style as my black booties by Sofft (featured here and here), and I just love them! They are actually very comfortable despite the fact that they are in medium width and my feet are wide. The black ones are getting more comfortable too, by the way. I absolutely adore this color and fading "antique leather" effect. I wear a lot of golden, yellow and brown hues these days. 

And what about you? What do you feel inspired to wear this November? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you! :)

Denim jacket, lace skirt and two basic tees (not shown very much) by Christopher and Banks. Booties by Sofft. Purse by B Makowsky. Jewelry by Loewestamm and various other makers.

Location: Ruston Way, Tacoma

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